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The City Scoop

The Journey's End

Hi, my name is Bonehead and I’m an altoholic.

I started playing Sept. 13, 2004. I was an instant altoholic.
There are just so many different cool power combinations! It also helped that a
bunch of people I knew from another board played as well. Since they were
scattered on different servers, I, of course, had to make characters on their
servers as well.

I became pretty quick friends with one of them, Tirtuatha, and
he’s probably a worse altoholic then I was (am). So, over the next two years,
we made dozens of toons on just about every server. I ended up with at least
one character of each AT in the teens or higher (except Brutes) on every server
except Protector. My next toon will be a Brute on Pinnacle to remedy that. One
day, we were joking around about silly toon ideas and wondered if you could
make a Robot/Ninja/Pirate/Zombie/Cowboy with all the new costume pieces from
CoV. Enter P-HIL (Poly-Historic Intelligent Lifeform), a Katana/Regeneration
Scrapper. I played him a few levels, thought it was fun, and then moved on.

Speaking of City of Villains, it really gave my altoholism a
boost. It was like a chocoholic being charged a one-time entry fee into
Hershey’s, and then being able to have as much as you want as often as you want
(I’m a chocoholic, too, so excuse me while I have something chocolaty now) .
Anywho, I ended up really liking my Bots/Traps Mastermind and Tir’s Merc/Poison
MM, and I would just tear through missions. Somehow, I ended up getting ahead
of him and hit 30. Whoa…how’d that happen? I couldn’t have a Villain hit 32
before a Hero. It just didn’t feel right. So, I hopped on my Rad/Rad and got
him to 32 in fairly short order…and then my altoholism kicked in again, and he
fell to the wayside.

Then one day, Tirtuatha tells me about this great SG he’s in: the
Dark Forces of Paragon, on….Pinnacle. He asks if I have any toons there. I
check my list, and sure enough, there’s this P-HIL character there. So, against
my altoholic instinct, I don’t create a new toon and start playing P-HIL
regularly. I get to meet Lord Russ, our SG leader, SuinYuostia 3.0, and a bunch
of people in our Coalition. Everyone is really cool and a blast to play with. I
team with them regularly and notice I’m leveling really fast. P-HIL was great
to play both solo and on teams. I cranked things up to Unyielding and kept
flying through missions…and levels. Suddenly, I was in the mid-30s and
eventually passed Tir’s Ele/EM blaster at 38. Wow…my altoholism seemed to be in
remission. And, to help with that, Lord Russ started ribbing Tir and me to no
end (though Tir got the worst of it). There were a few times where we had to
stop playing because we were laughing so hard.

rolls around, and I’m in the late 40s. By the week before GenCon, I’m about 47
and could probably hit 50 before I head to Indy. But, I’d be itching to play a
Kheldian the whole time I was there, and that would drive me nuts (reading
Plasma’s guide had really fired me up). So, I figured I’d wait until
afterwards, much to Russ’s chagrin, I think. Hold on a second, I say to myself.
Doesn’t NCSoft have a booth at GenCon? Answer: Yes. Excitement: Rising. I PM Ex
Libris and ask her if I could login at the booth and hit 50 there. Sure enough,
I can. WOOT!

At GenCon, Ex Libris does an awesome job getting the word out at
the CoH party at the Hard Rock Café. Meanwhile, Tirtuatha is making sure Russ,
Suin, and some others can make it in game. Saturday rolls around, and
everything just falls into place (including P-HIL a couple times in the first
mish). Tir and some people at the NCSoft booth got Russ, Suni, OmniKing, and
OmniQueen to join us. I say some because when I finally hit 50 there were more
then some cheering. I hadn’t realized how many had been watching. I got a good
case of the goose bumps from that (and something got in my eyes, too. Maybe it
was whatever gave some of us the flu). As a gamer, that has to rank as one of
the coolest moments ever. I can’t thank everyone enough who was there and made
this happen. Best. Community. Evar.

My name is Bonehead. I’m an altoholic. And now I have a server to
call home: Pinnacle.

This Issue:

Upcoming Events:

August 25th


Moonfire TF


Freedom Character Auction

August 26th


Last days of the Paragon City Sightseeing Contest


* WigHeroes!
A Rainbow Picnic Party

August 27th


* The
End of Messenger XIII begins

September 1st


Guardian lvl.4 Team Battle Royal

September 7th


VG Recruitment Fair

The City Scoop Staff

Pinnacle's Night Out

Party to Apocalypse in forty-two minutes!

Friday evening, Pinnacle had its inaugural Night Out event, a Lady Gray Task
Force race. The event was set up by two players, Magia and Midnight Cowboy, as
a way for anyone and everyone to get together and have some fun. The Lady Gray
TF was chosen so that players could bring whichever character they wanted, Hero
or Villain. Attendance was excellent, with eight officially entered teams, and
one team running unofficially because the registration had to be closed so
things could get rolling. Magia did an incredible job getting things set up in
two different zones because, unfortunately, real life called Midnight Cowboy
away until near the end of the event. However, things got rolling without a
hitch only a few minutes after the planned start time of 9:15 Eastern. At 9:26,
seventy-two racers went screaming out of the Vanguard base and the race was on!

The organizers had set up a lot of solid rules to ensure a clean
race. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to observe and make sure no one
deliberately failed in missions one and three, so a pre-announced ruling
allowed the teams to do or not as they chose.

"We would have to put a judge on every team, but that wouldn't be
fun for them," Magia told me as we stood at the start and talked while the race
went on. I asked about prizes, and she told me, "Just the temporary titles" she
had arranged with Ex Libris. With full teams and mixed Hero/Villain, it
wouldn't be easy to come up with something for everyone.

From thinking about the TF ahead of time, I knew that good
planning, a bit of luck, and a couple good power choices would make the
difference. Most teams had some of those, but only one had all three. The team
from Jagged Legion was pulling ahead at every mission. Some other teams spoke
of momentarily getting misdirected or having difficulty locating some NPCs. As
it turns out, though, the missions that could be failed weren't the deciding
factor. All the leading teams that failed missions did it in roughly the same
amount of time. The race hinged on how organized and focused the teams were in
the missions you couldn't fail. Being quick in the second mission helped or
harmed different teams, but what cemented the lead was mission four: the
Hamidon. By my chat logs, it took the JL team exactly ten minutes. I knew this
is what I had to ask them about.

Another ten minutes for them to run the final mission, and the
Alert Message came out: Invasion in Cap au Diable. Everyone in the Global
channels and on the teams that I was in touch with was amazed. The winners
entered the Vanguard Base, and Magia verified the badge. I had time to snap
pictures of the winning team, and talk with them about the run.

Jagged Legion
(with 100% bonus Big Mike)

We got the team lined up for a glory shot next to Lady Gray. I'm
certain they were dealing with a lot of questions from people who couldn't
believe the fast, fast time, but I had Local to myself so I got to hear the
team's thoughts:

"Thank you, we had lots of fun" said Iron Tiger, as he and his
teammates thanked Magia and expressed their appreciation. I first asked whether
they had any tips for the others, "Bring a JL member" quipped rinvisible, and,
"Have someone who did the mission a bunch of times," said Dausojin.

