The Origins of Freddy Sunshine (Story)




This is the story i wrote for SlaveDawg as part of our art trade. I'm rather pleased with it =^_^=. Um, a slight warning though, it is a little on the long side. >_>;;


The Origin of Freddy Sunshine

“Surf Rider, Surf Rider, this is Wind Hammer, please come in, over.” A slight pause followed the crackle of the radio then, “Damn it Freddy, pick up your radio! Over!”

Freddy lowered the back issue of Surfer World he had been casually reading and put down his warm beer. He had been watching the sun set more then reading anyways. It was a beautiful evening in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, on that promised the rare sight of a ‘Green Flash’. It was a dazzling display at the last moment of sunlight that created a single moment of green light. Freddy had seen it often enough, but he still tried to catch it every opportunity that it was presented.

Since a small boy he had loved the ocean in all her aspects and simply could not see enough of her or experience enough to ever truly loose the sense of awe. Beneath the Californian sun he had learned to surf, sail, scuba dive, and even free dive. For the teenaged Freddy life had consisted of beaches, babes, and ditching school for them. Dropping out of senior year he instead spent even more time pursuing his greatest passion.

“Surf Rider, Surf Rider, this is Wind Hammer, respond already Freddy! Over.”

Grumbling Freddy rolled from the hammock slung across Surf Rider’s cockpit. Surf Rider was a beautiful forty-two foot long Vagabond built in 1991. Freddy had fallen in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her, much like the ocean she rode across like a wild free mustang on the prairies. Affording her had required some work, a lot of work actually, but it was good for the seventeen years old Freddy to have a goal beyond the next surfing competition.

His love for the ocean extended to all its aspects, from the waves to the myriad forms of life that called her their home. In learning all he could about the ocean and seas he had naturally become well acquainted with the staff and marine biologists of a nearby marine park. Even though he lacked a high school diploma he had been brought on as a first part time assistant. The scientists and staff were all impressed with Freddy. He wasn’t any fool, and in fact was probably the smartest person at the park. If he had finished high school and gone on to university he could have been perhaps one of the great minds in the field, but Freddy didn’t care to spend his time just reading about the ocean, he wanted to spend it on or in her.

When not working for the park Freddy would surf and sail competitions. Some times he won, but not enough to really make a name or career. But he made enough at it, and by saving his pennies by the time he was twenty he had enough for Surf Rider. Freddy quit his job with the marine park the same day and began a life of sailing, surfing, and sitting on the beaches with a beautiful local girl. When money began to run low he would captain a delivery boat to its destination then be flown back to his own boat. It was a very common profession among the lifestyle sailors.

“Surf Rider, Surf Rid-“

“I’m here Wind Hammer, spill the wind from your sails dude, over,” Freddy said, his voice an easy and laid back Californian drawl.

“Where have you been Freddy? We have big trouble brewing our way. Over.”

Freddy sighed and looked out the small circular window above his navigation station. Wind Hammer was a long and ugly modern boat, all strait lines and gizmos like in-mast roller furling and power winches, owned by a well off American. The boats owner had hired a captain to take the boat from St. Martin to Paragon City, and Freddy being a friend of the fellow hired had decided to set sail at the same time. It gave both of them company they otherwise wouldn’t have had, though Wind Hammer’s constant chatter had been starting to get on Freddy’s nerves.

“What have you heard, man?”

“Would it kill you to say ‘over’? Over.”

Refusing to rise to his friends baiting Freddy asked again what was going on.

“Word on the SSB is that Tropical Storm Kevin is going to be Hurricane Kevin tonight and that it has turned away from Windward Isle and is instead turning north into the Atlantic. By my reckoning, we’re going to be in for it by tomorrow afternoon. Over.”
“Ah, [censored] dude, tell me you’re just playing with me.”

There was a slight pause from Wind Hammer and for a moment Freddy thought that his friend was just having him on, but his friends voice came back grave and concerned.

“Wish I could pal. From the weather sat relays it looks like it’s going to be a cat four or five when it reaches us. Over.”

Freddy ran a large hand through his windswept blonde hair letting out a low whistle. They were four days out of St. Martin and in literally the middle of nowhere with hundreds of miles of ocean in all directions. There was no hope of running to port or ducking out of the storms path. Freddy knew that once the ocean set her sights on you, she rarely let you go.

“Okay, well, man … I need to get things sorted out here then. Dude, if you hear anything more, you’ll let me know?” Freddy scanned his neatly stowed and packed cabin, every little thing latched in place already. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to double check that everything was secured.

