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Go. Hunt. Get Badge.

Badges are an often overlooked aspect of the game, but can provide means for role playing, unlocking powers and contacts, or just collecting.

Before I begin, here is a standard tip for badge hunting bosses: For missions, having a full team of 8 on either tenacious/malicious or unyielding/ruthless will provide the best results. For street hunting, having more people in the area will increase the boss spawn counts.

Crey Infiltrator

How to get it?

You get this badge by defeating 200 Paragon Protectors, regardless of rank. There are a few types of Paragon Protectors like 7th Generation Paragon Protectors, Paragon Protector elites, and demonic Paragon Protectors. Any Kheldian should be aware that the Quantum Paragon Protectors look just like the rest.

Tips on obtaining it

Hero side

Outdoor Street Hunting:

  • Eden (level 32+), mainly in the Utopia Complex. They can also be found in any "city" sections of Eden, like Aveda Towers or Acadia. They might be spotted elsewhere, but not in enough numbers to matter.

  • The Firebase Zulu (level 40+) is another good source of Paragon Protectors, especially in Point Foxtrot, Point Tango, Point X-Ray, and Point Sierra.

  • The Rikti War Zone has them scattered about.

  • Founders' Falls has a few scattered, but not really worth the time.


    In missions:

    • Gordon Stacy's (level 35-39) "Revenant Hero Project."

    • Unai Kemen's "Take readings from rupture" mission (it is the third in the series).

    • Unai Kemen also has a second non-arc mission with paragon protectors in it according to Red Tomax "Dimension Psi 20-7."

    • Manticore Task Force.

    • Any level 35+ Crey mission with a large enough team and the right difficulty settings.


      Villain side

      Outdoor Street Hunting:

      • Grandville's Fab section has Paragon Protectors elites. Careful, they are high level.

      • The Rikti War Zone has some scattered around the zone.


        In missions:

        • Tavish Bell (45-50) has the demonic Paragon Protectors.

        • Crey missions are scattered everywhere from level 30 onward from Timothy Raymond (30-35), Regent Korol (40-44), Dr. Forrester (40-44) (By the way, ask how Joel is doing), and Abyss (45-50).


          By the way, doing the mission from Gordon Stacy or Unai Kemen with a full team on tenacious will yield the Crey Infiltrator in around two runs. You might need to do the first floor in the third run to get the badge. In the Gordon Stacy mission, only one group on the entire map is not Paragon Protectors.

          How hard it is to get?

          It is one of the easier badges to get hero side, mainly from the fact that there are so many chances to find them around. Villain side will be more difficult due to the sparse population of street hunting. Finding a mission would be the better choice, but CoV lacks a good 7th Generation Paragon Protector mission.

          What does the badge represent in the story of City of Heroes?

          The Crey Infiltrator badge represents uncovering the secrets of the Protectors. These constructs are Crey's attempt to create their own army. Not much is known about these "Paragon Protectors" except that they are completely loyal to Crey.

          Editor's Note

          Go. Hunt. Get Badge. is going to be a new recurring feature in the City Scoop. "How do I get the {insert name} badge?" is one of the most common questions in both the forums and the game. Many times there is more than one right answer, and we want to bring most of the best ones together in one spot. - Lemur Lad

This Issue






The City Traveler

Hey everyone, it's me, Belle! For some reason, I feel like taking a little trip back in time. Not literally, of course, that would be really dangerous. I mean figuratively, to talk a little bit about Paragon City's past. Who knows, maybe you'll even find out something that will help you in the present or the future!

Wow, I can't believe that Halloween is almost here! As most of you know, we've had some really strange occurrences happening in the city around Halloween the past three years. A few days ago, I was talking to Pink Shock about Halloween last year. She reminded me about how a newcomer to the city named Annah was asking heroes to collect Halloween costume pieces and bring them back to her. Heroes who did so were able to get a brand new outfit from the Icon stores! Pink showed off the outfit that she got, and wow, she sure lives up to her name! She said I could take a picture of her in the costume that she got from Icon, so here it is. If you see her around, tell her that Belle says hi!

A lot of heroes may not know this, but Annah is still in Paragon City. She will still grant you a new outfit if you take some of last year's Halloween costume pieces to her. Of course, since it's not Halloween quite yet, the costume pieces may be kind of hard to find right now. Who knows? Maybe they'll be popular with the children in Paragon City again this year!

