Looking for a grav/ff controller guide...




I recently messed up my grav/ff controller in the eden trial because I had respec into tp and now my whole builds messed up, can anyone list a guide that will help me get my controller unbroken again? By the way, I barely get teams so I diddnt take bubbles, got fitness instead.

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This is my PvE and PvP build for my 50 grav/ff/primal.

2.)Grav Distortion
6.)Propel -
8.) CJ -
10.) Hurdle -
12.) Stimulant -
14.)SJ -
16.)Swift -
18.) Detention Field
20.) Stamina -
22.)Dispersion bubble -
24.) Acro -
26.) Wormhole -
28.)Aid self -
30.) hasten -
32.) Singularity -
35.) superspeed -
38.) Force bubble -
41.) Power blast -
44.) Temp Invul -
47.) Power boost -
49.) Conserve Power -

there is a guide