Wind Hammer called back several times during the night as the two boats raced ahead of the growing hurricane. Around them the waves grew quickly so that by the time the sun rose they were being bounced in a tumbling sea of fifteen-foot chop. Foam started to form shortly after and the sky turned a dark grey, like the cloak of the reaper. With only a small piece of canvas aloft Freddy counted to his delight that he was running along at close to sixteen knots. But the joy proved to be short lived.

Before mid-day the two boats lost sight of each other and their captains both found themselves battling the viciousness of the Atlantic. Wind ripped the heat from Freddy even through the layers of foul weather gear he had put on. Waves exploded over Surf Rider’s bow as the boat lived up to its name. The wall of white foam and salt swept along the boat’s decks repeatedly shooting from its scuppers like jets and slamming into Freddy. If he had not tied himself down Freddy felt certain that he would have been sucked off the boat and drowned.

Laughter escaped Freddy’s lips as the boat crested a wave then raced down the other side. His heart was pounding as if it was a jackhammer as the bow dug into next wave sending a shower of water in a shimmer arc that was caught by the wind and sent flying ahead of boat. Rigging shrieking along with the wind a crack of lightning split the sky revealing that the once peaceful ocean had turned into a turgid range of mountainous waves. Crests slammed down around Surf Rider in a roaring avalanche that kicked the stern into a wild turn that threatened to roll the boat.

“Oh, no you don’t baby doll. Come on girl, COME ON!”

Freddy roared against the wind and water spinning the wheel to bring Surf Rider back in line and prevent the roll. The stern continued to turn along the wave for a moment then responded to Freddy’s pleading and the helm swinging sharply the opposite direction. Arms and legs burning with the effort of fighting the violent hurricane Freddy spun the wheel back around to halt the new motion.

“Man baby doll, this is totally awesome, Ha ha!”

Laughing in the face of the hurricane Freddy didn’t and couldn’t see the freak wave raising itself above his starboard quarter as if was the hungry mouth of the sea coming to devour the resilient boat. Even then Freddy could have ridden across the waves crest if a drenched lock of blonde hair had not slashed across his face blinding him at the crucial moment. Flicking his head to remove the hair from his eyes Freddy saw the mouth closing on him in a roar of crushing surf and knew that he was about to breach.


Thousands of gallons of water slammed across Surf Rider’s deck rolling the boat like a small ball. Icy water shot up Freddy nose and snapped the lifelines he had used to tie himself down. Without a thought he was swept away from Surf Rider tumbling in the twisting Freddy until all sense of up and down or direction was lost. An expert free diver Freddy could hold his breath for minutes, but that meant little in the middle of a category four hurricane.

He was surrounded by utter darkness with no indication of which way the surface was. Far above a bolt of lightning lit the surface. Kicking out Freddy clawed his way up. The icy water stung his skin stealing away his remaining energy and his lungs burned with the effort of stealing the last remnants of oxygen from the breath they held. He needed to breath, to suck in the warmth of life. Fingers stretched for that life like they could grasp it. Freddy couldn’t hold much longer. The salt in his nose seared his sinuses making Freddy want to scream. His hand broke into the foam filled surface and with a last kick of his legs Freddy emerged on the black sea.

There was only a moment to gasp for fresh air before he was plunged again beneath the waves to emerge again. Shaking the water from his face Freddy scanned the horizon for Surf Rider, but in the heart of the hurricane it was impossible to see for more then a few feet. Surf Rider was gone and it was impossible for Freddy find her, if she was even still afloat. Freddy closed his eyes letting the fury of the hurricane wash over him.

Then he laughed. It was a pure simple sad sound all alone in the shrieking wind and driving rain. Lighting thundered across the sky showing the cloud bottoms as a ghastly greenish grey. Clarity came to Freddy. He knew that he was about to die. There could be no hope of rescue so far from any land or other ships and floating in the hurricane. Still he laughed, and it was in a way triumphant. In the back of Freddy’s mind he had always known that he would die among his first and greatest love, the ocean, and he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Closing his eyes Freddy was slammed by another wave and sucked deep beneath it. He opened his eyes and looked up at the dark shimmering surface. Relaxing he let his self slowly sink deeper. Fighting the storm was pointless Freddy had more then enough experience to know that. It was literally hundreds of miles to the nearest land and he no longer knew what direction it lay in. He would rather die then, happy in a way and relatively healthy rather then the slow lingering death of dehydration or worse, being attacked by perhaps a shark.

His lungs were starting to burn with ever increasing intensity and for a moment he wondered if drowning was as terrible a death as some said.

Bubbles rose from his nose a smile forming on his mouth his last thoughts, ‘dude, what an awesome ride I’ve had.’