I hear that some heroes are offering some of the pieces they didn't need to Wentworth's consignment store. They may be a little pricey, but if you're like some heroes that I know who want to have the most versatility in their fashion, it just might be worth it to you. You can find them listed under Salvage, in the Event section. There are four costume pieces that you'll need:

  • Back Alley Brawler Halloween Gloves

  • Hamidon Halloween Costume

  • Lord Recluse Halloween Mask

  • Statesman Halloween Mask


    Once you've acquired the costume pieces, take them all to Annah. She lives in Croatoa, and spends most of her time just southeast of the Green Line monorail station there, not even a hundred yards away. She's the really pretty Cabal sister who is usually studying ancient scrolls, you can't miss her!

    When I was in the Rogue Isles, I also met one of her aunts on the Nerva Archipelago. She calls herself Granny Beldam. She wasn't as sweet as Annah and I don't know what she was doing so far away from home, but she had set up a shack on a tiny little island almost due north of the Arachnos Natural quartermaster, and she can almost always be found right outside that shack, also studying ancient scrolls.

    And since I'm talking about Paragon City's past, I wanted to say a few words about names that a lot of people have forgotten. I'm talking about the names of some of the city zones that have become lost in the aftermath of the first Rikti invasion in 2002. I thought about writing a whole column on this subject alone, but since there are so many, I've decided to split it up over the next few weeks.

    I'll start this week with a zone that used to be a bustling hub of economic activity. I'm always saddened when I hear people talk about going to "Boomtown," part of the city that was all but destroyed during the Rikti War. Today, it bears little resemblance to Baumton, the business district that used to be rivaled only by Skyway City.

    Did you know that the very first recorded instance of portal technology use was in Baumton? Or that it was actually villains that originally developed it? Now, almost all that remains of the zone are villains. It has become a hideout haven for such groups as The Lost, Council, Clockwork, Outcasts, Trolls, and Vahzilok. There is even talk that one of the highest members of the Clockwork King's court, a contraption he calls Babbage, roams the area sometimes! About the only vestige left of its old name is in the ickiest of places, the sewers under the city, where a drainage system is labeled "Baumton." (But even that has been painted over by vandals.) It's such a change from the old days when Hero Corps wanted to have their headquarters there!

    Well, that's it for this week. Don't forget, if you have any questions about the city's geography or history, let me know and I'll try my best to answer them. I might even write about them! Stay safe out there, and until next time, byeee!



City Views

How To Roleplay

The Final Blow

Killing. It's a touchy subject for many, but when it comes time choose between dealing that final blow or to cuff 'em, the choice can be hard. When you're roleplaying, what do you do? According to the game's lore, villains are defeated and sent to the Zig in Brickstown if you're playing a hero and an Arachnos Cell if you're playing a villain, and they typically break out two days later. However, some characters would rather that enemy never walk the streets again.

For example, my necromancer villain would much rather add another corpse to his army, so he does not hesitate to kill. On the other side of the law, my hero doesn't rampage through Perez Park slaughtering gangsters who couldn't hurt him if they tried. But if the Devouring Earth were assaulting people, he wouldn't bat an eye at turning them to ash.

Decide how your character feels about their enemies. Do they have a special hatred for any enemy in particular? Maybe Crey experimented on them, or the Devouring Earth killed their family? Or is it as petty as the Goldbrickers beat them to robbing that bank last week? A character's decision to kill can often vary between groups. Ask yourself these questions: Would they kill Hellions? The Circle of Thorns? Vahzilok? Trolls? Tsoo? Family? Devouring Earth? Pantheon? Rikti? Malta? Carnies? You might find that your character's opinion shifts as you go up the threat scale, or from human to undead to alien to monster.

Another point is, "But I'm firing a full round of bullets... How exactly is this guy still breathing?" It's true that most humans are going to go down when pieces of metal hit vital organs, but who says that you're firing actual bullets? Rubber bullets are a good alternative for merely knocking your enemy out or just leaving some nasty welts. A sword is also a popular weapon that some believe is only useable for killing, but a skilled sword-wielder could use it to render the enemy unable to move—knowing that muscle in the back of the leg, you cut across the right spot and suddenly your enemy can't use it anymore. Maybe you deliver quick nicks and cuts across non-lethal areas and the villain surrenders to you.

