The Sceptre of Kings... IN 3D!!




Okay, just warning you, I am giddy like a school girl right now. Here's why:

Some of you are familiar with my namesake character, The Imperial and his weapon, the Sceptre of Kings.

If Thor has Mjolnir, then Imp has the Sceptre, right?

So, my friend Yin (another CoH old timer) is getting into computer animation at college and had a surprise for me:

The Sceptre of Kings rendered in 3-D!!

You can check out some static screenshots of it at this post over at CoH Guru.

I can totally see this in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.




First: That scepter...Excuse me , The Scepter looks totally Awesome

and Second: What is the name of that awesome music that plays in the background of the video?


Global - @El D

Servers - Protector



Now you need to attach it to a 3D version of The Imperial!






That is great! So who is gonna be the first to commission him for a 3D walk around of their character?