Something tugged at the back of his rain jacket making Freddy’s eyes open wider. The word ‘shark’ screamed through his thoughts and he tried to twist beneath the water to see what it was that had grabbed him. Hands, they were definitely hands that gripped him and spun him around. Freddy’s heart pounded up into his throat and for a moment he thought that somehow Wind Hammer had miraculously found him. The odds were so slim as to have been nearly impossible, but the thought stuck. Until Freddy saw who had grabbed him.

It was a woman, but one unlike any he had ever seen before. Her skin was a hazy tint of green and her golden hair waved around her like strands of fine kelp. From above a burst of light highlighted her features, fair and angular. Freddy would have considered her hot, hot enough for the cover of Surfer World Monthly if not for the fluttering set of gill on either side of her neck.

“Oh hells,” Freddy tried to say, but it just came out as a gurgling burst of bubbles

Immediately he regretted his rashness as his lungs exploded with fire and the insatiable need to be filled. Concern crossed the woman’s face and grabbing Freddy she pulled him closer placing her mouth over his. Freddy felt her share her air with him, her breath surprisingly cool and fresh. Her deep red irises captivated his blue eyes and Freddy found it was impossible to look anywhere else. The water rushed around them and he felt pressure building as they went deeper. It felt like his head was being crushed in a vice and his body screamed in protest as the water grew ever colder squeezing like it was a boa constrictor. Maybe he was hallucinating from the lack of oxygen. There was no way he was actually seeing a woman with gills that was saving him by breathing with him. Completely exhausted and his brain unable to cope with the unexpected developments Freddy fainted.

Consciousness returned to Freddy slowly. He was aware of a load ringing in his ears like a musical cord had been struck too loud. Gradually the ringing was replaced by the echoing plink-plink of dripping water. Every muscle in Freddy’s body ached. He hadn’t felt so sore since the first time he’d wiped out on a monster wave after a long days surfing and swimming. The ache of his body was nothing to the pounding headache the slightest movement created. Groaning Freddy sat up clutching his head in his hands teethe clenched to fight the pain back.

“Your awake,” gasped a woman’s voice from behind Freddy. “I had begun to worry that you were never going to wake up.”

Freddy tried to open his eyes but found that doing so made the headache even worse. Keeping his eyes closed he asked, “Yo lady, not that I’m not grateful or anything, cause man, I sure am. Those were some totally radical waves and I thought I was a complete goner. But, where am I and who are you?”

A cool smooth hand brushed back a salty lock of hair. The woman’s breath washed over Freddy smelling faintly of mint. Pulling her hand back Freddy sensed the woman move away.

“My name is Amphora and I have brought you to Winterfall Grotto.”

“Freddy, Freddy Sunshine,” replied Freddy.

The headache was slowly fading away giving Freddy enough confidence to try to open his eyes again. A moment of pain faded quickly and Freddy took in his surroundings. He was sitting on a cushioned stone slab in the middle of what appeared to be an old Roman or Grecian temple hidden in a cave. Freddy was no expert but he recognised the polished bronze statues as looking similar to the ones he’d seen in pictures of Athens and Greece. The whole temple gave of the impression of incredible age. A single stalactite had pierced the temple ceiling like the tooth of a great serpent. From it’s tip dripped water into a large urn. Lichens covered the pillars holding the ceiling like veins, twisting and rising along the polished white marble. Lights set in stands around buried temple created a network of shadows. At the heart of the temple was a large pool of crystal water. And beside Freddy stood the woman who had rescued him.

Amphora wore a simple loose robe of white that was synched around her slender waist with a purple sash. She was taller then Freddy somehow expected and very leggy. Her golden hair had been combed and tied back into a neat plait that she draped down one shoulder. Freddy settled his gaze onto her eyes large and shaped like almonds. She blushed under his scrutiny and looked at her small hands. Amphora turned away and that was when Freddy noticed she had a tail. Not a small cat-like tail he had seen on the so-called cat-girls, but a long thick tail more in common with a reptiles. Ridges rose along its length and the tip ended in a flat fin.

“Dude, you have a tail!” Freddy blurted pointing.

“Yes, and you don’t,” she retorted obviously stung.

Freddy looked down at himself automatically and saw that he was naked. Colour rising he covered himself.

“Whoa, what did you do with my clothes?”

“They were too heavy and were slowing us down so I had to cut them off of you. If I had not I wouldn’t have been able to bring you here.” Amphora spoke in a matter of fact tone and sharply turned away flicking her plait over her shoulder.

“Yo, this ain’t cool …”

“You mean you are warm naked?” she asked looking over her shoulder. Freddy thought he noticed an amused look in her red eye.