To sum it all up, your characters might have different opinions about different villains. Think about them, and decide what those opinions are. And even though what you're holding is a lethal weapon, there's more than one way to "kill."

Questions? Thoughts? Send me a PM.

By Popular request

This is the eighth in a series of By Popular Request articles, which reviews commonly requested player suggestions with strong positive support, and considers the implications that would need to be thought about if these suggestions were to be implemented.

This week's subject - Personal Bases:

Ever since supergroup bases were offered, players have requested the ability to make a base without needing a supergroup—in other words, personal bases. A personal base would give a player the ability to create a space of their own similar to supergroup bases while also allowing players to creatively individualize their bases in a way that is presently limited to costume design. Presently, supergroup bases provide a somewhat difficult format for expressing this creativity since a supergroup functions on a different level than a sole character does. However, there is a thread which discusses some of the ways a single person can use the supergroup base-building function to create a personal base.

It would be nice if players did not have to use this method as a work-around and instead had a straightforward way of making bases for themselves. This would dramatically increase the number of players involved in base design, since only members of supergroups with base design privileges are currently able to create and change the layout and details. It would also open a range of veteran reward options should the devs choose to do so. The tech already exists for base generation, so the coding is partly or fully done. Finally, it would be nice to see the devs examining bases given the limited amount of interest this particular part of the game has gotten from them recently.

Artist Spotlight : Daggerpoint

Jeremy Farlow

It seems that after I posted my interview with Daggerpoint, a lot of you wanted MORE! If there is one thing that Jeremy Farlow is good at, it's having his drawings exude sex appeal without crossing a line into vulgarity. His familiarity with facial expression and anatomy is incredible. I've gotten his permission to feature some of his City of Heroes/Villains works.

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Collector's Corner

Spotlight: Rowr

Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me and City Scoop. We want to highlight art collectors as well as artists, and since you have an incredible collection of art, I thought you would be perfect to interview.

What got you started collecting art?

Really it was after I 'discovered' the art forum, and for a long time, I pounced on the 'freebie' threads and got several pieces that way because I was thinking I would never pay for some art of a game character...Well, we all see how that turned out. One day a few artists were offering commissions, I had some spare money, and thus the monster was born. I really liked seeing Rowr as rendered by different artists in different styles, and always keep my eye out on other artists and I do tend to get more than one piece from artists I like.

And actually, very early on I decided I would take up drawing as a hobby so I could avoid having to get commissions, and I could just draw Rowr myself. Well that didn't go so well as I don't have the free time to actually draw very often, so I'm still getting commissions. Though, I did take a class in drawing and I think I'm pretty decent at it, just wish I had more time to draw!

What was the first piece of art you had done of one of your characters? be honest I'm still waiting on the very first one that I had commissioned, oh well. But my other 'first' one was done by Manuel Clavel, aka Poison.

It's just NEAT that an artist can take a screenshot and transform it into a work that the game could never come close to rendering. It's just great.

A great many of your pictures are of your toon, Rowr. Why did you choose her to memorialize in art? Do you have other toons that you have had turned into art?

Well, she was my first character that I had ever gotten art of and also my "main" character. It's who everyone knows me as, and I really don't play very many alts. I do have one pic of one of my other characters, but it was just a sketch, and someone else actually got it for me. Besides, I think Rowr looks the best for being drawn, so I keep commissioning pics of her.

Lately a friend of mine (Juteboxhero, Hi jutey!) and I have been doing "Alternate Earth"-type pictures, kind of like an Elseworld theme, where we think of a situation or place and have our characters drawn there like we're in some other universe. It's been a lot of fun to do, and the artist response has been great to the ideas.

How many works of art are in your collection? What are a few of your favorite pieces in your gallery?

I have many, many. Way too many to count. Yes, I kinda got addicted to collecting art, something I've managed to slow down in recent months. I'm very fortunate that I am able to collect art, but I could be spending money on other things like clothes or games, but art lasts forever. As for favorite pieces, all of my pieces are my favorites! No matter if they were paid for or if they were gifts, I love them all.

Are there any artists that you would like a piece from?

