Lowbie Strikeforces, Sat 12/11




Hi All,

For the past 2 weeks, I postponed doing strikeforces since folks are working on Incarnate. Things seem to be getting less crazy, so I'm planning to run strikeforces this Saturday, 12/11.

The first one, Renault's, will start at approximately 9 am pacific time or 12 pm eastern time. I am starting with Renault since completing the SF grants you a temp power which can be used in later SFs.

There will be a 5-10 minute break in between SFs. Budget around 1 hr for each SF. For trials, budget around 30 mins to 1 hr.

Please let me know which SF you would like to join in since only 7 other spots are available. My toon, Voltez Y, will be forming the teams.

Start times listed are approximate. As always, I will announce the start time of the strikeforce in coalition chat at least 5-10 mins before I run it.

SF Lineup:

Temple of the Waters SF:
Level Range: 25-30
Start time: 9 AM PST
Meet at Operative Renault who is near the Arbiter in the small Arachnos base in Shark.

The Beast Beneath the Mountain SF:
Level Range: 15-20
Start time: 10 AM PST

Pirates of the Sky SF:
Level Range: 20-25
Start time: 11 AM PST

The Crystal of Seraphina SF:
Level Range: 35-40
Start time: 12 noon PST

Upon request:
1st Respec Trial:
Level Range: 24-33

2nd Respec Trial:
Level Range: 34-43

3rd Respec Trial:
Level Range: 44-50

Some useful Temp pwrs:
1) Kinetic Dampener - toggle, 30 mins of use, increase def/res. Useful for trials.
2) Hand grenade
3) Stun grenade
4) Plasmatic taser
5) Envenomed dagger - great for debuffing AVs
6) Recovery serum

Most bases have empowerment stations that can buff for 1 hr with some inf and salvage.



Thanks to all who joined!

Renault: 1:22 ish. I messed up this screenie and closed the time screen. It also took longer because of the two new missions added. I'll have to research a way so we won't have to do kill all for the new missions.

Tarikoss: 47:42

Silver Mantis: 1:25:57. We lost gang don on this one. Oh well...

Ice Mistral: 1:03:43