“No, man, it’s an expression. Like ‘totally tubular’, ‘wicked sick’, ‘gnarly’ or ‘radical’.” Freddy was flustered and annoyed. It wasn’t that he was bashful, he was rather proud of his figure, lean and muscular with a wonderful tan and not too tall but above average.

Amphora nodded her head while stifling a slight giggle. With a wave of her had Amphora motioned for Freddy to follow her through an arch flanked by a pair of statues holding a light each in their cupped palms. The room turned out to be a sort of storage chamber filled with crates and trunks. Freddy assumed that they were filled with clothes. His guess was confirmed when she flipped open the lid of one trunk after giving him an appraising look. Amphora stepped back and without another word left Freddy alone in the room. Inside the trunk was an assortment of clothes in a variety of sizes and styles. It was like he had stumbled into the back room of a thrift shop.

Quickly Freddy selected a pair of baggy cut off blue pants that had an appealing white design of slashes and lines up the sides. He also found a bright yellow tank top that had a large picture of a curling wave on the chest. At the bottom of the trunk there sat a pair of dark sunglasses. Freddy almost left them but decided that they would looked bloody cool and snatched them up. Stepping back into the main room Freddy smiled freshly dressed and quite pleased with the results.

Amphora covered her mouth to hide a smile and laugh at the sight of Freddy.
“You like huh,” he said doing a little turn for her. “I’ll admit these threads are hell-a cool. Where did you get them?”

“We gather what we can from the cast offs of the surface.”

“So, I take it were like, on the bottom of the ocean or something, like in 2000 Leagues Under the Sea?”

“No, we are not on the bottom of the sea.” Freddy breathed a small sigh of relief. “We are on the side of a mountain beneath the sea. There is a difference.”

Freddy cringed and looked up at the ceiling. He imagined all the millions of tons of water above his head waiting to rush done and crush him into a pulp. The fear was unfounded he knew. If it were going to crush them it would have done so ages before now. Besides, Amphora seemed at ease in the temple.

“You live here alone?” Freddy asked leaning against a pillar.

As he did so he looked at the one of the lights. A faint hum came from the stand and Freddy wondered if the light was electrical or magical. He had heard of magic lights that were used by some of the magic stores in Paragon City. After a moment Freddy settled on them being magical. He couldn’t see a power supply or source anywhere and doubted that given the nearby proximity of so much water it would be unwise to use electricity.


“Dude that must suck to always live alone.”

Looking away Amphora said in a quiet voice, “I am a priestess of great Poseidon. Sometimes one of the other sisters will visit, but mostly we live lives of solitude and quiet reflection. It is not so terrible.”

Freddy shook his head. “I couldn’t do it. I need to feel the wind in my hair and have a surfboard under my feet. Riding the surf and catching killer waves.” Mimicking the crashing of a wave Freddy motioned with his hand like it was a surfboard riding the crest of a wave.

“You don’t seem that shocked to be down here,” she said smiling as he continued to move his hand.

“Oh man, I’m totally freaking out. I mean, dude, I’m on the bottom of the ocean in a cave with a totally hot mermaid. You are a mermaid right?”

Amphora just shrugged still smiling. Freddy liked her smile. It was as if Amphora was being caught in a golden ray of light that warmed her features. The smile faltered a little and she sat on the stone bed.

“Why did you save me? I mean you don’t save every drowning sailor you come across, right?”

A blush crept up her face again and Freddy got the distinct impression that he had trodden onto sensitive grounds. She stood, paced back and forth once, than sat back down. Freddy was getting ready to ask the question again when Amphora said, “I heard your thoughts and your love for the ocean. It was … very strong. I was drawn to you and couldn’t let you die. Not like that.”

“Dude …” Freddy rocked back on his heels. “You can read peoples minds? That is pretty awesome.”

Hands fidgeting in her lap she said, “no, it is not ‘cool’. I shouldn’t have done it. We are not supposed to let you surface people see us. When they learn of what I’ve done …” Amphora gave a small wet sob and buried her face in her hands. Freddy cringed and wanted to comfort her, but before he had moved she looked back up and added, “I can’t go too far from my home and I couldn’t leave you in that storm so I did the only thing I could think of doing. I brought you here.”

“Well, I am totally grateful that you saved me. Totally, hell-a grateful, but I’d like to get back up to the surface.”

The moment the words left his mouth Freddy knew something was wrong. The colour drained from Amphora’s face and she could no bring herself to look at Freddy. No fool Freddy knew then that he was about to be told that she could not take him back to the surface. A long sigh rushed from him and he looked away from Amphora to the pool. For a moment he wondered if it was possible that he could swim out of the cave on his own. But even if he did and managed to reach the surface not only could she out swim him but he also had no idea where he was in relation to any landmass.