Yes, there are many. There are a few that are quite out of my price range, but there are a few that are in my price range. As I get a few extra pennies here and there, I save up, and then I go pounce them when they announce they have slots free. I also keep an eye out for new artists (I have 755 people watched on Deviant Art!), and if I see someone who has a style I like, I go pounce. Though I still need to get a few commissions from those "famous" comic book artists, but those are a long term thing.

When you're looking for an artist, do you have a concept in mind for what you want for the picture?

Usually I never have any idea. I just see a style I like, and then I ask for a commission. Generally, I give my reference page, and tell the artist to just have fun with it, try something they have wanted to try, or some style they want to practice on, or whatever. I'm pretty open-minded so almost any scene is acceptable to me as long as they meet a few basic standards I always ask for (like natural-looking tiger striping, blue eyes, and other stuff that is consistent across different pictures).

Now unless I have a very specific idea in mind, that's how I generally work, but most of the time it's free form. I like to give total artistic freedom to the artist, and most artists really dig that. They don't like having lots and lots of specifics and a picky client.

Are there any galleries that you browse looking for new artists?

Mostly I stay on Deviant Art because "that's where the artists are," though a lot of artists have their own galleries and web pages. There are a few other sites I dare not mention here that I also look through for inspirations and other artists, or if I'm looking for a particular style or an artist with experience drawing a particular scene I have in mind.

Any advice for beginning art collectors?

Jump in all the freebie threads you can, if you can't afford it. But be nice, and courteous. Post responses in the Art forum, give your reviews of pieces that are posted (if it's asked for), and generally get yourself "known." Express an interest in getting some art, but do try to avoid begging for it. Don't post a bunch of screenshots and say "can any1 draw meh plz!" This is a great way to not get drawn. Join in on the community really. They are a friendly group, and if you're nice, you can start getting some art for yourself.

What does your art collection mean to you?

It means I spent a lot of money I probably could have invested elsewhere, but I would not trade my artsy for anything. I love it all, and it has really given my character Rowr a huge life outside of just being in a game. I really appreciate NCsoft for not cracking down on fanart and letting the community grow, because hey, it's positive press and people love it. It's like our own way of having our own comic book art that we'd normally never be able to get. It's good stuff. Everyone should have art.



Time Travel and You

An Educational Article

Part One: The Basics

Hey kids! You're reaching a level now where you're experiencing some strange changes, such as working to make sure your worst enemy never existed, body parts missing where they used to be before, and urges to go Duck and Cover. This is not natural in any way, shape, or form—you are experiencing "Temporal Displacement Syndrome," or negative effects of time travel.

But mister, what is time travel?

I'm glad you asked, Billy! Time travel is when you use a chronological dislocation device (CDD for short) to warp yourself back through the years to do stuff.

That didn't help at all!

...Shut up, Billy. Nobody asked you.

Part Two: The Dangers

As with any device or power that bends the time/space continuum (here's looking at you, Dark Watcher), there are always inherent dangers to time travel, the most famous of which is the time paradox.

Imagine that you were suddenly filled with that urge to go kill your grandfather. Imagine that you did successfully, when he was a young boy.

But mister, my mom wasn't born then!

Exactly, Billy! Since she wasn't born then, you don't exist.

How did I kill my granddaddy then?

Hence the paradox, Billy.

Oh. But what if—

Be QUIET, Billy! Other dangers of time travel include:

  • Erasing your friends and family from existence

  • Squishing a bug and turning the world into a hideous place full of evil, demons and flying pigs

    Part Three: The Ending Bits

    Well kids, that about wraps it up for this article on time travel. Remember, don't do Superadine, stay in the University, and always listen to your Trainers.

And The Winners Are...

This past Saturday the beautiful, not so beautiful, and just plain freaky people came out to Pocket D for the third leg of the Mr. and Miss City of Contest. This week the prelims were held on Guardian, Triumph and Virtue. Below is the list of this week's winners.


  • Miss Paragon City Guardian is SnowImp

  • Miss Rogue Isles Guardian is Oubliete

  • Mr. Paragon City Guardian is Living Shield

  • Mr. Rogue Isles Guardian is Bunsen*


    • Miss Paragon City Triumph is Shining Crystal

    • Miss Rogue Isles Triumph is BiPolaris

    • Mr. Paragon City Triumph is Great American Justice Chicken

    • Mr. Rogue Isles Triumph is Infernal Legionaire


      • Miss Paragon City Virtue is Justice Maiden

      • Miss Rogue Isles Virtue is Face Of Spades

      • Mr. Paragon City Virtue is Siberian Torrent

      • Mr. Rogue Isles Virtue is Gentleman Caller


        The last round of the prelims will be held this weekend Saturday October 13 on Victory and Protector. We hope to see many more creative uses of costumes and here is to hoping that they saved the best for last!!

