Guide to planning your Ultimate IO'd out character




So you want the ultimate character with all the best IOs and set bonuses huh? How’s that going to happen? Do you have a 50 with Millions upon Millions of influence? If not, then read up.

This Guide is for:
[*] The player who wants to build a character from 1-50 with IOs.[*] The player who’s at the point they want to start slotting IOs, but are unsure what to do.[*] The player who just sold a rare salvage, only to buy a recipe later that needed it and had to re-buy it. (in other words, disorganized)

So, let’s get started. I’m going to assume that you’re ready to plan out a new hero; you’ve got your concept, and think “What powers do I need?”

You should really download a Hero Planner. It’s a fan written program that allows you to plan out your hero from level 1 all the way to level 50. Mid’s Hero Designer is the current fan favorite because it actually allows you to input IOs and see the results, and calculates it into your totals. You can find it here or type it into your browser

From here, you should plan out your build from level 1 to level 50.

Q-“But Star, I’m already level X, should I still do this?”
A-Yes, absolutely. Failing to plan is to planning to fail. You may take a power that you really should have put off a few levels that’s going to perhaps slow your progress or worse, won’t perform as you think it does.

When it comes to slotting enhancements, start with just simple Single-Origin Enhancements or Training-Origin Enhancements. Head to your respective Archetype’s forum and post your build with the easy-to-use ‘forum export’ feature built into Mid’s planner. There are hundreds of experts that will love to critique your build and offer their advice about when you should take ‘x’ power or ‘y’ power, and how to slot them for maximum efficiency.

Q- “You mean I can’t do this on my own?”
A- Absolutely, but when there are so many great advisors on the boards, why wouldn’t you ask an opinion just in case you missed something (like slotting Combat Jumping for EndRdx ).

Your next step is to think about Invention Origin Enhancements. What’s your archetype? Does it have any weaknesses or gaps in defense? What should be boosted? A typical rule of thumb is to think of the Archetype’s role in the game and look into IOs that compliment that set:

Blasters- Ranged Damage Dealers
Controllers- Holds & Debuffs
Defenders- Buffs & Debuffs
Scrappers- Melee Damage Dealers
Tankers- Defensive Melee
Peacebringers- Ranged & Melee Damage Dealers
Warshades- Ranged damage dealers with crowd control features

Now that you’ve gotten your build created, and you’re ready to head into the wonderful world of Invention Origin Enhancements, I highly suggest downloading an Excel spreadsheet created by Iokona and found on in the “City of Data” section. Quick Link. At this point I’d like to thank Iokona for putting that together for us. It’s such a blessing for the planning nerds like me.

Hopefully you’ve got Excel on your computer, but if not, don’t worry. Put in your IOs into your build in Mid’s Hero Designer. Notice that great “View Totals” button to find out what bonuses you’re getting to things like Defense, Resistance, Recovery, Regeneration, etc… Play around until you get what you like.

OK, now that you’ve plotted in your IOs, head back to the boards (if you’d like) and (in the same post) upload your new build with the IOs and ask for critiques. Make adjustments as desired.

By now you should have a build that you’ll be happy with and is effective as well.

“Well the roadmap looks good, but it’s a long road to 50,” you say? Well have no fear; we’re going to make it simpler/more efficient. Using Iokona’s spreadsheet or just the info on you should write down what salvage your recipes will need. If you’re using Excel you can just click on the recipe and the needed salvage will populate for you and you can just copy/paste into a separate spreadsheet and using Excel’s “Sort Ascending” feature it will line up all your Salvage. Since Iokona organized them by Rarity then name, you’ll have all those Rare Salvage names bunched together. Go ahead and delete the rest from the list. (Note: If you’re doing this by hand or without Excel, just list out your wanted Recipes and Rare salvage only). Rare recipe drops are the most difficult to get and the most expensive in the consignment house, hence the name: rare. All the others will be manageable cost-wise.

From here (in Excel) print out your “shopping/farming list.” With that list, you now know what you need to keep, and what you can sell. Only need 1 Mu Vestment and you have 2? Put that baby in WW and get some Infl. When you get an item that you need, put it in personal storage in Vault Reserve, Personal storage in your SG base (Vault Reserve and Personal storage are the same), keep it in your inventory, or just keep it stored at the CH (Don’t put it for sale, just drop it in a slot).

Q-“I need 4 Deific weapons!?”
A- You’re going to find out exactly what your ultimate build needs, so you can be precise in what you’re looking for. Need Arcane Salvage? Pick missions that face you against foes that drop them (CoT, etc. . .). Or put in low bids for them at the consignment house.

Q- “I have 3 unneeded Rares. What do I do with them?”
A- Sell them or give them to an alt.