“So, if I’m stuck here, what am I going to be …” Freddy’s voice trailed off.

He was looking at the pool of water and he could have sworn he saw something move in it. Amphora turned her head to see what he was looking at a frown tugging at her lips. There it was again, a large shape just beneath the surface of the water.

“I’m not expecting any visitors for another fortnight.”

Together Freddy and Amphora cautiously approached the pool. With how the lights were set up the underwater pool was brilliantly lit up so that from the cavern every piece of coral and animal life could be seen like you were watching them through a pane of glass. Amphora’s tail swished back and forth in what Freddy assumed was an irritated manner. Freddy stopped just short of the pool but Amphora continued forward. From her hand three claws thrust forward with a wet snick.

“Dude, that is …”

Amphora put a finger over her lips. She turned slowly back to the pool continuing to frown. In a single motion she threw off the robe she wore and leapt into the pool leaving a startled and flabbergasted Freddy alone in the buried Temple. Unsure what to do Freddy moved to the edge of the pool. Its depths had grown black like a barrel of pitch had been poured into the pool. There was movement deep within the black followed by a long moment of silence.

A squat figure burst from the pool right in front of Freddy making him yell and fall backwards. The creature landed on its back a yard away from Freddy. Rolling onto its feet it let out a scream like an angry monkey and leapt high into the air at Freddy. Ducking and springing sideways Freddy barely managed to avoid getting sliced by the creature’s long clawed hands. The surface of the pool shuddered again as Amphora launched herself at the creature. It spun to face the merwoman baring long fangs in addition to its claws. The faster of the two Amphora danced forward swinging both her sets of claws high and low.

Freddy ducked back hiding behind one of the pillars watching the fight with rapt attention.

The creature looked similar to a gorilla in posture and the length of its arms but was completely hairless. Coral growths covered its head and back and well as the elbows and shins. The rest of its body seemed to be protected by a pallid blue carapace. Dangling from the back of the head was a tidy group of short tentacles. The ends of the tentacles had been cut off. Freddy wondered if that had been by choice or accident.

Amphora seemed to be wrapped in a blanket of shadows that not only made her hard to see but they seemed to absorb the creatures blows before they reached her. Amphora let out a shrill scream though as the creatures claws dug through the shadows. At the same time Amphora’s own claws burst through the creatures back sending a stream of brackish blood into the air. A long terrible howl flowed from the creature as it sunk to its knees that ended in a gurgle.

Rushing forward Freddy grabbed Amphora as she sunk to her own knees the shadows around her dissipating like smoke. The creature had slashed Amphora across the left arm and shoulder as well as opening a deep gash in the thigh that bleed profusely. Freddy cringed as Amphora sat on the temple floor staring at the ghastly wound in her leg.

Without asking or comment Freddy ran back to the storage room and grabbed an armful of clothes. He didn’t care what he grabbed so long as it could serve as a bandage. A glance at Amphora’s eyes told Freddy that she was starting to go into shock. Cursing under his breath Freddy spoke encouragingly to her as he wrapped a swatch over the wound. The bleeding slowed but Freddy was still worried. Amphora was clearly in danger still and he had no idea if she had any medicine or other first aid materials in the temple.

Covering her with her robe he picked her up and carried her to the cushioned stone bed. She sighed when he laid her down and regained a little bit of life to her eyes. With her hand she groggily motioned for Freddy to lean closer.

“Can … you fight?” she asked her breaths slow and laboured.

“Well, I took judo when I was younger,” Freddy said.

Amphora shook her head, but Freddy was uncertain of her meaning. Was it that she thought Judo was insufficient or was it she didn’t even know what Judo was? Taking another breath she pointed to the urn collecting the water dripping from the stalactite.

“Not enough … bring me the … urn.”

Freddy didn’t hesitate to follow her request. He rushed to the urn sitting near the pools edge, grabbed it and trying to prevent any of the water in it from spilling brought it to the side of the bed. Gritting her teethe Amphora rolled onto her side and reached into the urn. For a moment it looked like she might pass out but she rallied and withdrew her hand from the urn. She held out what she had taken to Freddy and he took it without asking why.

“There are more of them coming ... Raiding party ... Twenty or more.” Amphora paused closing her eyes for a minute before continuing. “That is Poseidon’s Coral. It is supposed to be only for the priestesses. Eat it and it will give … you power you need to fight the Coralax.”