I really wanted to know about the Hamidon mission though, and they
were really open about it. "We hunkered down and buffed before going in," said
SensoryOverload. "Group fly, have everyone on the same target," from Dausojin.
"We all just rushed him and all took the mitos down one after another in no
time," said Celestial Embers right as Iron Tiger added, "Everyone attacks, no
one quits."

I asked them for final comments, and they were funny. Odin's Shame
said, "Smash everything in the way" as SensoryOverload added, "And look
fabulous!" Time Traveller had been quiet up to that point, but summed it all up
with: "We thought about doing it again, but thought that if we lapped a group
that would be mean..." I thanked them and assured them I knew they would have
whupped the Invasion wave if it had not headed to the Rogue Isles, and
OhSoNaughty assured me, "Without question."

We settled in to see who would finish second and third. I have a
bunch of notes about banter and people complimenting my costume. While
personally satisfying, they don't make good news, so I'll talk about how all
evening long, while the race was rolling, the leader of the second place team,
Friggin' Taser, had been keeping us amused. He had chosen to zip back to the
contact after every mission, and each time said something weird or witty. He
insisted I call their team Task Force Conversational Norwegian in this article,
so there it is. We tried to tell him he didn't have to come back, that he could
use the phone, but regardless, it was funny. Task Force Conversational
Norwegian finished second, thirty minutes after first place. The third place
finishers, the team from the Adversity SG came in, one minute after that.
Things were a bit hectic at that point for me. Here are the images of second
and third place:

Force Conversational Norwegian


This was an interesting and exciting event to cover. I realize now
I could probably have done a ton better at getting everyone's names down, but
is the forum thread, and several of the teams listed their members
there. I had a great time covering Pinnacle's Night Out. Next time I'm chomping
at the bit to actually participate, so one of the other Scoopsters who plays on
Pinnacle will have to bring you the story. Thanks and congratulations to
everyone though. Fun stuff like this makes me happy to call Pinnacle home.

Market Report

What breaks the tie?

The market has been remarkably stable of late, having had no real
disturbances since Rikti activity died down. Discussions have meandered through
the usual topics of price balance, market strategies, and faction differences,
with very little new information surfacing.

One recent thread re-poses a question most marketeers had
considered settled: What happens when there is a tie between existing bids and
postings? Early in beta, the theory was that the oldest bid (or posting) would
win the transaction, but this was disproved quickly in real experience. Since
then, conventional wisdom has been that it is completely random. However, one
poster claims to have evidence that ties go to the lowest-level character

If true, this would be a boon to new players - albeit a subtle
one. High-level characters have such an advantage in wealth that it's hard to
imagine the tiebreaking rule making a huge difference in practical activity.
Also, it is unclear how controlled the experiment was, and some observers are
waiting for independent confirmation to consider the matter settled. Still, it
would be an interesting twist on market dynamics, even if, in the end, it is
mostly of theoretical value.

Top sellers on each market as of the morning of 8/23:























Trapped Gem








of the Furies











Black Market


















of the Furies








Trapped Gem















Read the full report


The Pack Wolves

On Saturday, August 18th, a Protector SG called the Pack Wolves
held a fun event in Pocket D to introduce themselves to the server and to say
thanks to the community.

Starting from about 6pm PST, there was dancing, many costume
contests with some really nice prizes, and several good-natured PvP arena
matches also with prizes.

The costume contest winners were:

Harvy the Hampster


Splat the FireFly

Liquid Tension

Lady Emeraldjinx

Talon the Hunter

Harvy the Hampster and Hazardous Material tied for first place in
the lower level arena match, but I was unable to get the names of the rest of
the match winners.

Prizes handed out included about 6 million in influence and
recipes for three sets of wings and two boots. Winners were able to choose
which they’d rather be awarded.

There was a great turnout for the event, and the Pack Wolves
couldn’t have been happier. Krieg Wolf had this to say, “The real intent of the
event was to introduce our Super Group to the Protector community, and perhaps
give a little something in the way of fun back to the community and the game we
love so much. Of course, the added benefit of getting a few new recruits for
our group would be great, too!”

Pack Wolves' Guildportal Site

If you’d like to contact the Pack Wolves, find Platinum Wolf or
Kreig Wolf in game, or the global @rex_havoc.

This piece was commissioned by Warface while he was deployed in
Iraq. JBreak and Juan Vlasco are two of Marvel's newest comic artists for
X-Men. Warface is an avid art collector, but not for so much for just himself!
Most of the pieces he has done include his entire V.G.

The Arena

Current SG Ladder Standings:

1. Freaks of Legend

2. Velocity

3. Justice for all League

4. Old School

5. Statesman's Warch

6. The Rising

7. Hell Raisers

The first match this week was Velocity vs Old School. The first
match OS brought their storm team against Velocity's standard match up. The
score was 13-7 in favor of Velocity. The second match both teams brought
standard lineups, but Velocity won that match and the game with a score of

Statesman's Watch was also in action against the newly found PvP
SG, The Rising, being formed from former ESK and The End members. The Rising
beat SW in two games, the first being 25-12 and the second 25-2.

The last match we saw this week was Velocity vs Freaks of Legend,
in 20 Minute Rounds. Velocity won the first two matches taking the game.

Velocity vs FoL Round 1

Velocity vs FoL Round 2

To our loyal Readers,

Thank you. Thank you to all of our readers that support us and
help us to become better each and every week. This week is a phenomenal example
of how this paper is “By Supers, for Supers” (as Ex Libris loves to tout). Our
lead article was given to us by Bonehead, an awesome person with a silly name.
It’s a great article, and as someone interested in the community of City of
Heroes/Villains, I love hearing how everyone rallied behind this person’s goal.
Truly, that’s what we’re about, and Bonehead’s revelation of this makes for an
awesome story.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the new guest
article: Win or Phail. This was given to us by the Legendary J-Man, and is a
great example of the sense of humor a lot of our community has. At least, I
hope it’s a joke…

There’s one addition to this paper, though, that you either won’t
notice, or you are already giddy about before I've even mention it. We’ve
finally added that oft-requested Copy Editor, and since last week, our work has
reached a quality far beyond what we did before. When you get the chance, thank
Pants_Stealer. She has been spending a lot of time making sure that we look our
best, and we owe a lot of our polish to her.

Our layout people told me that I have limited space, so, instead
of a whole paragraph on upcoming features, I’ll just save some space: Fashion.
That being said, I hope you that you continue to unite as a community and share
your passion for the City.

With all due respect,

Marcian Tobay



Call to Arms

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A few weeks ago we challenged our readers to write inspiring
speeches to call the heroes and villains of the world to rise up and repel the
new Rikti threats. The replies were overwhelming.After announcing the winners
last week, we couldn’t help by share more of the awe-inspiring, motivating, and
moving speeches that were delivered to us. This week we share with you more
of our Runner-Ups.

Crush Them Without Mercy

My villainous brethren,

The old guard has failed. The so called heroes of Paragon believed
in a policy of containment for the invaders. All the while allowing them to
wander their streets, steal their secrets, and find their weaknesses.

