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What is your character's biggest regret, looking back over their life?

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Courtney stood before the closed store looking in the window, a small doll started back out at her. It was a simple doll, made in the replica of human woman, with the lower body of a fish. A mermaid, from what the title of the box said. It wasn't the non-human parts that had captured Courtney's attention. But, the long tresses of red hair. She also had bright blue eyes, which brought tears to Courtney's eyes. She could see her own reflection as a faded shadow of herself, like a mirror that didn't quite show everything. She looked worn, tired. The chill wind of fall in the northeast United States bit into her through the light pink jacket she wore. She had taken to wearing quite a bit of pink since her....ordeal with Amanda.
But the doll reminded her of her mother Gwendolyn.

She was only 10 years old, her mother was downstairs and the town was being evacuated. The Devouring Earth were on the way, and the military couldn't hold them back. Marcus Cole, the hero of the people at that time, was busy elsewhere with a larger contingent of them and could only spare a couple of his his super powered forces. One had been killed, and the other couldn't stop the Devouring Earth before they moved on the town, so it was time to get out.

"Courtney!" came her mother's voice from downstairs of their small house. The sky outside had a strange greenish tint to it and no animal noises could be heard.

Courtney was busy throwing things she didn't think she could live without into a carry bag to take with her. She was still only dressed in her long nightshirt and a pair of white socks.

"Courtney Jane Williams!" this time the voice was directly behind her and carried the unmistakable air of her mother's anger and disappointment. The anger was easy to handle, the disappointment always made Courtney feel like she'd let her mom down, and that was hard one to take.

"Mom look I'm sorry I..." she stopped as she turned and looked at her mother. She'd seen her angry, sad, happy and even embarrassed. She'd never seen the look of fear that she did now and it chilled her to the very bone.

"Courtney this is just things...." she stammered walking to the closet and throwing clothes at her daughter, who to her credit started getting dressed without complaint."Its not important. Oh honey, I'll get you new stuff, better stuff but sweetie, please we have to go now."

It was then that a limb, an honest to god tree limb had smashed through Courtney's window. Her mother had gathered the new dressed girl into her arms and used her other hand to hurl a bolt of lightning at the limb to hold it back. All Courtney remembered was screaming as they made their way from the house. She had never looked at her mother the same way again after that fateful day. She didn't understand then, like she does now that her mother had powers, gifts, but she had chosen a family over that life.
It was years later, Courtney had been accepted to Praetorian University, a prestigious school. She and her mother had argued over her going.

"Courtney," her mother used the tone of disappointment, but Courtney was no longer a little girl. "I've told you that you can't go there. Its Praetoria. They'll find you. They'll take you away."

"Mom I already told you I'm not a freak like you." she said sternly, purposely ignoring the hurt look on her mother's face. "I don't have any powers."
'Oh really?' Her mother thought to herself, however she kept silent, just looking at her daughter.

"Yes really." Courtney answered, she stood in her room, they lived just outside of what used to be Boston, it having been lost 4 years ago to the Devouring Earth.

"I didn't say anything Courtney." her mother said simply. "You can read minds honey. That's what they are searching for. I can protect you, I have friends who can..."

"I don't need protection Mother," she shot back sternly. "And stop trying to trick me. I am not a freak, I just guessed what you were thinking. And I don't want a bunch of weird people watching over me."

Courtney paced in her modest room, the posters of her youth having give way to some neatly stacked book shelves, a wall mounted monitor that she used for school work as well as entertainment. Her bed was a single, attached to the wall and folded into it with the press of a button. Functionality, as well as aesthetics was the word for most construction now a days. And of course a lot of synthetic materials were used, as most people feared things made of wood, or any kind of plant based fibers. It was silly to think your table might suddenly come to life and kill you, but people were paranoid about the strangest things. Clothing was little different, as Courtney herself sported a skirt and shirt both made of synthetic material as opposed to plant based. There was a brief testing of holographic clothes, but a couple of very embarrassing battery failures had killed that industry quickly.
She went back to her aluminum alloy suitcase and continued to pack in silence, the tension in the room was almost palatable.

'I wish you'd listen to reason Courtney,' her mother thought worriedly, 'things are happening in Praetoria and not all of them are for the best.'

"I know Mom," she said, quietly this time. "And yes I did read your mind. But, don’t you understand. I don’t want any of this. I want to find someone special and get married, raise my own family."

Courtney turned and faced her mother, it was like looking into an funhouse mirror of herself, Gwendolyn Williams was older, a bit heavier then her younger daughter, but except for a few stray stands of gray, their red hair, blue eyes and facial features were almost identical. Gwendolyn looked at her daughter with sad eyes. She understood, but she didn’t think Courtney would have a choice. She had spoken with the Oracle, an elderly Wican who saw images of the future and who had trained Gwendolyn in the use of her own powers. She signed quietly and walked over to her daughter, she gently held her by her shoulders and kissed her lightly on the forehead, murmuring arcane phrases as she did so. She hoped the simple spell of hiding would suffice and feared it would not.
Her daughter also sighed, she bowed her head and accepted the kiss and what she felt was the needless protection.

"Mother," Courtney said quietly, "I’ll be fine. Trust me."

"Of course I trust you honey." She answered sadly, remembering the Oracles words, but carefully keeping them from her thoughts. "Just be sure and write okay? And come home once in awhile so we get to see you. I love you Courtney."

Courtney picked up her carry all, nodding to her mother giving a self assure "Sure thing Mom." And then she was downstairs and gone.
That was the last time she’d seen her mother. She hadn’t even told her she loved her. She stood still staring at the small doll, rears flowing freely down her face. She then felt a tug on her skirt. Looking downward she saw a small girl, also a red head. In her hands she held another of the small dolls, the red headed mermaid clutched in her arms. She couldn’t have been older then eight.

"Don’t cry lady," she said, and then thrust the small doll at Courtney, "You can have mine."

Courtney laughed through her tears, taking the doll for the moment. She looked it over, her regret of not having stayed with her mother. Of not being there for her, of not stopping her from dying were sharp pains. And here was this little girl, giving her a doll to make her happy. Her heart warmed as she knelt down beside the girl, holding the doll out to her.

"Its alright sweetie," she said kindly, the girl stared back at her with wide green eyes, "the doll just reminded me of my mother. You take your doll back."

The little girl however was adamant, she crossed her arms but regarded Courtney with very intelligent eyes. She shook her head at Courtney.

"No lady, keep in with you and think of your mommy," she said, her little voice strong for someone her age. "That way she’s never too far away."
The gift touched her so much she it took a supreme amount of willpower to hold back more tears. Instead she took the gift, and looked at the remarkable little girl.

"What’s your name?" she asked.
:"Dorothy," she answered, "but my friends calls me Dee Dee cause my middle name’s Denise."

"Well Dee Dee," she said a smile on her face, "My name’s Courtney, but you can call me CJ. What do you say that we find your Mom okay? Cause I’d like to take you both our for some ice cream."

Dee Dee was overjoyed and grabbed Courtney’s hand and pulled her along to find her mother. Courtney just smiled and allowed herself a moment to think of her own mother, regrets aside she had loved her mother, and in her heart, she felt that she had known it.



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