Looking to help on a Fan Project




Greetings to one and to all. I have begun work on a fan based project for City of Heroes. Namely a City of Heroes fan comic. Well, as any with a web browser and 10 minutes knows, there are dozens of CoH Fan comics out there, so what makes mine different?
Well, presently nothing. Sure my story's different. Sure the method I use to make the comic may differ. But it's still the same as any other fan comic out there. What I want to do, is make it different in that it is made by the fans, not by just two of three fans.
To that end, I am making this post asking for anyone who is interested in working with me on this project to contact me.

What do I need to do to help?
Well, if you want to help out, first you need to contact me, either by email (Myke_bim2003@yahoo.com) Message Board PM, or in game email (@Torroes Prime) Once you contact me and tell me you would like to work on the comic with me, I will add your email address to the mailing list I have set up. From there, I will send you any information I have on hand about the current issue I am working on. You read it, and make comments, feed back, and suggestions about the material. If you have a character(s) you would like to have included in the story, let me know and we'll arrange a "interview" for the toon. If you have an idea for a story arc, I encourage you to tell me about it. Chances are quite good I will use it.
Below you will find some general information about the comic itself:

Story setting: Here’s the break down of the story over all. Recluse has vanished into his other-dimensional experiments. Weather he’s alive or dead, no one knows. All we do know is he went in and hasn't come out .
Shortly after Recluse entered the dimensional vortex, the Rikti showed up en masse. Hundreds of ships with thousands of troops appeared. Unlike the previous invasion, there was not a5 day warning as the dimensional vortices formed. Their ships simply came into orbit and laid waste to the majority of the earth.
About this time, all dimensional travel activity became extremely difficult if not impossible in most cases. While it has not been proven, it is strongly believed that the Rikti have something to do with the disruption.
With Recluse lost, Arachnoes has fractured. Its various Lieutenants and commanders have shattered taking with them resources and men loyal to them. Where each of them have gone, we do not know at this time.
With Arachnoes broken, the various thugs, gangs, cartels and criminal organizations have grown out of control. Where once Arachnoes was the major threat, with several dozen annoyances, in the forms of the Family, the Carnival of Shadows, and the Freakshow among others, now each of these groups are free from Arachnoes hold and run buck shot over their own territory.
The Rouge Isles were hit extremely hard as was Paragon city in addition to nearly every military base on the planet. Where last time, the Rikti made the majority of the war from their ships, now they are quickly making land fall and fortifying their holdings into permanent positions. They have begun to run patrol forces tasked with rounding up surviving heroes and Villains who would stand against their rule. The Freedom phalanx, as well as most of the Super teams have been broken. Many of those with psychic powers have fallen into comas or had their mental powers drastically reduced. There have been hundreds of hero and villain casualties in addition to the non-super deaths.
Long Bow still exists, though in name only. With the destruction of most military bases, Freedom Corps and Long Bow have been broken down into smaller cells of operatives and agents each operating under their standing orders..

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