While there is some content in watching the vaulted heroes
flounder and struggle for some sort of leadership against the invaders, we
cannot permit ourselves luxury of mirth. Their failure now affects us as well.
Not only are the invaders interfering with our plans for Paragon City, they
have the audacity to attack us upon the Rogue Isles.

They believe that we are weak!

They believe a few bombings of the Isles will cause us to run in

They believe we present no threat!

How wrong they are!

Too long have we hidden our true numbers. A few clandestine raids
into Paragon City have shown the heroes that no place is safe from us, but we
have never brought the full force of the Rogue Isles against the heroes of

We now stand upon the precipice of change. It is time for these
invaders to witness that power. It is time for them to feel our true strength!
Upon this precipice there lie two paths before us.

One path is to continue the way we have - skulking in the shadows,
hiding from the invaders, and seizing whatever scraps we can grab.

The other path is more perilous, but has the potential to bring us
great power and everlasting glory. First, we must organize to drive the
invaders from our streets. Then we must cast aside our differences and take the
fight to the invaders. The spineless hero group, Vanguard, has come to us
begging for our help. As expected, they cannot defeat the invaders on their
own. They are providing supplies and a means to strike the invaders at their
source. Let us take them up on this offer and show the invaders the true
meaning of fear!

Should an invader beg for mercy, crush it mercilessly beneath your
boot. These creatures deserve no mercy and those that beg for it, deserve it
less. Should any of those foolish heroes of Paragon City wish to join our
crusade, allow them. By all means, welcome them. Allow them to take you into
their confidence. Learn their strengths and their weaknesses. And when they
have served your purposes, destroy them and relish that pained expression as
they try to mouth the word, "Why?"

Now go forth, my comrades. Drive the invaders from our streets and
back to their hole. Let them quake in fear at the coming onslaught. Crush them
without mercy and seize everlasting glory for yourselves!

Many Paths, One Future

What do you want?

Hero. Villain. These names separate us. Our origins, our powers,
our choices. All of these things separate us, yes.

But we all do have one thing in common.

We all, each of us, WANT something.

Some of you want justice. Some of you want revenge. Some of you
want peace. Some of you want power.

But we all WANT something, don't we? Each of us has a goal, a
dream, or perhaps even a destiny that we strive to fulfil. A future that each
and every one of us yearns for, and though the paths to and ends of those goals
vary, each and EVERY one of us want...

...a FUTURE for ourselves.

Well. The Ritki want something, too.

They want you to believe that your future...

...means NOTHING. That the Ritki future, one of domination and
eradication, comes swiftly and true. Hero? Villain? It means NOTHING to them.
They want you believe that their victorious future is the ONLY one that will
occur; A future where you, be your hero or villain, will submit...

...or DIE.

Yes, I see the replies you all have to that, my dark brothers and
sisters: I see it on the SNARLS on your lips, I hear it in the POUNDING of your
fists, and the thrum of POWER long honed by viciousness. And even the
disillusioned heroes gathered beside us are of THE SAME HEART, now; can you see
it in their eyes, the fear BURNED away, their resolve made ETERNAL? Yes, we all
have but one answer to the Ritki: That the future is not theirs... is OURS!

When we enter the war, my brothers and sisters of dark and light,
THAT will be the response on our lips, on our fists, on every furious blow! For
we do not fight for our personal wants, for our personal goals, for our
PERSONAL future...we go into battle for the chance for their to be ANY future.
The right to CHOOSE, the right to OWN, the right to have...a FUTURE, ANY
future! So go forth, enter the fray, with maw wide open and fist held high...


We Cannot Do This By Ourselves

I remember when the Rikti first invaded, and you probably do too,
either you were actively involved in impeding their invasion or were simply
holding witness to it. In either case, you know what they’re capable of. You
know that the power they hold may rival even our own, and that if left
unopposed, they will sweep over our planet, leaving nothing but an ashen waste.

But as we speak, armies are amassing on both sides, activity
around the Rikti crashsite is increasing dramatically, the Vanguard are
mobilizing their soldiers, and the Heroes from Paragon are making a pitiful
attempt to organize. And even though the prospect of watching from the
sidelines as an army of do-gooders march off to be butchered by a relentless
enemy seems like a novel concept, we must accept the fact that, inevitably, the
battle will spill over to our doorsteps, and we will be forced to fight the
invaders on our own front.

Now, if you expect me to sit idly by while the fate of our planet
is being determined by a legion of bumbling heroic twits, then you are sorely
mistaken. What kind of villain would I be if I knowingly turned away from a
fight? The thought of myself, or any of us, simply allowing the Rikti to prance
their way through our land and our homes is a disturbing notion, and I know
that none of you would allow an action such as this to go unopposed.

We are the true power on this planet, we are the ones who will
halt the Rikti invasion, and we will be the ones to push them back to their own
dimension, and we will be the ones who ensure that they never have the
opportunity to invade our dimension, or any plane of reality, ever again.

But as much as it pains me to say this, we cannot do this by
ourselves. If we align ourselves with the Heroes of Paragon city, their
presence, no matter how insignificant, may be just enough to tip the balance of
power in our favor. And without our tactical expertise and physical prowess to
aid those fools, they’ll probably end up doing more harm than good.

So, for now, we shall put aside the differences and rivalry
between our two factions and we will fight along side the Heroes, and we will
be an enemy to their enemies, and we will oppose who they oppose. And when the
battle is over, when our land is littered with the smoldering husks of Rikti
motherships and the bones of our enemies are scattered and bleaching in the
sun, history will remember the day Hero and Villain stood united against their
common enemy, and when they defeated the Rikti, once and for all.

For Every Age

For every age there is a crisis. For every era there is danger.
And for every being who stands against the corrosive winds of time there comes
a choice. Denizens of Paragon, those of you from every dark corner of the Rogue
Isles and worlds, dimensions and lands beyond, today you bear witness to our
challenge. Today you too are faced with a choice.

Not since the end of the Second World War has a moment so pivotal,
so earth-shattering, laid itself bare before the hands of this worlds’
inhabitants. And in the time since, we have grown accustomed to the
remarkable…to the fantastic…to the impossible. Technological advances allow us
to peer through the very fabric of time and space. Mystical energies have been
revealed to us and we have acknowledged their paradoxical natures. We walk
amongst the Gods themselves. But even against the backdrop of such marvels, we
have never seen a danger the likes of this.

Today the Rikti have returned, and the history of existence as we
know it is at stake.

But like the generations of those who walked before us, we stand
here at this crossroads capable and proud. We stand here before this challenge
and we can either bow our heads to accept what some deem as inevitable…or we
can make another choice. We here today can stand and in a single voice we can
cry out to the heavens that our existence means something! We can demand that
our place here on this Earth be honored! We can demand our sovereignty!

And so it is in the spirit of such unity that I cry out to you to
join together, to band as one, to repel these invaders so we too may claim our
space in time. Let the history books show that this generation too faced a
choice, and that we chose to fight! Let the words of the future be written by
your actions today!

The moment of our choice has come, and we have chosen victory.
Fight proud! Fight strong! And fight confident in the knowledge that regardless
of our pasts, today we carve in stone forever that this place, this Paragon, is
truly a City of Heroes!




