I feel like drawing something...

Hero Prime



After having a commish rejected because he "didn't like the culture" that my sig character reflects (rap dj background) I'm in the mood to draw something...hell...I might attempt the idea that this person rejected...

::gears start to turn::

so rusty though...ugh!!! I've been saying I would draw somethin but haven't...wonder if I mean it this time o_o




taking some profile shots of a few characters atm :3 Paulie, Dj and Maya



Rap drawings?! How undignified! j/k Bring it on booooooooy!



Whatever you do, don't draw this guy...


He would definitely disapprove of the culture represented by the link in your sig.

Seriously, though. Someone was offended by a bunch of Transformers and l33tsp34k? Talk about overly sensitive. And how does that apply to your skill as an artist?

Where do we go from here?



well, I didn't mean literally my sig, but my signature CoH character, a Elec/EM Blaster named DjTrizz and his background is formerly a rap dj.