Freddy looked down at the small black piece of coral in his hand. Eat coral to gain power? The idea was too far fetched for Freddy. But if there were twenty or more creatures like the one that had wounded Amphora heading his way Freddy would need some weapon or way of defending himself. He rolled the coral around the palm of his hand trying to think of something else he could do. There was nothing. Amphora nodded towards the coral then fell into unconsciousness.

“Well dude, looks like it’s up to you,” Freddy said to buoy his courage.

Putting the coral in his mouth he scooped up a handful of water to wash it down his throat. Wincing as it slid its way down Freddy swallowed the coral. At first nothing happened, then an explosion of ice hit deep inside his gut doubling him over. Gasping and coughing Freddy’s vision swam as the ice moved into his blood and bone. Collapsing onto his back Freddy’s body was wracked with uncontrollable trembling. He wanted to scream, but he had no breath. He wanted to pound his fists, but they would not respond. He wanted to run, leap, do something to remove the pain, but he had no control over what was happening.

At last the ice receded and Freddy could move again. A small wave of nausea came over Freddy as he stood. Gagging Freddy felt a strong urge to hurl. He tried to fight it, but the twisting of his gut proved to strong and he puked beside the urn. Blinking and wiping his mouth clean Freddy saw the small piece of coral, black against the other contents of his stomach. More then a little disgusted Freddy picked the piece of coral up and figuring it’s what Amphora would tell him to do, dropped it back into the urn.

Time was now against him. He wasn’t certain how long he had been under the effects of the coral. It had felt like only a few moments, but when he checked on Amphora he found her in a deep sleep and the blood on her bandage thick and hard. It was obvious he had been out far longer then he thought. The other Coralax had to be close, very close. Unless they had somehow missed the underwater tunnel that lead to the cave. Was that possible? Freddy decided it was a poor thing to gamble on.

Picking Amphora up Freddy decided to hide her in the storage room. The Coralax would hopefully not find her there behind the crates and trunks. In his arms she seemed lighter somehow, like her weight had become a fraction of what it had been. Whatever that coral had done to him Freddy was far stronger then he had been before. With Amphora hidden he went back into the central chamber flexing his arms. They felt a little strange still, heavy almost, but not exactly.

Freddy had little time to puzzle over what the effects of the coral were however. He had no sooner put the urn back in its spot and started to look around for a good ambush spot when the pool exploded with motion and several of the creatures launched themselves into the room. Spinning Freddy reflexively brought his hands up in front of him. He had never been particularly skilled at martial arts. That was not to say he had been bad, he had an excellent sense of balance and was strong with incredible reactions for a normal person, but he never really applied himself.

“Man, how did you get yourself involved in this,” Freddy muttered to himself as the Coralax charged at him. “Okay dudes, you want to do this, let’s do it!”

He wasn’t sure how he knew to do it, but Freddy flexed his forearms and as he had seen with Amphora, three slender claws of coral thrust out between his fingers. At the same time shadows grew along his skin. To a casual observer it would have seemed that where before he was standing bathed in light now he stood in an alley on a moonless night.

Screaming incoherent words the first Coralax reached for Freddy’s throat. Dropping back Freddy brought his claws down in front of him in a double-cross motion cleanly severing the Coralax’s arms at the elbows. Howling in agony the Coralax collapsed blood spurting from the stumps. Without the slightest concern for their fallen comrade the others rushed at Freddy hunger filling their cold pale eyes.

Ducking and weaving Freddy was happy to give ground as he traded slash for slash and claw for claw. In return for a shallow cut across the forehead and another to the arm Freddy dropped three more of the Coralax. The creatures now gave Freddy a bit of grudging respect. Moving around him in an attempt to trap him between them. Leaping sideways Freddy called silently to the shadows to drive the creatures back. Seeing an opening one jumped at his back but then stopped midair like it had hit a wall. It fell back yowling clutching at its eyes thin wisps of black smoke curling out between its fingers. What providence had spared him Freddy did not know, but he was not one to question good fortune.

“Dudes, you know you all totally suck, right?” Freddy taunted dancing back away from the remaining Coralax even as more crawled from the pool. “Ah man, you even need help? Seriously, you need to like chill or you’re in for a cutting experience.”

As he finished the sentence Freddy swiped a mortal wound in the side of yet another of the Coralax. The creatures howled and stamped their feet enraged by the surfacer.

“Fooolssss, he is not the one we wantssss. Find the Preissstesss,” said a red coloured Coralax that had been watching the fight from the pools side.

Freddy blinked back his surprise, and it almost finished him right there. Coralax claws dipped below his guard catching him in the flank. If he hadn’t rolled and tumbled with the blow Freddy knew he would have been minced. Even with his quick reactions Freddy received a deep gash along his side that bleed profusely. Red splattered around across the floor as Freddy slid further away from Coralax raiders.