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Advice From the X

Greetings once again boys, girls, and beings of indeterminate
gender! It's LiquidX, and I’ve finally cleared my desk of the recent batch of
restraining orders. (C'mon Ghost Widow, why do you have to be that way? Just
because you’re dead doesn't mean you can't benefit from a little X lovin'!) On
the plus side, I managed to find an actual letter mixed in amongst them!

Dear LiquidX,

I'm a Stalker in the Rogue Isles. However, I have recently found myself working
undercover as a Defender in Paragon City in order to complete some
umm...assignments, and to see how the other side lives. (Oh, you have NO idea
on how good it is to eat food without worrying whether you’ve robbed it or
not!) Anyway, I was reading the paper, and it dawned on me that I might have a
small problem, so here it is:

Do I follow the Defender’s horoscope or the Stalker’s horoscope?

Any help you can give me on this will be remembered if I decide to blow up
Paragon City in the future...maybe.

Yours in your nightmares,

Psycho kitty in disguise!

Dear Psycho Kitty,


Instead, I suggest reading my new book "Dr. Strangevillain: How I Learned to
Stop Worrying and Love the Heroes" This self-help book will assist any former
villain adjust to their new lives as do-gooders in Paragon City. (Or at least
assist those who are only pretending to be do-gooders...). And for those
villains, whose intellectual capacity is... lacking, worry not! Thanks to a
very generous loan from the City Scoop (At least, it would be generous if they
actually knew about it...), a video version will be released in the next two
weeks. In fact, it is hosted by none other then Troy McClure, whom you may
remember from such informational videos as "So You Want to be a Hero: Looking
for Evil in All the Right Places" and "Vahzilok Wasting Disease: The Silent

And there you have it, kids. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go before
Athyna discovers I'm within fifty feet of her...


Dear Athy,

I have a problem, Athy. I signed up to be a henchman to a new mastermind, and
it just is not as satisfying as my relationship with my old mastermind. The old
one was a brilliant and cruel goddess of the battle field and knew how to
punish us if we displeased her. This new guy is only interested in having me
knocking over street vendors for protection money and stealing old ladies’
purses. I mean, I refused to do this one day, and he didn't even make me swim
in a chum swimsuit in a shark-infested pool for insubordination! He just said
“whatever.” How would you go about finding a new mastermind to serve?

--Loyal but not Stupid

Dear Loyal,

I can honestly say I’ve never heard a similar question to yours. May I ask how
you met your new mastermind? What happened to your previous…err, employer?

If these ideas aren’t helpful, I did call around the Isles, and, in addition to
learning some interesting new words, I found a support group for disgruntled
henchmen. They weren’t exactly forthcoming with a phone number but perseverance
pays off! 555-HENCHIE. Give them a call. They’ve probably amassed a list of
masterminds more suited to your needs. That’s just a guess as they weren’t the
most helpful support group I’ve called for others.



Sun is in Virgo/Mastermind, Moon is in Capricorn/Stalker

Julian Day 2454337.33


– Mars conjunct Sun infuses great energy and confidence in you. Avoid being
confrontational as you may be overly aggressive today. Still, this is a good
day to start new projects as your instinct for success is spot on.

– Venus conjunct Venus is a transit which makes you unusually affectionate and
likely to have that affection reciprocated. It is a good time to express your
love for someone or perhaps start a new relationship. It is also a good day to
be with friends or just party.

– Neptune transiting the Seventh House may fill you with unrealistic
expectations about a partner. While your ability to detect your partner's true
feelings is great, you should not let your high idealism cloud your judgment.

– Mars trine Mars marks a transit of great energy which will probably be
channeled into your work or new projects. Romance is generally put on hold.

- Mercury square Saturn instills in you a sense of practicality to get many
things done. Concentrate on work and career now instead of leisure activities
with friends.

– Jupiter trine Jupiter marks a period of optimism and emotional stability,
making it a good time to evaluate and modify existing relationships, or perhaps
to start a new one.

– Saturn trine Mars is a transit where the power of Mars is constructively
channeled by Saturn. It isn't a wildly romantic time, but one where small scale
endeavors will meet with success.


– Sun transiting the Second House indicates a time when you may expend a great
deal of effort to secure finances. This may come about through associations you
have with people in "important" positions. Also, you're apt to spend new-found
finances unwisely. Think before you spend.

– Mercury transiting the Ascendant accentuates your communicative abilities.
This is an excellent time to sway others to your "cause" through speeches or
clever arguments because your thinking is most lucid and grasping.

– Venus conjunct Jupiter purifies your feelings, instilling inner peace to your
consciousness. You are cheerful and friendly to all, making you popular with

– Mars conjunct Mars infuses great energy into your ego and body. Physical
exercise, like sports, is a good outlet for it. A good workout will enable you
to overcome the irritability and restlessness that this transit brings.

– Mercury trine Sun empowers you with the mental acuity to perceive an unusual
opportunity. Your effervescent personality confers to you an almost magnetic
quality today.

~Handwritten page found laying atop the Horoscope submission~

Hello again, my dears. It’s touch up time again, and from the mild
skimming I’ve bothered with, there’s a lot of touching up to do this week.


– Sun transiting the Second House indicates…yada yada…blah blah blah…you're apt
to spend new-found finances unwisely. Think before you spend. ~Little Miss Hero
has lost her mind. Once that fury starts building, there’s no time for
contemplation, now is there dear? But that’s what we have peons for. Hire
someone to think for you leaving you more time to smash things.

– Mercury transiting the Ascendant accentuates your communicative abilities.
This is an excellent time to sway others to your "cause" through speeches or
clever arguments because your thinking is most lucid and grasping. ~The day you
need to sway others to your thinking is the day you need new henchmen.

– Venus conjunct Jupiter purifies your feelings, instilling inner peace to your
consciousness. You are cheerful and friendly to all, making you popular with
others. ~Purifies? Cheerful and friendly? HA! Inner peace means one thing,
fewer stray thoughts muddying up the plans. Yeah, I’ve got your cheerful,
friendly corruptor right here.

– Mars conjunct Mars infuses great energy into your ego and body. Physical
exercise (like sports) is a good outlet for it. A good workout will enable you
to overcome the irritability and restlessness that this transit brings.
~Workout? Work over a few heroes. That’s all the exercise any rogue needs.

– Mercury trine Sun empowers you with the mental acuity to perceive an unusual
opportunity. Your effervescent personality confers to you an almost magnetic
quality today. ~After this many, now you see why I think she’s off her rocker
more than usual. Imagine a bubbly stalker. If the stalkers have finished
laughing, mental acuity is a good thing when planning and stealthily bringing
others to their knees before they even know you’re there. Have fun, dears.


– Mars conjunct Sun infuses great energy and confidence in you. Avoid being
confrontational as you may be overly aggressive today. Still, this is a good
day to start new projects as your instinct for success is spot on. ~An overly
aggressive controller? Pardon me whilst I laugh uncontrollably.

– Venus conjunct Venus is a transit which makes you unusually affectionate and
likely to have that affection reciprocated. It is a good time to express your
love for someone or perhaps start a new relationship. It is also a good day to
be with friends or just party. ~Ah, I shall spread the news. Party at the
defender’s base.