Q- “I need a bunch of Rare Recipes. What do I do?”
A- Rare recipes are drops from Task Forces and some Trials, you’d better plan on doing some, otherwise you’ll be buying your rare items instead of getting them on your own (which is typically cheaper).

Q- “I’ve already slotted some IOs, but they aren’t the ones I just planned for. What do I do?”
A- Two options:[*]Just keep them as they are and replace them as you go.[*]Write down which ones you do have, and go to the CH. Note how much they go for. Do a Respec trial or use a free one (if you have it). At the end of Respecing you re-slot all your enhancements with the option of putting 10 in your enhancement tray (any left unslotted or not in your tray are sold at store value). Put the highest valued IOs in the CH.

Q- “I planned for a 50 enhancement, but I just got a level 30 drop for it, what do I do?”
A- There are some guidelines for that. Some IO sets only go up to ‘X’ level. Check and see what’s the difference in the bonus between the one you got & the 50 version, if it’s only 1% or 2%, you may just keep it and slot it. Certain Rare recipes (PROCS, +Regen, +Recov, etc…) don’t change value no matter what level, so craft and slot them as you get them. Remember that the SET BONUSES don’t change no matter what level IOs you have slotted. So it’s up to you, you can create it, but if you choose to do the higher level version later you’ll have to replenish the salvage you use.

Q- “I’ll need 45 rare salvage, but I only have room for 40 in personal storage.”
A- You can use your character’s Salvage window to keep salvage until it’s needed, or (my personal favorite) you can simply store it in the CH without selling it. That does mean that you have less room to sell items, so priority should be 1. personal storage; 2. Consignment House; 3. Salvage window on your hero.

GUIDELINES & TIPS:[*] Any common or uncommon salvage should be sold at the AH. However, if it’s selling for +500,000 influence, you should consider keeping it. Why? You’ll be using your personal storage for the rare drops you’ll need for your recipes. Common/Uncommon salvage can be re-purchased for generally low prices.
[*] If your personal recipe/salvage inventory is full, you’ve got a 0% chance of getting a rare recipe/salvage. Store your rares in personal storage. Delete any common/uncommon salvage that isn’t very valuable so you have room unless you’re on your way to the CH.
[*] Don’t overprice/under price your sales at the CH. You want to get the most money you can in the quickest time possible. Don’t put inert gas on for $1 Million; it will NEVER sell for that. Likewise, don’t put it for $1 either.
[*] If you need 3 of ‘x’ rare recipe and you get a 4th, sell it. No reason to keep surplus using this method. Use the influence to get those recipes/rare salvage that hasn’t dropped for you. Same rule applies for recipes as well.
[*] You can buy an extra 10 salvage space buy trading in Vanguard Merits. It takes a bit, but it’s worth it. (Plus you can get some Rare salvage from the Rikti)
[*] Be aware of what items sell for at a store vs. what you can sell them for at the Consignment House. There is a balance between helping others get needed items cheaply and getting taken, so just make a judgment call.

Final Q- "How long is this going to take?"
A- There's no real timeframe answer for that, using this process with streamline it for you. With IOs its hard to keep track of what you have, what you want, what does that need and how many of those will I need all in your head. This guide helps you avoid getting rid of something that may take some time to get back.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Had some misinfo that Major_Force pointed out. Updated to correct.



Rare recipes are drops from Task Forces and some story arcs (IIRC),

[/ QUOTE ]

Task Forces and Trails. Not Story Arcs. paragonwiki has a good list going of which ones drop from TFs and which ones drop from Trials.

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Rare recipes are drops from Task Forces and some story arcs (IIRC),

[/ QUOTE ]

Task Forces and Trails. Not Story Arcs. paragonwiki has a good list going of which ones drop from TFs and which ones drop from Trials.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks for the clarification Major_Force. I knew TFs were included, but went fuzzy after that.



Rare recipes are drops from Task Forces and some story arcs (IIRC),

[/ QUOTE ]

Task Forces and Trails. Not Story Arcs. paragonwiki has a good list going of which ones drop from TFs and which ones drop from Trials.

[/ QUOTE ]

There are 4 pools of recipes.

Pool A - Defeat Enemies
Pool B - Mission Completions (10% chance)
Pool C - Task Force
Pool D - Trials

Each pool is mutually exclusive, so pool D drops ONLY come from trial completions. Pool C ONLY comes from TF completion.

Drops from pool A can be common, uncommon, or rare. Pools B, C, and D are always "rares", although rarity != value. The most valuable recipes in the game (Miracle: +recovery, Numina's +r/+r, Luck of the Gambler: +7.5% recharge) are all pool C drops. There are some very valuable pool A recipes, the most notable of which i'm aware is Regenerative Tissue: Regeneration.

There's also a separate pool for Costume recipes; they used to be part of pool A, but they still come from kills.