Bio Wolf (A character Bio/History)




The following is the RP character Bio and background history for a character of mine on Infinity named Bio Wolf.

His original Design is as a Radiation/Sonic Defender built to be an AV/Giant Monster slayer. (Back when their Regen rates were so high that you NEEDED radiation or some form of -regen to cope!) Anyway here's his story. (bare in mind it's 2am and I'm unable to sleep at the moment...might come back and edit things later..) Please pardon the spelling errors. I haven't run this through a spell checker. But feel free to critique if you like This toon is one of my Oldest and first. (Though he's only level 30)

The dark, near middle of night on an airport strip, a small wolfcub searches around for a place to rest while waiting for his mother to come find him and bring him home. He knows he shouldn't be away from the den, but the smells he constantly got from this place, even though were most of the time foul, did make him curious.

While sniffing, he happens to wonder into the back of a strange looking metal object with 4 long stems coming out from the top. Of course he didn't care about that. What brought him there was the stick of beef jerky that was laying on the floor half eaten! His little tummy growled in excitement as he sat down and gobbled down the small morcle of food! Sniffing around he checked for more, but found nothing in side the HUGE place. And the hour of the night was getting to him.. Figuring his mother would come looking like she always did, he assumed he would be alright laying amongst the soft cloths near one of the walls. And he fell asleep..

The sounds of the people didn't really wake him as much as the loud rumbling of the engine as his place that he had stolen away for some sleep began to shift and move! Not wanting to get caught and in trouble by the people moving around the strange place, he crawled further underneith the soft coverings and did his best to stay quiet, even though his first instinct was to whimper and howl for his mother.

The Helicopter with the lone wolf cub flew slowly through the air on it's way towards a delivery location in the mountains to a local Military base. Unfortunately the path they took always lead them near the Nuclear power plant and treatment facility. Unfortunately because this normal, every day flight suddenly took a turn for the worst...when a lone dove got sucked into the intake for the 'copter's engine!

Loud noises began to blare from where the humans were. They began to shout and yell! The place he was in started to bump and shake, he couldn't help but let out whimpers and yelps now! He was being thrown all over the place! There was a smell of smoke coming from some where. All he could think of was his mother, and hoped he could see her wet nose, and blue eyes again if he was about to die!

The Helicopter crashed into the Nuclear plant, causing an explosion that made the plant go Critical. Thousands would have died if heroes wouldn't have shown up, contained the explosion, and eliminated the fallout cloud. That didn't help the poor little puppy how ever. For they didn't even notice him. Probobly could have changed his fate if they had.. Maybe even saved him from the physical pain he was going to have to endure. For when all was settled, no one ever heard the small whimpering, yelping, and mewling sounds of the puppy that was under some bushes, hundreds of yards away still exposed to enough radiation to normally kill a hundred people. Radiation the people felt was contained for now and the clean up crew would deal with in the morning.

Finally, the puppy woke up after what felt like days of sleep.. Wake.. he survived! He couldn't believe it, but some how, some way he was alive! Though that didn't help him, as he was hurting all over. His throat felt raw and sore. His muscles felt as if they had torn themselves apart. Though one thing he did notice, was that he couldn't smell blood. He would think he could smell his own blood if he was as badly hurt as he felt!

Carefully he lifted his head and began to look around, take stock of where he was now. And something felt...different. The trees, sickly yes, seemed a little..smaller then he remembered trees looking. Bushes, didn't look quite as thick as they should. At least not as thick as the bushes near the den he lived. He could see a squirrel leaving the area, and even it looked alot smaller then the ones near his home.. What was going on? Had the world shrunken? Or was where he was at smaller then his home? Slowly, carefully he shifted to all fours. But even that felt awkward some how. When he got up, he felt the pain, same as before, but it was different. He continued to look around. Noticing the woods he was in now, and how they were so different from his home. Slowly, making sure to not hurt himself, he limped (or thought he was limping) as he started to sniff the air, and then the ground heading away from where he was before. That was when he saw fur on the ground beneith him.. And noticed how things changed even more then he had noticed before!

Before everything was mostly a black and white haze.. But now..he was seeing color for the first time! And the first colors he was seeing were Green, the green of the leaves. The Green of the plants that were still alive, though starting to wither. And the green of the fur that was on the ground beneith him.

When he sniffed it, he reconized it as his fur. It had his scent. "So I'm this color" he thought to himself. Finally after enough investigating, he began to look around again, taking stock of the world before him. The Colors were amazing! The Blue of the sky! The dark green of the pine needles above him! He didn't even notice that he wasn't on all fours now. Didn't notice that he was standing on his hind legs like a human. He just continued to gaze around in absolute wonder! Finally instinct took over and he went back to all fours, as if nothing happened. Food, he had to find himself something to eat. Water too, it would help his throat, that still felt rough and sore.

Sniffing the air, he noticed a familiar scent of a stream and bounded towards it. It took him alot less time then it normally would have, he noticed, but he didn't mind. When he reached the stream, he saw that the area looked alot healthier then where he was before. He was happy that what ever had happened to the land behind him it hadn't touched this part yet. Carefully he bent his head down and began to lap up some water onto his tongue and into his mouth. And it was then that he saw his reflection.. And what he saw horrified him!