        *Denotes that I do not have a picture of the winner. The picture will be featured in a future issue of the Scoop.

        Last week I did not have Liberty's Miss Paragon City, Miss-Paragon. Please follow the link to see her picture.



Velocity Dominates the PvP SG Ladder

There is a new champion in the ladder, and they go by the name "Team V." Velocity has been undefeated in the ladder, excluding preliminary rounds, with a record of 5-0. I asked for an interview with one of the current leaders of Velocity, Vindizzle.

When was Velocity founded?

Velocity was first formed on October 1st of 2006. The leaders were Moe and Xhiggy.

How can you explain Velocity's success in the ladder?

First and foremost, we're a close group of friends. We trust each other, and that shows when we pvp with one another. That friendship and trust enables us to read each other inside and out during matches. We know our play styles, our talents, and our boundaries. It's not the skill of the individual player in Velocity that makes us strong, it's the skill of Team V that makes us strong.

Have you had any especially difficult matches in the history of Velocity? If so, who were they against?

Each of the official matches we've fought in presented an equal level of difficulty. Every single team we fought was well-prepared and played to the very best of their ability, just as we did. For that fact alone, each match was equally challenging. We relied on teamwork and communication, just as we always have. And we're proud to say that we fought well against every team that we met on the ladder.

There have been many great #1 teams in the history of CoH PvP, where would you rank Velocity?

It's hard to make a comparison like that, as each of the top SGs were playing at different stages in the Evolution of PvP in CoX. There is absolutely no doubt that groups like Tribute and Lions Den left behind a legacy in PvP that will never be forgotten. We're all proud to say that we've played to the best of our ability and that we too have left behind a legacy that will be hard to forget.

Velocity gained the number one spot on October 3rd, 2007 from the former champion, Freaks of Legend.

All information on the PvP SG Ladder can be found in the PvP Arena section of these forums.

Recipe of the Week

In keeping with the fall season and Halloween, I realized that you might be interested in a fall recipe.



Curried Squash Soup

Country Living Magazine, 11/90 (pg. 162)

Modified by Vinnie (who triples the spices)

  • 2 2-pound butternut squash

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • 2 medium-sized onion, finely chopped

  • 2 stalk celery, finely chopped

  • 4 teaspoons curry powder

  • 2 tablespoons uncooked white rice

  • 2 large apple, peeled, cored, and cut into chunks

  • 2 13 ¾ or 14 ½ ounce can chicken broth

  • 1 cup of water

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves

  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander

  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 2 medium-size (12 x 8 in.) Hubbard squash, baked until tender-crisp (about 30 minutes at 350F), a slice cut off the side, and fibrous center and seeds removed to make 2 serving bowls (optional)


    Makes 12 servings

    1. Peel butternut squash and cut in half lengthwise. With a spoon, scoop out seeds and discard fibrous center. Reserve seeds for garnish. Cut squash into chunks.

    2. In an 8-quart saucepan, melt butter. Add onions, celery, add curry. Cook until onion is transparent. Stir in rice and cook 1 minute. Add squash chunks, apple, chicken broth, water, cumin, thyme, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Heat mixture to boiling over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered 30-35 minutes or until squash is very tender.

    3. Meanwhile, heat oven to 350F. On baking sheet, stir together reserved seeds and the oil. Bake seeds 10 minutes or until lightly browned.

    4. When squash is tender, in electric blender or food processor with chopping blade, blend or process squash mixture and heavy cream, half at a time, until smooth.

    5. Reheat soup if necessary. Ladle soup into prepared squash bowl, if desired. Sprinkle with toasted seeds and serve.

    Nutritional information per serving: - protein 4 grams, fat 10 grams, carbohydrate 26 grams, fiber 6 grams, sodium, 247 milligrams, cholesterol 33 milligrams, calories 206.




The Paragon City Medical Research Corps has just formed and is looking for researchers!

Did you or someone you know lose someone to Outbreak?

Do you have an interest in cutting-edge medicine, both traditional and otherwise?

