My first Virtue hero =P




Finnaly rolled a character up on virtue.. been kind of putting it off for a while but I did come up with an idea after much thinking.

Meet Flash Override

She's a Mutation origin controller with Illusion control primary and empathy secondary. Her costume reflects her backround as a special effects engineer in the fact that its practical and looks good, plus it holds storage for nifty things she can use in her illusions... I'de post the whole history of her and details on her powers.. but I'm short on time... so I'lld o it later =P




Flash Override was born Josephine Mindari to Jacob and Susan Mindari in Louisiana.

Early on, she always seemed keen on understanding how others were feeling around her and had a particularly good eye for detail. As she grew older she found that she loved fireworks and laser lights and was enthralled by the fancy Special effects done on movie sets.. and often found her self trying to figure out how they were done or could be done.

Her powers first began to fully manifest when she was 16 years of age.. she was imitating something she had seen on Television when she accidentaly generated a bright flash of light that temorarily blinded her and her friends. Sensing thier pain she then instictively reached out with her mind in an effort to ease them.. and before she even realized what she did, they recovered. It was later that day she decided that she could practice and use her ability to fufill her life long dreams of woring int he special effects business.. her empathy would allow her to easily figure out what people truely like about certain effects and help her make even better ones. In college she majored in chemical engineering and minored in mechanical before getting into the business of creating special effects.

She didn't actualy get into the hero gig until about year after she graduated from college and already had a beggining job in special effects at age 23. Her first tiem for using her power to fight crime actualy happened on set in the studio she was working at. There a couple of hellions had snuck in and Upped the "Payload" of one of the pyrotechnics displays. When it went off it had managed to injure several of the studio workers and the hellions then bolted for the gate. Spotting them, she reached otu and created a blinding flash infront of them.. withc acutaly cuased them to stumble and hurt themselves just long enough for the other crewmen to grab them and hold them down.

Turning her attention to the injured workers.. she acted quickly.. reacheing out and litteraly "Overriding" the pain they were in wih her mind and healing thier wounds.

It was at the suggeswtion of her Co workers that she began to play the role of "hero on the side" Like she does now.

How her Powers work:
FO's Baseline powers are actualy a combination of telekinesis and Empathy. Her telekinetic powers allow her to manipulate light and matter to crerat illuisary things that are almost real. When coupled with her empathic ability she can further enchance the "Realness" of her illusions to a great degree. Her empathy skill, on the other hand.. helps her.. as she puts it.. "Override a persons senses" In order to Dull thier pain, or to enhance hier abilities to some degree.

Through extending her telekinetic power she is also capable of flight.. although she's still quite a bit Jittery when using it.

End Comments:
By now the origin of her name is fairly Obviouse if you think about it.. but to clarify... Her name is a combination of the First use of her illusion powers and the mechanics of her empathic healing ability.

Since she isn't a movie star.. and infact.. prefers the behinde the scenes approach. She tends to lack the grand standing attitude common in some hero types. She prefers Practicality in costume wear, which is why she wears armor.. instead of a skimpy outfit. Although she enjoys the spotlight when it IS on her.. she doesn't actively seek it out... and is known to quote. "I'de much rather direct."

EDIT: and also "I have this horrible sinking feeling that I'm going to wind up as the mascot for the company I work for..." *shudders*