30 Second COX Commercial




I was playing around with this idea, sadly I cant get any creative juices flowing to spark an idea.

I was thinking of making up a commercial that could be used for advertisements on TV. The only station that comes to mind would be cartoon network during adult swim. Its the only station that I can think of that would "fit". (Note I only have extended basic cable).

Can anyone think of some ideas for a 30 sec commercial that could be used to advertise the game?



not that I'm not against the idea (cos I think a commercial for the game would be fun to do...)

but... uh... we're already having problems with gold farmer spam and 2 overcrowded servers... I think we need to iron some more internal things out before we toss up some adverts on prime-time national TV....

... but that's me.

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Depends on what kind of commercial you are doing...

local, jam as much information as humanly (or inhumanly) possible into 30 seconds following a lame and uninteresting formula set by a man in a suit paid to tell you how to do it.

national informational, has good information about the business etc... most likely has some kind of sales pitch.

national branding, mostly a 30 second short that catches attention and spotlights the product or service and has next to zero information.

Sure, there are others... but lets start with this..

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Depends on what kind of commercial you are doing...

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Well, im kinda based my idea on adult swim's style of commercials. There more informal and easy going.

I understand that we have issues with farmers, but something like this would take at least 2 weeks to make once we get an idea done anyways (ie the fan invasion video took over 2-3 weeks to make and edit).

I think there is several styles we could go with. The best example I could think of was the Cryptic made video for Recluse’s Victory. (Link to WMV file: ftp://ftp.coh.com/movies/recluse_trailer_640.wmv)

I kinda like this cause it shows the 2 different sides of COH and COV, so it shows that appeal for Good vs Evil and I love how it switches between heroes and villains through out.



Easy. Just hire Studio Pierrot and ANIplex to make commercials featuring characters created by the players in one-on-one fights.

You'd have people lining up to play.