– Neptune transiting the Seventh House may fill you with unrealistic
expectations about a partner. While your ability to detect your partner's true
feelings is great, you should not let your high idealism cloud your judgment.
~Oh yes dear, beware of clouded judgment for that will surely your downfall…

– Mars trine Mars marks a transit of great energy which will probably be
channeled into your work or new projects. Romance is generally put on hold.
~Great energy? Really…Will you be at the defender party?

– Mercury square Saturn instills in you a sense of practicality to get many
things done. Concentrate on work and career now instead of leisure activities
with friends. ~Anything here that can help you in battle? No? Pity…

– Jupiter trine Jupiter marks a period of optimism and emotional stability,
making it a good time to evaluate and modify existing relationships, or perhaps
to start a new one. ~Ah so, odds are that Peacebringers in Warburg might be a
tad distracted. Yummy.

– Saturn trine Mars is a transit where the power of Mars is constructively
channeled by Saturn. It isn't a wildly romantic time, but one where small scale
endeavors will meet with success. ~Small endeavors? Why aim small? Aim big my
friend. Aim big.

~Love and Kisses





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Base Showcase

This week we visit the Infinity server and talk with OSHA’s Lady
of The OSHA Academy, a hero SG.

Supergroup name: The OSHA Academy

Which Server do you call home?

All US Servers on blueside. Our largest base is on Infinity where
we are currently ranked as the 15th out of 100 SGs.

When established: Dec 24, 2005.

How many members: Seventy-five. We have a ten day
kick policy because our SG is always full. If you narrowed it down to actual
players, I'd have to say between twenty and twenty-five people with various

Approximate base value: Approximately $33

Approximately how much time do you spend per day/week/month
editing your base, and how much time would you say you have invested in it as
the base now stands?

Well, now that the base is basically complete, I would have to say
other than adding something here or there, we really don't spend a whole lot of
time changing things around. On a whole, if I had to guess, I'd have to say
OSHA and I have spent a total of fifty hours rearranging and building things.
Some SG bases are far more decorative and creative than ours, but we are more
of a function versus looks kind of SG.

Favorite base item/least favorite:

Currently, our new shiny Fusion Generator and the Autonomous
Expert System have to be our favorite. We've wanted it for a very long time,
and we're so happy the Devs have fixed the badge so that we could finally
obtain it. As far as least favorite, well to be honest, I'd have to say the
Robo Surgeries. We spent a lot of time working on the SG healing badges. We are
one of the few SGs on Infinity that have the Combat Logs. But the fact that the
Robo Surgeries still don't work is disappointing as they used to work just

What do you most enjoy about base editing? Least enjoy?

I guess that would have to be adding the features that the SG has
really wanted for a long time. Some of the base editing can be frustrating.
Trying to get things in just the right place is sometimes difficult. I wish
there were more decorative options.

What would be highest on your wish-list for new base items?

Someone brought up in the forums that it would be really cool to
have an Icon Representative in your base. I think that would be really neat. A
Wentworth’s Representative would also be very nice. The other thing that would
be cool would be an enhancement dealer.

If you could give just one piece of advice to a new base
editor, what would it be?

Start small. You don't have to delete everything in the base to
upgrade your plot. I so wish someone would have told us that the first time
around, lol. Be creative, but to be honest, function is far more important at
least to us.

Anything else you'd like to add about your SG, your base or
the base system in general?

We have SGs on every server. We have bases on most of them. Our
bases range from the smallest to nearly the largest. In our humble, opinion
Function > Style. When our SG puts our collective minds together to achieve
a goal, we do it. OSHA and I wish to thank you for asking us to share with you
our newest SG accomplishment.

How to Roleplay

Character Creation, Part Three

Here it is, one of the most essential parts to building up your
Roleplaying character: the backstory. For many, this is the thing that
influences every decision they make about their character. Your backstory can
begin as early as childhood or as late as last week. While it’s true that many
characters had a life before they obtained powers, it’s very possible that life
wasn’t very interesting, so it works better to start from a more interesting

Now, in the City of Heroes/Villains character creation process,
you are allotted only a certain amount of space for your biography, but there
are many places where you can put a “full” version if this space proves too
small. I recommend
for your “City of” story needs. For the
purposes of building your character, I encourage you to make your character’s
backstory as long as you want and then write a shortened version for your
in-game info.

If you had a concept in mind while making your character, build
off it. Why is your dark and brooding hero so dark? Were their parents murdered
or maybe abusive? Or did the neighborhood bully punt their puppy into the lake?
Why does your villain compulsively rob everything in sight or want to take over
the world? For that matter, what do they plan to do with the world once it’s
theirs? Thinking your character through by brainstorming three steps past their
current position can help you flesh things out quickly.

Your backstory should be written as if you were an author writing
an actual book. Capitalization and punctuation make it look better and keep the
reader’s eyes from bleeding. Remember, if their eyes are bleeding, they can’t
play with you, can they?

Keep it coherent. If your character gained their powers or
abilities through some kind of process, list the steps chronologically. Don’t
jump everywhere with “oh yeahs” and “by the ways.” The neater it all is, the
better it looks, which means the smarter you look. Remember, amazing creativity
can get lost in a stream of endless sentences that make no sense. Make sure you
proofread your backstory once you’re done to catch any mistakes.

Got any questions? Send me a PM. Until then, see you next time
when we’ll hit in-game Roleplaying chat!

This article, should you choose to read it, represents the opinion
of a guest writer from the PWNZ forum. If you or any other super is caught or
killed during the reading this article, the City Scoop will disavow all
knowledge of your actions. - Hertz

Win or Phail?



▪ Has money

▪ Has money like whoa

▪ Does it with Sister
Psyche nightly

▪ Can teleport arrow

▪ Shot Statesman in the

▪ Has so much [censored]


▪ lol trick

▪ It’s all Daddy's money

▪ His stupid monochrome

▪ lol archery

▪ His first power is RP

▪ Manticores are

are better

▪ He cries himself to
sleep missing Daddy


What a jerk. Oh, was Katana/Regen not good enuff so ya had ta
switch it up when ya got tired of bein’ pwnt? Ooo, big teleport arrow. Does the
way you RP shootin’ through walls make ya feel betta, Manticore? Well guess
what. Virtue ----->

If ya want ta make a name fer yerself in this city, then mabye ya
should step in the arena once an' a while an' fight someone of note. Oh wait,
that’s right. Yer trick arrow, a team build. I'm sorry I didn't mean ta try an'
1v1 a [censored]. Half man, half lion, half eagle, all [censored].



the Mask

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Liberty Server

do you live?

(In Game) Paragon City, Liberty District, Steel Canyon, Whitmoore
Apt Complex 11th floor.

(In RL)USA, Florida, West Palm.

Do you have any pets?

Sadly, no. My very loyal dog passed away three years ago, two days after my
birthday. I still miss him sometimes, and we haven’t gotten a new one.

What is the most interesting place you have visited?

Grins; The inside of a active Nuclear Missile silo, or a ghost
town with an abandoned mine shaft in the Rocky Mountains. Both were very cool.

