In issue 19 Im curious how good the above combination is, I'm rerolling my TA/A Defender into a blaster as I really arent having a fun time with it, so I was wondering if it works okay? Also is there any decent SO levelling builds out there? Themically my character is a natural character, so Ninja Run and Combat Jumping, was also considering the stealth pool.



To be honest, Archery/Anything is a good combo -- as long as the secondary has build up.

Arch/EM is a good combination because it provides some really good AoE capability along with some strong single target damage. In addition, once you get up to the higher levels, you can use boost range to enahnce your survivability and make powers like Fistful of Arrows (cone) even more effective. You can basically wipe out an entire spawn before they can get in range to fight back.

My preference, however, is to couple Archery with something else that will give you even more AoE ability ... that's why Arch/MM is such a popular combo (along with Arch/Fire). It affords you two additional AoE's (if you want them) along with a good Purple mule set in World of Confusion.



I want to go for Arch/EM for a themic reasoning, I realise /MM or /Fire might be better in other ways, but I prefer the /EM, its something I used 3 years ago with ice as a primary, plus it works with the character idea I have. So yeah, any build advise for the combination? Or even a basic levelling build?



I have an Archery/Energy Blaster and I really like the combination. I play him as a pure ranged hover Blaster... he's natural origin and I play him as basically just being really good with a bow and having a few gadgets: rocket boots (the costume piece) for flight, gloves with force emitters to swat people away from him or stun them, and a couple of oddball guns (munitions mastery epic with Cryo Freeze Ray and LRM). It's a really fun character and I love the huge range I get... 120 foot normal shots, an 80 foot cone, and a 140+ foot Rain of Arrows. Oh, and a 320 foot snipe (three Damage/Range Hami-Os) just because I could.

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