Aliana Blue



Not sure if this is the place for this but it seems to fit somewhat of,
I need a good picture/screen shot/color drawing
of Pacman I've looked online couldn't find a good one of him.
just incase your wondering this is for a tatoo I'm getting soon and I'd like have one with him having arms and legs (preferred)giving a thumbs up and winking if you find one I'd appreciate it greatly



thats the one thanx
oh to BadStorm I couldn't get that link up I'm at work but I appreciate the help though



The only Pac-man that I know of currently resides in the Hive. My avatar shows a secret video that was very dangerous to obtain, that shows what happens in the hive during a crash/maintenance restart.




Here ya go, enjoy

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre> .-. .-. .--.
| oo| | oo| / _.-' .-. .-.
| | | | \ '-. '-' '-'
'^^^' '^^^' '--' </pre><hr />

(Note: it looks better with a bold Courier font, the dots are supposed to be bigger).

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