Feral Kitty looks worried...

Dark Ether



... because I may not color this for a while...

Just kidding, was doodling with that Oil Detail 5 brush again in Painter 9, and after putting the features together I had no idea who to turn her into... so you got picked!

Happy to say no reference on this one, though kind of looks like my cousin Vicky, anyway happy to know I can still draw. Usually when I draw in a computer program, I get really shaky lines... I really like this brush, feels like a china marker. But this is as close to how my original pencils would look if I did it on paper

Hope you like it **...




OMG, that is totally the face I made when I realized I had just aggroed Hro'Dtohz AND Honoree at the same time!

Seriously, any time you need a model, just let me know. So...um, when can I pick up my check?

Thank you!



looks so natural...I LOVE IT!



Wow! That is amazing LJ! I am really and deeply impressed! Great detail and I adore the expression!




wow .. just wow



I have to say, that's a very natural expression!

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Always like your sketches, but this is by far my favorite. Very, very nice.

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Thank you, yeah I'm pretty happy with it, this new brush really picks up on the pressure sensitivity. So I can get deep blacks, and really nice thin light lines to build up shading. If only it could do super straight lines like Illustator... sigh