New Turbo-Ski concept!




Screenshots will come later, but here is the story of it.

Name: Gatekeeper Turboski

Setting: distant future (about 16 years after Sarix Morrison's death).

Appearance: Turbo-Ski now wears mostly dark clothing or a military grade tech suit in her original blue and light blue colors. She is always wearing a necklace with a mysterious crystal shard chained to the end of it, and is extremely protective of it, keeping it close to her body at all times. She has for some unknown reason not aged at all past the age of 30 despite actually being close to 50 years old.

Personality: Her personality is one of a wise and calculating leader. She no longer has mood swings at all and is oddly at peace with herself compared to when she first started her villain career. She has radical ideas for changing the world and will manipulate or stop anyone who gets in her way. She is not quick to anger, but when she does become angered it usually results in senseless slaughter. She can often be found having a conversation with herself, no one within her organization has dared asked her why or openly questioned her sanity.

Other Info:
- Most people and organizations believe her to be dead, since she hasn't made any headline news in over 17 years.
- Her allies refer to her as "The Gatekeeper", the origin of this is still unknown.
- Her two most trusted allies are both survivors of the Russian experiment that spawned her powers. They too have seem to not have aged. One of the is Red Kite, Turbo-Ski's former rival. The other is a brown-haired woman (yet to be named) that has radiation emitting abiilties that use the various radiation that is already in her environment as a power source.
- She is the leader of a underground spy network named Tarock, but her existance is only known by a select few.

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Sounds great! When I have time I need to read more of your background...very intriguing!!

You've inspired me to get cracking on a story I am writing about Harlequin's Hex, my grav/fire dominator. I had taken a short break, but now it's back to work!! *whip-crack*