Any Europeans (or anyone else that is very active) want to start a themed SG or VG. Based on DC or MARVEL or both. We wont be playing actual toons (like Superman or Wolverine etc) They just have to be DC/Marvel Esq, right down to the Costumes.

Maybe olding Hero Vets coming out of retirement to battle the Rikiti for a second time..



Hey there. Not to crash your party here, but I'm afraid you're in the wrong forum section. I think you'll have much better luck in the SG recruitment partition of the boards.

That said, sounds like a neat idea, but prone to infringe on a copyright or two, so just be careful how close you get to Marvel/DC's intellectual property.

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Yup Ive been around long enough to know about the copyright war Thanks. But i wasnt trying to copy any excisting characters, just make a cliche team of Superheroes like the Avengers, JLA.
The team would be older though, having battled in the Original Rikiti invasion.

Thanks for the tip on board. lol