Gone were his cute ears, puffs of fur, and short form. But infront of him was a Man..wolf...THING! It's green fur wasn't covering him completely and was revealing red, sore looking blistered skin beneath! He lept back in surprize, slowly carefully now looking over himself better then before. And sure enough the image he saw was of himself. Not an illusion, or trick of the water. "What's going on?! What happened to me?!" he began to think to himself. He didn't even hear the rustling sounds behind him, as his mind was swimming with questions that he could never hope to answer on his own!

The Roar of a challange came from behind him! It was a loud, deep bellowing sound! It made him freeze! Then slowly...he turned to see a BIG Grizzly bear! He scurried back as fear took over! And the Grizzly bear slowly made it's approach. He continued to back up, using all fours to shuffle him along the ground until he bumped against a Tree. He continued to wimper as the Bear started to stalk closer to him.

He didn't have a choice. He'd have to fight this MASSIVE opponent. But what good would his fangs do against such a big thing? Maybe he could try barking at it? Maybe it would scare it off if he made enough noise? Slowly he got to all fours, aimed his mouth at the thing, and released the loudest bark he felt he could... Of course when he did that...not only did he BLOW the bear from infront of him, but he knocked out a few trees as well! He stared his eyes wide! With one bark, he now only leveled a Bear, but a good portion of the forest as well!! "What is going on?!" his mind screamed in horror!

Quickly, he suddenly scrambled and began to run on all fours, he had to get away. He couldn't let the humans come back and find him here! Surely they'd notice a huge patch of the woods being destroyed like that! There! A cave! Turning quickly, he skidded into the cave, and panted from the excertion of his run. "I'll be safe here.." he thought. Laying down for the first time since he awoke earlyer in the day he closed his eyes and fell asleep once again.

"Where's that radiation coming from? Can you tell?"
"I think it's over this way!"

Some one was coming. He could hear them. The humans. And they were getting closer. Too close! How long had he been asleep?? How had they gotten so close so fast?! Scurring back he tried to hide himself near the back of the cave. He could smell them now, their strange scents all over the cave now, not inside yet, but close enough the breeze from the enterence was blowing their scent right to him. And what was that buzzing like sound? It was getting closer also! And louder! He covered his ears with his front paws. Whimpering thinking "Just go away..leave me alone.."

"It's over here! Look! There's a glow coming from that cave!"
"An animal must have dragged a peice from the reactor here..poor thing!"
"We'd better have a look inside. Make sure we get what ever's causing this level of Radiation into containment."
"I think I see something down there, chief!"

What's that light? Why is it blaring right into his eyes? Why won't they go away! Feeling trapped again, he glared at them and began to Bark. Imeaditely he regreated it... The whole cave came down ontop of him! The Humans, he didn't know what happened to them! All he heard was them screaming something before the entire, what felt like the mountain, fell down on top of him! There was the smell. The smell of his own blood. The iron of it was unmistakeable. He could do nothing now but wimper. He was in so much pain now. His leg felt like it was split in two. Yet he heard a voice. It was almost meladious and soothing. Something he heard from time to time from the female humans. Some one was talking to him. He could feel the rocks being shifted. And even though it made him scared, the sound of the voice soothed him.

Day light began to shine on him, and a wierd thing stuck it's head into the hole. At first he started to growl, but then he heard that voice again, coming from the odd looking thing. It was saying "It's ok.. Shhhh.. Your ok....We're going to get you out of there.. Just relax..." And it was exactly what he did. Though he didn't notice the green glow forming around him. All he knew was that he was starting to feel better. Even as rocks were being pulled off him. Finally, he was uncovered, and the female voice in the odd object came and looked at him through a wierd clear square to reveal inside was infact a female human. She was smiling down at him. And a hand began to stroke the fur on his head. "There there now. Just relax. When you wake up everything will be better.." Then he felt a sharp pinch, before once again falling into the oblivion of sleep once more.

It took him several months to understand how to speak the human language. But he learned quickly. The woman who helped dig him out taught him about everything he could want to know. She even named him. "Bio Wolf" she called him. After he had enough teachings and understandings of different human words she began to explain what had happened to him. That he had been involved in a helicopter crash at a local Nuclear power plant. That some how it had mutated his body and given him the power to create blasts of sound from his mouth when ever he barked. What he didn't know how ever, was that his body was constantly emiting radiation also.

She informed him that he had two choices. He could stay there, in the facility they were in. Protected from the outside world, but unable to leave since his Radiation would eventually make anyone near him sick. Or he could wear a special suit they designed thanks to some one called "Positron" to help him reign in his Radiation so that he could learn to control it.

It took him some time, but eventually he agreed to the suit. He didn't like the Idea of staying locked away in that room for the rest of his life. Especially after what he did to that Bear and the forest, he wanted to help. He felt like he owed it to the humans to get his new found power under control. He also discovered he was starting to enjoy walking upright like a human. And that his front paws weren't really Paws. So much as they were hands. Which helped him with eating, and working mechanical devices.

Finally, one day, the woman Smiled to Bio Wolf. Dressed in his new radiation containing suit, and having learned a few different ways to release his radiation both to heal, to influence metabolisms, and to weaken foes she told him it was time he left out into the world. And that his first stop was Paragrine City. Where he would learn how to help just like she helped him. She gave him a card, sending him to visit with the local police in an area that was nick named "Out Break" and said that he was to do what the police told him to do. And everything would work out from there.

With a hug, and gentle pat on the head, Bio Wolf turned, tail wagging, and made his way to the Car that was to take him to his new destination. And to begin his life with in the City of Heroes....