Putting himself between the Coralax and the room Amphora was hidden in Freddy readied himself for his final stand. There were only eight of the creatures left, the rest were strewn around the temple clutches terrible and mortal wounds. His coral claws dripped with their thick black blood. Two rushed him together working in tandem with claws both high and low. Hardly moving his feet at all Freddy glided sideways bringing his own claws back and forth in front of his body in a quick complex dance that knocked aside the Coralax’s comparatively clumsy efforts. He was not escaping unharmed, but Freddy felt his confidence rising.

The Coralax were vicious, strong, and fast, but they lacked precision and grace. Leaping strait up in a spiral Freddy whirled his claws landing in a crouch between the two Coralax. Both creatures stood stock still for a hesitant moment, and then fell backwards clutching their throats. The remaining Coralax gapped at Freddy and looked back at the red standing beside that pool anger frothing from its mouth.

“Kill the ssssurfassser!” howled the Red leading the final charge at Freddy.

Freddy’s confidence brimming over he jeered and taunted the Coralax as he continued to slide between them claws going snick-snack into their fleshy bodies. Had Freddy been able to spare a moment he may have noticed the shadows around his feet creating a shimmering black layer between him and the floor. But Freddy was running on a combination of instinct and adrenalin. He was thinking anymore just reacting.

The red Coralax watched in impotent rage as the last of its minions died beneath Freddy’s claws. Hissing and howling the creature tried to run to the pool. If it managed to escape Freddy felt fairly certain it would bring back more raiders, a lot more. Legs tucked underneath him Freddy flew across the temple floor like he was riding a wave back in Orange County or Maui.

“Oh hells you don’t,” Freddy roared drawing closer to the Red, but he could tell that he was not going to reach it in time.

The Coralax and Freddy leapt at the same time for the pool. Freddy pulled back an arm and the Coralax looked over its shoulders at the pursuing surfacer. The pool yawned open to accept the Coralax and it gave a triumphant cackle. From the corner of Freddy’s eye he saw movement then a wave of rolling shadow washed over him and the Coralax as the creature’s fingers pierced the pools surface. Freddy felt like he had been kicked in the gut by the entire university swimming team. In front of him Freddy watched in a state of almost disbelief as he and the Coralax were hurled away from the pool by the shadowy wave. He landed hard on his side several feet from the pool and at ounce kipped up into a defensive stance.

All the fight had not left the Red yet as it clambered back to it’s own feet. There was scarcely a dozen hands distance between Freddy and the Red now. All chance for the creature to escape had been dashed to dust. Smiling wide Freddy ran at the Coralax. Showing greater agility then any of the other Coralax the Red ducked and grabbed Freddy’s wrists in its powerful hands. Snarling the Red pulled Freddy towards it opening wide its mouth. Thinking fast Freddy did the only thing he could imagine working. He head butted the Coralax on the ridge of its large nose. A wave of thick blood exploded from the Reds nose and the creature let go of Freddy staggering back. Following the Red Freddy thrust his claws forward catching the Coralax beneath its sternum.

The Red stopped sputtering looking down at the coral blades digging deep into its vital organs. It blinked once, than fell backwards into oblivion.

Freddy staggered back utterly exhausted. The pounding of blood in his head slowly subsided and as he leaned against one of the pillars he surveyed the carnage that now filled the once pristine temple. His arms looked like they had been through a shredder, the tops lacerated with dozens of criss-crossing cuts. Amphora stood breathing heavily in the archway into the storage chamber. Her white robe fluttered around her as she walked towards Freddy winding her way around the many Coralax bodies. In her eyes Freddy saw a sense of complete awe as well as what he thought might have been fear.

She was afraid of him, or perhaps afraid of what he was capable of doing. A sense of exhilaration filled Freddy, one that he could only compare to the first time he road a monster wave. He had done it! He was a hero!

A laugh, deep pure and honest echoed in the chamber and even though he was exhausted Freddy jumped across the room and wrapped his arms around Amphora swinging her around and around in a moment of bliss. Right then nothing could have ruined Freddy’s moment of triumph. Then Freddy kissed Amphora. It was completely spur of the moment, he was hardly aware what he was doing he was so happy. But she didn’t try to push Freddy away. Instead she responded to the kiss leaning into it and opening herself to it fully.

Together Freddy and Amphora spent the next few days disposing of the bodies and returning the temple back to it’s proper state. They spoke the whole time, Amphora in her some naïve and crisp voice, Freddy in his long relaxed way. Several times there were exchanges of secrete glances and touches. When work became too exhausting they would curl up together on the cushioned stone bed and just listing to the gentle plink-plink of water falling into the urn. With Amphora nestled safely in his arms Freddy felt a sense of peace. He missed surfing and sailing, but at the moments the sense of being trapped melted away.