What are your top four songs of all time?

“Born for Adventure” (Styx), “American Soldier” (Toby Keith),
“Sixteen Tons” (Tennessee Ernie Ford), “Good Guys Win” (Jimmy Buffet)

What five TV shows could you not live without?

“Firefly” (watch the series on DVD, and end it with the movie)

“Star Trek” (all)

Otherwise, who has time for TV when I can play COH.

What was the best book you last read?

Oh, tough choice. Everyone’s favorite seems to be Harry Potter.
The last book was very good, but the best book I read recently was a classic:
Moby Dick.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

Don't know if this is a pop culture quote, but it’s one I like:

“E Pluribus Unum.” Out of many, one. It doesn’t make the many less valid or the
one less important

What other hobbies do you have?

I am a Role Play Game Judge and Player, table top, online and
LARPs. My faves are Champions, Star Wars, and Shadowrun.

Who is your real life hero?

I’m going to be proud and a bit vain here and say: my daughter.
She is as tough as you get and a survivor, and I always feel blessed the Lord
has placed her in my life.


Boxers: red silk preferred with a small white heart pattern, Jay
is sexy should be listening. It would be a nice addition to our 39 month vet
reward, don’t you think?

What is your home server, and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

Okay, I am actually on every server, have been since we started
with the no name server. Liberty is my home now ‘cause, at the time, long ago,
Freedom was deemed the elite server and had the attitude to boot. Before a
flame war starts, this was over three years ago. I left several of my friends
behind there. Liberty became the natural choice. I am American Valor, Sentinel
of Liberty.

How did you get drawn to this game?

I was looking for a superhero game to continue playing with my
middle son. We had just finished Freedom Force, and I was checking with some of
my gaming friends. They told me about a closed beta test thing going on, so I
went to investigate it and found out about CITY OF HEROES. The rest is history.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

Character creation, Icon, and story arcs.

Who is your namesake character, and what are they?

Well easy enough: American Valor, Sentinel of Liberty, Founder of
the SG of the same name. He is an INV/ SS Tank.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

INV/ SS Tank. I am a Tank. It’s not just what I do—it’s who I am.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

KO Punch, Footstomp, Handclap…grins. Seriously, I evaluate tactics
and look at the best way to handle the different things the game throws at you.

What zone is your favorite?

I’m loving the new RWZ as it has given me new content to play my
main and a story src which will bring my COH origin to full circle in the game.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

It was Striga and the Ernesto Hess TF. I am American Valor,
Sentinel of Liberty. Who doesn't enjoy the epic battles against the 5th
Column/Council? RWZ is really no slouch. It will be fun to see how it all turns

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 have really added anything to the game and why?

Okay, here goes: I am not a huge fan of I9, and I lost several
friends over the issue of crafting because they left the game. I also know
several friends who really enjoyed it and still do. I play way too much to have
time to hunt down and try to get certain drops so I can build things. Not a fan
of the auction house. I know others who are. I am a broke 50. I operate in
Prestige mode most of the time. I support my SG with every enhancement,
inspiration, and salvage we need. So, I9 was never for me.

I10 is awesome and was needed. New Story Arc / Content and yet
another revamp of a little used zone, I really like Faultline revamp too. The
bringing back of old Hami style raid using the RWZ mothership, which is wicked
cool. Plus, the very cool stuff in new costume sets including the Vanguard
stuff. Earning specific Merits to get what you need is also very much better to
me then the random drops from I9. I had a strong dislike of I9 but I love I10.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Play what you like. City Of allows you to chose whether you wish
to play a HERO or a Villain. Try out different things. Team and also play solo.
Be a superbeing, able to change the course of mighty rivers. Saving the
citizens of Paragon City or planning the next mayhem mission are just a few or
the exciting things you will be able to try. Ask us veterans for help. There
are plenty of nice people on all the servers who are willing to help and
mentor, so if you have a question, ask. We were all sidekicks at some point
before we became full fledged Heroes.

Any closing comments?

Grins; Yes, as a matter of fact.

The city is in peril, and it needs Heroes to defend it. We are
those Heroes.


Protector Server

Where do you live?

I live in South America in Bogotá, Colombia.

Do you have any pets?

I have two cats. Gypse and Misha are their names.

Most interesting place you have visited.

Trinidad and Tobago. I lived there for thirteen years and then
came back to Colombia.

What are your top three songs of all time?

Yoshida Brothers’ “Fukaki Umi No kanata (Beyond The Deep See)”

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”

What five TV shows could you not live without?

1. “Heroes”

2. “Scrubs”

3. “Balls of Steel”

4. “Desperate Housewives”

5. “Nightmare & Dreamscapes” by Steven King

What was the best book you last read?

Two CoH books: “The Web of Arachnos” and “The Freedom Phalanx,”
both very good!

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

"That's unpossible!" and maybe "Hooche Mama," lol.

What other hobbies do you have?

I play CoH and other video games. Read, COOK!, draw manga, being
Irish and Colombian! :P

Who is your real life hero?

My mother and brother for still caring and believing in me. Also
my family and friends in Protector! Woot, Dirtwolf, Xan, Beka and all you guys
in Protector!


Only when it comes with a nice t-shirt!

What is your home server, and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

Well, my home server is Protector because when I first joined and
made my toon, I liked how Protector sounded and looked, heh. Plus my bro liked
it too, heh.

How were you drawn to this game?

One day, my friend came up to me with a BIG smile on his face and
said, "I got a really cool new game yesterday, and it came with a free comic!!"
He showed me the comic and I LOVED it. So I went on and bought the
DvD Collection one.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I don't really have a favorite aspect. I love everything about the
game and hope for some more new cooler things!

Who is your namesake character, and what are they?

Captain Myotis. He's a Scrapper with Martial Arts and
Regeneration, with Dark Mastery, lvl 50 Techno. He's very cool, but in battle,
a cold-hearted beast!

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

I love scrappers. I am one. I just love their attack points, and I
love doing damage! I wish there were more Mastery powers for them, though. Also
Stalkers do to their cool Assassin Strikes and have invisible powers, heh. And
also Controllers for their cool Buffs and Debuffs.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

Like I normally handle a challenge in real life: I just go at it
with all my force and try to have a lot of fun doing it!

Which zone is your favorite?

I have to really tell you, Croatoa for its looks and mystical
baddies, and also the new Faultline, Rikti War Zone, Atlas Park and Striga
Island. All are my faves!

What is your favorite storyline in the game?

I don't really know, love all of them, I guess everything
concerning Nemesis, Rikti, Council and Witches, heh!

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 have really added anything to the game and why?

The whole Inventions, WW Auction House, University and all the
recipe and enhancements!! It has really helped my character in a lot of
different ways, also in PvP!

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Read the boards! Make a kick-[censored] suit, and info. Don't let
people get you down and just have all the fun you want!!

Any closing comments?

I have to say that I have met some wonderful people on Protector
and Virtue, really nice people that help me a lot. I love you all at
Protector!! Peace out!

Also I like cats.


Virtue Server

Where do you live?

Seattle, Washington.

Do you have any pets?

