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Curious of what the effects of each alpha slot would do to my brute. I was wondering if anyone had any formulas or if there was a update for mids that would allow me to find out what effects the different Alpha slots would have on my brute build. Thanks.


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The math is not too complex. Read up on Enhancement Diminishing Returns and look at the Alpha boost descriptions. It says exactly what each Alpha boost does in-game.



When I was working out the values for a build, I just stuck all of the relevant base values and enhancement values in a spreadsheet as input. Then I added the ED-affected portion (from a cell) and applied the relevant ED calculation (a nested IF statement), added the ED-unaffected portion (from another cell) to get a final enhancement value, then applied the enhancement to the value. For instance, while calculating endurance in OpenOffice for the cardiac alpha:

  • C4881=base endurance consumption
  • D4881=enhancement before ED is applied
  • G4481=D4881+G$4879 <-- add the ED-affected portion of the alpha slot
  • H4481=IF(G4881<=70%;G4881;IF(G4881<=90%;70%+0.9*(G 4881-70%);IF(G4881<100%;88%+0.7*(G4881-90%);95%+0.15*(G4881-100%)))) <-- apply ED
  • I4481=C4881/(100%+I$4879+H4881) <-- add the ED-unaffected portion and apply to the base

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