UP Yours!




Yup that's right! w00t Studios want's you to UP(load) Yours to our Image, Video or File Depot!

I've seen so many great bits of artwork done for characters of various games. I always see folks using Deviant Art, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.. and I thought "Gee, wouldn't it be cool if all that stuff was in one place?"

SOOoooo I made a place for all of you to use totally free, no obnoxious ads (right now no ads at all).

Feel free to check it out, wander around the site, see if its something useful for you.

Its http://www.w00tstudios.net

Our File Depot excepts CoHDemo Files, Zip Files, etc. up to 25mb in size.

Our Image Depot allows you to upload high quality images resizes them for display purposes and allows anyone to download the originals if they so wish (Great for CoH Splasher pics).

Our video depot takes advantage of over 30 different hosting sites and allows you to showcase your already uploaded videos (from YouTube, Google, Myspace, etc) OR you can upload brand new videos at any quality you wish so long as the file size is under 25mb each.

I'm always open to suggestions and if I can find a solid PHP programmer I'll do my best to get the good ideas inplace asap.

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