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This is a little guide I created for myself back in the Spring to help me figure what I "needed" to do when playing my villains. (I'm a bit of a completist.) There are many sites out there with all this information, but I found it easier to have this printed out and just cross out things that I have done and have a quick glance at what to expect. Most of the information in the guide was compiled back in April. This recent thread prompted me to update the guide with some more high level content that I didn't find initially. My highest level villain is currently 30, so I'm fairly certain everything up to level 30 is accurate. Feel free to let me know of any errors. I didn't include some of the "end game" stuff since they can be done at your leisure. I'll add more of the RWZ content when I get around to it. I have a CoH version as well, but it needs an overhaul before I can upload it.

These are the sites I used to compile the guide:
Red Tomax's Site
Paragon Wiki

Here is the layout if it is a little confusing on the guide itself:

City of Villains Level Ranges
Category <Level Range> <Contact> <Location> <Badge Needed/ Reward>

City of Villains Accolades
Name - <Min Level Needed>
<Badges Needed> - <Badge Requirements>

City of Villains Accomplishment Badges
Badge Name <Level Range> <Contact> <Location>
<1st Mission Title>
<1st Line of Mission Description>

City of Villains Story Arcs
Souvenir <Level Range> <Contact> <Location>
<1st Mission Title>
<1st Line of Mission Description>

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Great guide! thanks. I just started CoV and I was always wondering where to get some of the non-exploration badges. Your guide will keep me busy for a good stretch of time!!



With I11 on the horizon, there won't be too much of a need for the Story Arcs section, unless you're looking to do them as you level. The rest should still be good though. Still gotta add RWZ content and any new I11 stuff.



Recent patch makes Accolades available when exemplar/malefactored. Just FYI.

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