I have a parrot. I'm not really a pirate in real life, though. Her
name is Pepper and she is a 20 year old Yellow-naped Amazon.

What is the most interesting place you have visited?

The world’s largest ball of twine in Darwin, MN. Okay, I haven't
really been there, but a girl can dream!

I'd have to say Australia and Germany were the most interesting
places I have actually traveled to.

What are your top three songs of all time

My musical tastes fluctuate so much that I don't think I have a
consistent top three. For the moment, I'd say my current faves are “Get Out of
My Head” by Firewater, “Goin' Out West” by Tom Waits, and “Lost in the
Supermarket” by The Clash.

What five TV shows could you not live without?

I don't watch TV, for serious.

What was the best book you last read?

“Invisible Monsters” by Chuck Palahniuk

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

“Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!“

What other hobbies do you have?

I do a fair bit of drawing and painting when the inclination takes

Who is your real life hero?

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


I have a pair somewhere, I think.

What is your home server, and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

My home server is Virtue. I picked it because it is the unofficial
RP server and has the highest concentration of awesome people. Yes, I am an RP

How were you drawn to this game?

A friend of mind bought it for me as a Christmas present last
December. I've been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The friends I have made. Wearing underwear over one's clothes and
being accepted publicly and flying are both pretty neat too.

Who is your namesake character, and what are they?

Crimson Cutlass. She's an adventuresome air pirate. Technically,
she is a super strength / invuln Brute.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

I'd have to say Brute. It is awfully fun to feel nigh-invincible.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

I run in, think I'm invincible, and die repeatedly.

Which zone is your favorite?

Right now it is currently the new Rikti War Zone since it is shiny
and new, and I get to pester heroes.

What is your favorite storyline in the game?

The ones my VG mates in the Dread Aces come up with. They are all
very creative people!

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 have really added anything to the game and why?

Oh absolutely. Lots of confusion! But -fun- confusion.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Hmm...well, I consider myself a bit newer,'s a game and
just enjoy yourself. Make friends, but don't MRP too much, or you'll get hairy
palms. It's true, it totally happened to my third cousin.


Liberty Server

do you live?

Newburgh, New York--a bit north of New York City.

Do you have any pets?

One cat named Tigger, the best claws Scrapper in the world.

What is the most interesting place you have visited?

Key West, Florida. There are so many things to do in such a little
area, and the ocean around it is so amazing.

What are your top three songs of all time?

"American Idiot" by Green Day

"Have a Nice Day" by Bon Jovi

"Photographs" by Nickelback

What five TV shows could you not live without?

No real favorites. I don't watch TV much, but I would have to say
I can't live without “American Idol.”

What was the best book you last read?

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows,” no doubt. The Harry Potter
series is all I really read.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

"Spiderpig...Spiderpig...Does whatever a Spiderpig does..." -Homer

What other hobbies do you have?

Other than City of Heroes? What else do I have time for? Eating,
sleeping...The only other real hobby is writing.

Who is your real life hero?

J.K. Rowling. She proved that any writer can make it big no matter
where they start.


Make people look fat...except me *flexes*

What is your home server, and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

Finally, some City of Heroes questions. I'm on Liberty. I chose it
because my cousin got me started, and this is where his characters are.

How were you drawn to this game?

What's better than making a super hero and beating up ugly
computer-generated thugs? And to this day, I've never had a time where I had
nothing to do.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

Badges. They're so much fun to earn. It's like a trophy that you
can get easily and have fun doing it. I'm nowhere near having all of them, but
I recently hit 400. I'll still keep working.

Who is your namesake character, and what are they?

My main character is Camo Fire, a Fire/Ice/Flame Mastery Blaster
that I can't stop playing. He got his name because of my zero creativity. He
has fire powers, his first outfit had a camouflage design, so he became Camo
Fire. The creativity never began when I made many other "Camo" characters.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

I love playing Scrappers and Controllers, although I can't seem to
get one to 50. Scrappers are fun to just run in and dish out huge damage, and
Controllers have so many fun powers that you can't find with any other

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

Keep a stock of Shivans. They usually solo EBs for me, except the
Carnie story arc in Peregrine Isle when it died before the EB got to even half
health. But, with a trillion inspirations, I won.

Which zone is your favorite?

I have no idea why, but I love Atlas Park. I guess it's because I
go there so much with my many, many, many alts.

What is your favorite storyline in the game?

The Rikti War Zone contacts, hands down. Those story arcs are the
only reason I train my characters to 35 now.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 have really added anything to the game and why?

I9 definitely did. I absolutely love IOs. Unfortunately, it
completely destroyed the economy, but I was able to salvage some influence and
slot my Blaster up with all IOs and a bunch of sets. Unfortunately, the only
things I10 brought that I like are the RWZ story arcs and the Lady Grey Task
Force. Other than that, it was a pretty bad issue. Invasions are way too laggy,
the RWZ itself is too laggy, and there just isn't much to do there. I would do
Mothership Raids, but once again, way too laggy. You can't even move on the

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Mainly, learn to speak English. All these new players are making
no sense when they talk, then they get mad that no one will help them and they
leave. And also very important, do NOT send blind invites to every person you
see. Ask someone near your level if they will team up with you, then send an
invite after they say yes.

Any closing comments?

If you're on Liberty, don't trust anyone, especially the channel
LBx, and the people on the Liberty forums. Budokai, Hakster, and Robo Bug are




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Worse Luck

A Little Bit of Mystery

Well, it's another day and another dollar, and I’m sitting in the
D as usual after a grueling day of blasting away at Rikti. God, I hate those
things. Their monkeys are kinda cute, but those Rikti. *shudder* I wont rest
until every last one of them is off this planet. Vile, nasty creatures.

Anyway, here I was, drinking my cares away when I look around.
Well, I THINK I see something move in the corner, but I'm not too sure. I peer
closer, and I actually DO see someone standing in the corner. A little kitty
stalker! I'm excited because, well, mostly heroes talk to me. I don’t get many
villains trying to chat me up. I guess we aren't that chatty by nature.
Figures. We never know who's out to get who, or why or what faction we’re a
part of. It's a rather dog-eat-dog world villainside, that's for sure.

Kahlan D'Rane: Sweet, a villain. I've been getting heroes
and heroes and heroes lately. So what brings you to the Isles? What were you in
the Zig for?

Worse Luck: I don't know. I can't remember anything before

Kahlan D'Rane: Wow. That bad?

Worse Luck: Heh, I think some jerk messed with my head. All
I remember is waking up in a cell, and all hell was breaking loose. So I
started cutting my way out.

Kahlan D'Rane: I hate it when that happens. So, who's your
favorite group to beat on? I like beating Longbow myself.

Worse Luck: Yeah, those guys. I get to cut a lot of those.

Kahlan D'Rane: They are fun. Carnies are fun, too. They

Worse Luck: I think I hate the Circle more.

Kahlan D'Rane:*shudder* Circle...they think they know magic
but they don't. They suck.

Worse Luck: Their caves can be pretty annoying. Especially
those damage crystals. But they look hilarious when you stick a claw in their

Kahlan D'Rane: Those crystals break my inviz, too. Makes
stealthing to the Thorn Tree a pain.