Three days, as Amphora reckoned time, after the fight Amphora approached Freddy. She was hesitant and withdrawn, she had been that whole day and it was beginning to concern Freddy.

“I think it is time I took you back to your people,” she said unable to look directly at Freddy.

“Um, whoa,” Freddy said uncertain as to he should say. He was even less certain if he really wanted to leave.

Yes he was in a way a prisoner within the small temple. But another part of him had grown to love Amphora, love her as much as he loved to surf and sail. He knew that if he left she would stay. They would in all probability never see each other again. Freddy didn’t want that. But he didn’t want to stay stuck in the small temple either. He was terribly torn.

“I will make this easy on you then,” Amphora said stepping closer to Freddy so she could wrap her arms around him. “Kiss me again, like this is the first time again.”

Freddy smiled slightly wondering what exactly she was up too. He bent his head towards hers and their lips touched. A bright flash of light exploded in that instant behind Freddy’s eyes and he felt like he was being sucked down into a whirlpool within his own head. He tried to fight it, but it was like trying to fly without wings. It sucked him deeper and deeper until there was nothing.

Then there was a noise again. The loud squawk of a gull, then many gulls mingled with the rhythmic crashing of surf. Freddy sat up slowly moaning. His head felt as if it had been pressed through a clothes ringer. He heard a short ways off voices and cracked his eyes open to see a couple walking along a sandy beach hand in hand. The sight created a moment of yearning in Freddy’s chest, but he couldn’t understand why. In fact he couldn’t understand how he had gotten to the beach.

The last thing he could remember was Surf Rider being caught in the mouth of a monster wave and begin to breach, then nothing. No not completely nothing. Freddy remembered something else, or he thought it was a memory. It was a woman’s smile, a glowing smile like it was being caught in a ray of golden light. But that was it. He couldn’t remember anything else.

Groggily Freddy stood. He noticed at once he was not in the clothes he had been wearing during the wild ride through hurricane Kevin. Freddy wasn’t sure where the yellow shirt and blue pants had come from. What had happened to him? Freddy shook his head to try and clear the residual pain and cobwebs and heard a slight ‘snick’ along with a pinching in his hands. Cautiously Freddy opened one eye and looked down at his hand.

“Holy hells!” Freddy exclaimed staring at the claws sticking out of his hand. “I’m trippen, I gotta be …”



This = Awesome

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Oh my!

That was...



Oh hell yeah!!! That was freaking awesome!

Tundara, thank you so much! I really, really enjoyed it. You do have a way with words... just beautiful. And I love how you explained the Claws and his Darkness abilities.

/e does happy dance

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I'm really glad you like it Dawg. I had my concerns I don't mind saying. But I'm my own worst critic. Even now I see bit and pieces that I think to myself 'That could be better by doing ...' or 'I should have mentioned ...'. It's funny. In his book On Writing Stephen King said that you should write long on the first draft then remove the 'fat' while editing. I always add more. =O_O=




*tacks up a note*

Squirrel shall read this on the morrow <^_^> Can't wait!

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Thanks El__D. =^_^= But, no one else has any comments? =O_o=

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*sits down* <^_^> I was just about to get started reading, honest! (I had to go get lunch and run errands first!)

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Ok, just finished reading.


Tundy <^_^> you are quite the writerly otter! Fantastic wordplay. I rarely read that much in one sitting without feeling distracted - but I got through that just like if I were reading a professional novel.

Excellent stuff!

<. .> In the words of our generation - MOAR!

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=^_^= [ QUOTE ]
I got through that just like if I were reading a professional novel.

[/ QUOTE ]

You means that? Gleeeee!!! If ya want moar, I got moar! Lot's MOAR! But it's currently in a taken apart mid-edit state. Obviously not more of Freddy, but stuff of the same style. >_>

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<^.^> Course I means it! <,< Wouldn't a said it otherwise hehe <^_^>

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Slavedawg being one of my best friends told me to read this story about Freddy,saying it was great material. I am not a reader so at first was skeptical and a bit lazy when I saw just how long this story was. All I can say is I couldn't put it down. It was way too good. I actually was going to write a story on one of my toons that Freddy and Slavedawg inspired named Eternal Spring. Now I really want to write it. This story has made me desire more on my toon as well. All I can say is thank you. Great job !!!



Thanks SirBronco! This was a great way to wake up and start the day. =^_^= Good luck and happy writing on your own story.

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Who let SirBronco out of his cage? The forums are DOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!

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