A is for................




(This is a short story about a hitman ive created, ready for the Duel Wielders. I dont write stories very often so I hope you enjoy it - its just a small part of his exploits)


They ran, hand in hand, through the quiet poorly lit street. Nobody was around that time of night which increased the couple’s fear of the unseen attacker catching them.

“Quick, in here”

Dan said, clenching his wife’s hand while leading her up a cobbled path.
She could tell he was scared, by the way he was gripping her hand, like it was the last time he would ever hold it.

“I think he is close by”
She replied ducking under a sign reading ‘Jesus Love You’

“He won’t follow us into a church, its one of his rules!”
Dan replied, tightening the grip.

The church doors were unlocked; the doors swung open with little effort but it was silent inside. Deadly Silent.
The candles cast many shadows but the couple now felt a little ease, safe in the presence of God.

Confident that they wouldn’t be followed here they rested on a bench.

“And now we pray?”

Elizabeth said softly. Dan just stared back.

“If he comes in here ill shoot him!”
Elizabeth’s eyes widened as her husband pulled a gun from a concealed pocket.

“Why are you carrying a gun?”

She shouted, edging back uncomfortably.

“Everyone carries guns now liz.”

He replied bluntly. But seeing the distress on his wife’s face he concealed the gun once more.

“Don’t worry my love, this will all be over soon. In the morning we will leave and go to the police”

Elizabeth, staring into her husbands eyes, felt a sigh of relief, believing in his words.

“Why is he after us? How do you know he won’t come in here?”

Dan brushed the hair away from her eyes and kissed her gently on the cheek.

“I’ve heard of him, his name I don’t know but I recognised the A. He is a hitman. I don’t know why he would be after me but in my job I can have many enemies”

Elizabeth leaned forward, despite being taken back by his answer.

“You are a defence lawyer, what good doesn’t come from your job?”

She replied, confused by the whole scenario which had been forced upon them.

“That’s not entirely true”

The couple’s mouth’s dropped as the whispery voice from the shadows emerged.

“The whole not killing in churches, women and children etc etc thing was spread by me, as a way of luring victims into a false sense of security. Infact I killed a man in here a week ago”

Dan and Elizabeth looked on at their attacker as he stepped out from hiding. He wore an all in one white body suit, the mask had no facial features, and the emblem of an A was written upon his chest, which looked like it was in blood.

“And now here I am, to kill you”

Dan pulled the gun from its holster and pointed it at the killer, known to him as A.

“You won’t take me down so easy!”
He shrieked, gently pulling on the trigger, nervous about the outcome of actually killing someone. His hand was shaking.

“Daniel, what makes you think I came for you?”
The Hitman Replied, readying his hand upon his dagger laden belt.

The couple glanced at each other, Elizabeth’s eyes meeting her husbands in a seemingly final glare.
Dan’s eyes rolled back in their sockets and closed. Elizabeth’s eyes moved and poised on the dagger hilt protruding from his ear.

“Why are you doing this?!”
She screamed, her voice echoing throughout the hall.

it’s what I do”
The killer replied, edging forward.

“So, you’ve killed my husband and now you are going to kill me. I’ll scream!!!”
She threatened.

“Go ahead”

He calmly replied

“Knock yourself out”
he continued, edging forward.

A horrific scream of terror and desperation caused the surrounding candles to quiver, but nobody responded.

“Why isn’t anyone here? Why isn’t anyone helping me, im in a church?”

A, the Hitman, moved closer.

“God doesn’t look out for people like us Elizabeth. We don’t get second chances. Most jobs I do for profit, some I do for pleasure. The man I killed a week ago was the church priest, he was a paedophile. He had been abusing children for sometime, until I caught up with him. It’s the jobs for pleasure I enjoy most. Where was God then? Where is the justice? Perhaps I was the justice”

Elizabeth slumped back into the bench, almost excepting the inevitable.

“I thought you killed women and children? Why would you care what the priest done?"

A stepped closer.

“I didn’t do it for them Elizabeth. I did it for me.”

Elizabeth arched forward.

“So what am I?”
A put his face to hers.


She pulled away, turning her head to avoid eye contact

“Elizabeth, your husband was having an affair. Turns out she is quite the jealous type. He promised you the world; he promised her he would leave you. It so happens she couldn’t wait and put a hit out on your head. I picked it up”

Elizabeth glared motionless at her dead husband.

“It’s not personal Liz”

Still glaring into her husbands dead eyes she replied ever so softly...
“Please don’t kill me”

A Put his hand on his chin as if to ponder the idea
“Damsel in distress or my reputation...”
A rubbed his chin.

Elizibeth felt a gentle breeze through her hair as the vision of her husband slowly faded to black.
Her body collapsed over his as A pulled two blades from her skull.

“It’s what I do”

Reaching over Elizabeth’s corpse, A searched the inside pocket of Daniel and upon finding what he was looking for left.