Will Snakespeare




This is Cleric Will Prescott's villain, "Will Snakespeare", my last commission of my first ever Queue of 10 from 2 months ago. Took a while to finish him, but happy to say that list is done! Now on to the New Queue...




My comments are on DA.

50 Fire/Kin Cont
50 Fire/Axe Tank
50 Spine/Inv Scrap
50 Eng/Dev Blast
50 Claw/SR Scrap
50 Emp/Dark Def
50 Eng/Elec Brute
50 Fire/MM Blast

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*POW* Punch that Behemoth, Will Snakespeare! Hahaha, that is a great piece LJ! The orange, purple and emerald all just look great together. The simplicity of the costume is actually rather refreshing and looks wonderful.