Worse Luck: Oh, that tree is really annoying.

Kahlan D'Rane: It hates me. It always takes me out in one

Worse Luck: Hahaha, enemy to squishies all around.

Kahlan D'Rane: No kidding. So what do you think of this
Rikti invasion? They did a number on me. I like nuking each one I come

Worse Luck: Well, the Rikti haven't been too much of a
problem for me until now. Mostly I don't like the drones.

Kahlan D'Rane: Ugh. I feel your pain on that. Trying to get
to the end of the last mission for Lady Grey...Pew pew pew. Zap, dead.

Worse Luck: One drone can mess me up good depending on the
situation. Pretty hard to hit, too.

Kahlan D'Rane: Ugh. Don't ever try to stealth the last
mission of Lady Grey's task force unless you have phase to stack because they
have tons of drones in mobs. I almost made it once.

Worse Luck: Well, in situations like that, I'll let my
partners distract them. Then I'm free to stab the suckers.

Kahlan D'Rane: Hehe, that's a good plan. I'm the team taxi,
so I have to figure out how to get by to get everyone to the end.

Worse Luck: I like to stealth things if I can most of the
time. But I can handle a decent scrap if necessary.

Kahlan D'Rane: Yeah I don't mind blasting away, but
sometimes, it's faster to just to get it done. Especially when one has a Stone
brute, haha.

Worse Luck: Hehe, I'm glad I'm not that slow.

Kahlan D'Rane: Yeah, even with Speed Boost, they're slow,

Worse Luck: Being quick and nimble is very important to me.

Kahlan D'Rane: Well, I can make you quicker.

Worse Luck: I love Speed Boost. Makes me able to kill much
quicker. But also requires more control.

Kahlan D'Rane: Well, my pager is going off again. *sigh* I
have to get going. Dunno what this one's for, but I gotta take it. Thanks for
hangin' around.

Worse Luck: No problem. Anything for another villain.

Kahlan D'Rane: See ya around sometime.

BridgeCrew Dave

A Hero with a lot of Heart!

Well, it was happy hour in the Tiki Lounge. The fire dancers had
just gotten done with their act, and I was heading up to the bar for a refill.
Between Rikti ship raids, Rikti Blitzkriegs, and the odd Lady Grey Task Force,
I've been keeping pretty busy. Lord Recluse hasn't been bothering me to bug the
Freedom Phalanx for a while. I guess he's been busy organizing Arachnos
resistance against the Rikti or something. Who knows. Ever since my "accident,"
I've always been a little off. More shaky. Less able to handle pressure. I
dunno--post traumatic stress syndrome? I don't know. It's rather aggravating,
but we all know there are no shrinks for villains.

I started towards the bar, and this pretty unassuming guy shows up
in the lounge via the Pocket D Teleporter.

Kahlan D'Rane: So care to buy a gal a drink? Even a

BridgeCrew Dave: This coin is pretty much the only one I

Kahlan D'Rane: Haha, okay.

Kahlan D'Rane: So what brings you to Paragon, other than
busting people like me?

BridgeCrew Dave: The hospital actually. Paragon was one of
the centers for medical research after the war, and my damaged heart needed

Kahlan D'Rane: Oh? What's up with that? Your heart, that

BridgeCrew Dave: I was born with a hole in it and was
confined to a metal chestpiece for most of my childhood.

Kahlan D'Rane: Ick. That must not have been fun. Bet they
made fun of you bad.

BridgeCrew Dave: For the most part, I hid it under my
clothes, but that just meant a lot of baggy sweaters.

Kahlan D'Rane: Musta really sucked in the summer.

BridgeCrew Dave: Oh yeah, after Grade 6, we had a cooling
system installed.

Kahlan D'Rane: Hehe, I bet you were relieved after that.

BridgeCrew Dave: Felt SO much better.

Kahlan D'Rane: So, how did you get your powers anyway?

BridgeCrew Dave: My powers were originally based out of my
chestplate, but once I got my new heart, I had several operations to install
less-than-FDA-approved cybernetic enhancements to recreate my powers.

Kahlan D'Rane: Less-than-FDA-approved? You mean Crey tech?

BridgeCrew Dave: Actually Bridgecrew Industries Tech. I
inherited my family's company when my father retired. It's also where I got my
name from.

Kahlan D'Rane: Ah, I see.

Kahlan D'Rane: So, what's your favorite baddie to beat on
around here?

BridgeCrew Dave: In all honesty, I love fighting the
Council. It’s just a clear line. Good. Bad. There’s no grey area.

Kahlan D'Rane: Interesting. I don't mind beating on the
Council either, to be honest. They THINK they are awesome but they suck, like
"Oh my god. Look at me. I'm a vampyr." Of course, going against all the
center's lieutenants is rather...painful, I know.

BridgeCrew Dave: That's why I had the force fields

Kahlan D'Rane: So what do you do for fun around here?

BridgeCrew Dave: Well, running my company takes a lot of my
time up, but I'm also spending a fair chunk of time defending the Ritki War
Zone since the invasion started.

Kahlan D'Rane: *shudder* Don't get me started on the Rikti.
I was on a raid, a bomb blew up on me, and knocked me out cold. That's how I
got these scars. The wings...a Rikti Magus found me and dragged me in to see if
they could do anything to me. Apparently my blood didn't want to do what they
wanted it to--something about being from a parallel dimension--so they tossed
me out and left me for dead.

BridgeCrew Dave: Well, my older brother is still missing
from the first time. Well, missing at best.

Kahlan D'Rane: Oh?

BridgeCrew Dave: Yeah, we’ve heard everything from he died
to he's been spotted in the Rogue Isles.

Kahlan D'Rane: Well, if I see him, I'll let you know since
I live there and all. What's his name?

BridgeCrew Dave: I don't know what he's going by now, if
he's alive.

Kahlan D'Rane: Ah. So, what are your long-term plans? Any
future goals or anything?

BridgeCrew Dave: I plan on making Bridgecrew Industries one
of the top companies in Paragon and work to find a cure for reverting people
that have been altered into Ritki.

Kahlan D'Rane: Wow. That's cool. I know there's one guy
over in the Isles that wouldn't mind being fixed.

BridgeCrew Dave: Mr. Raymond? Yes, we've been keeping him

Kahlan D'Rane: Cool. And Khu Rett isn't enthused about his
predicament either.

Kahlan D'Rane: So, do you have any secret crushes? Hehe.

BridgeCrew Dave: No, I'm sorry, I can't say I do. I have a
committed relationship with someone who’s outside the hero community. Sorry,

Kahlan D'Rane: Aww. Oh well, hehe. Can't hurt to ask.
Anyway, I gotta get going. My pager went off and I gotta see what's going on.
Thanks for the chat.

BridgeCrew Dave: Anytime.




This is the first comic in "City of Zeroes: City Scoop Edition".
Readers of the comic strip will immediately notice the different, some would
say 'better', drawings. I'm not sure at this time if the website comics will
eventually be drawn in this format, but for now every City Scoop Edition
definitely will be. I'm very happy to be starting this new series and I hope
everyone enjoys the comics! - Derek




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