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what is the cap for radiation infection def debuff, currently im at 42% and want to know if muscular alpha slot is worth taking?



Radiation Infection starts with a base of 25% Defense Debuff. With enhancements, you can nearly double that. However, most players have a decent amount of Accuracy slotted, so most folks are at the 95% cap except against really tough targets. A few other folks on these forums, especially Arcanaville, can go through the formulas and math of ToHit vs. Accuracy vs. Defense and Defense Debuff -- I'm too lazy. Bottom line is that the amount of Defense Debuff you have is more than enough, but there might be some really tough foes, like in the two new TFs for Incarnates, where a little more might possibly give more benefit.

Since I'm too lazy to do all the math, I would probably have to test it, but I suspect that you don't need to worry about more Defense Debuff.

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