Have you ever wondered if there will ever be a cure for Outbreak?

Do you want to help find it?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, especially the last, then send a /tell to Dr. Greg Miller Jr on Liberty or @Byssot to sign up. The Paragon City Medical Research Corps needs YOU!

Based on Liberty. We are open to all heroes who want to make a difference. Since this is a new SG, we are still working on construction of our base, but that means you have more time to make your opinion known! Also pending is a website, but it should be up as soon as a good place for it is found.


Paragon City Choppers: Super Motorcycles for Super Customers!

Paragon City Choppers is a unique experience in motorcycling, based out of Skyway City on the Virtue Server, our dedicated and creative staff is committed to bringing our customers the custom rides that are every bit as super as their superheroic riders!

Whether you're a seven foot tank who's tough as nails or a high-flying, flame-flinging blaster of evil, we have the bikes that you want at your request!

For more information contact our (occasionally hirsute) chief designer Erik Love aka The Wulfen at his PM box: Wulfie.

What's small, friendly, and gets the job done? Classifieds in The City Scoop. Sell, find or buy anything. Send a PM to LadyK today.

The PvP Event Committee is looking for more experienced event coordinators and planners to add to our current team. We are looking for PvPers with a general knowledge of tournament formats and PvP tactics. We are looking for players with evening and weekend availability who are dedicated to improving the PvP community within the whole of CoX. We need dependable, hard-working members who will put in extra time when needed to teach, promote, or host events game-wide. If we just described you, please visit our website at, click "Join the PvPEC", and fill out our short membership application to become a part of the driving force in PvP game-wide.

THE CITY SCOOP seeks staff writers to contribute articles, columns, or HTML layout on a biweekly schedule. We want helpful, positive and motivated people! Send a PM to Marcian_Tobay or Hertz.

WANTED a creative and talented web designer to be the lead designer for a CoX WebTV station, which will contain videos edited by players from in-game footage. For details or any questions, please send a PM to TheFrog

VeronicaVenom is hosting "V-Games" on Victory Server, every Sunday night at 8PM EST. Events include: PvP tournaments, TF races, and Gladiator FFA. PST to VeronicaVenom.

The Kheldian League is a supergroup on Triumph. It is only for Warshades and Peacebringers. We have a friendly group of players and a nice base. To join, please email xoxman on the forums, or contact us in-game by emailing Beta Sword PB, Enis, or Umbrastar.

We have been established on the Guardian Server since City of Villains went live. We have a fully functioning base that is raid ready if/when the Cathedral of Pain goes live, IO Factory, and Teleporters to each zone. We also have our own website with forums on Guildportal.

We seek to expand our ranks. Promotions are awarded according to prestige earned and will reward you with access to base storage including a large reserve of IOs.

We also have scheduled Taskforces each weekend when possible, which are announced on the Guildportal website

Send a /tell to @Botley, @Alpha-One or @MrsAlphaOne to be recruited.

SELLING life-like mechanical Ravens useful for many tasks such as long distance couriering, location, homing, and rescue. Some units are flight-capable and others are glider-equipped, land rocket-boosted or translocatable. Equipped with a Virtue system. Contact @GFM for leasing and rental information. Also seeking qualified mechaneers, effigiers, and assorted other helpers in creation, production, and maintenance of the Iron Ravens.

Converted_Clock and Genna are looking for recruits to their team! Having run the Super Olympics on Champion the last three years, we would like to take the event gamewide Feb. 2008! If you are interested in helping plan the events, assisting with running the events on your server, or just have a burning desire to know more, please PM either Converted_Clock or Genna. Currently we are looking for people on all servers except Champion. Organization, web skills, or prior event experience is a plus! We are a non-discriminatory group; casual player, RP'r, PvP'r, WE WANT YOU!



/em Smack

The City Scoop Staff



Edition 22 of "The City Scoop” a publication for Supers by Supers!

At the heart of the community the City Scoop is reaching out to all servers and all types of players. Interviews, artwork, events, fun, and even flavors of the month are in this edition. After almost 22 weeks of ‘newsie’ goodness it’s hard to imagine Paragon City or the Rogue Isles without a weekly dose of “The City Scoop!”

If you would like to do a feature article, have an event covered, or join "The City Scoop" team please PM Lemur_Lad or Marcian_Tobay

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