Notification to the Community!




Hello Heroes & Villains!

Another great Issue for City of Heroes & City of Villains will be entering closed beta soon! Rather than just “deal” with the Community Team’s focus on the Beta and risk allowing forum moderation to suffer because of it, we are asking for your help!

When posting during this time, you can help us out by continuing to keep the forums a friendly, constructive place to visit. If you aren’t sure what this means, it entails following the forum rules when posting. They are linked here for your reference:

Rules & Regulations

Basically, this is our call to you, our community, to please just all get along! Especially while the beta is underway!

Yeah right! Ok, so for those who just can’t resist the temptation to “mix it up” with your fellows, we have made a few “behind the scenes” changes to help address things.

Our moderation team has been placed on high alert for all forums above the "For Fun" and "Servers" sections. By high alert they are searching for specific violations.
Refrain from such posts as :

    [*]+1 [*]/jranger [*]LOL [*]no[/list]or other such “fluff” posts that do little to contribute to the discussion. Continued such posts will result in action on our part to curb the behavior.

    We have improved our moderation tracking process to track the most commonly edited and “problematic” posters. With our improved tracking we will be taking more active action to curb habitual violators behavior.

    As always, you can assist with our forum moderation efforts by making use of the “Notify Moderator” button to make us aware of posts you feel are not in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. You can find the Notify Moderator button below the signature line in any post. The below picture helps to illustrate where it can be found.

    If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns please PM myself or Lighthouse directly and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

    Use this thread to Discuss this Announcement!


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