A brief history of the Rikti-Testomony of a hero




-Alright here we go. These are the true accounts of myself dealing with the alien menace we call the Rikiti.(OOC. this post is filled with Spoilers to the Rikti story line along with a few others.)

When i first came to the city I heard horrible tales of aliens called Rikti.(I was working on a program with the (censored). I was sent to test a suit for them in the city.

When i first actually fought the Rikiti I was to rescue a POW from them. They were odd creatures. A large number of them nude. I suppose their armour was damaged and the good armour was given to supiriour officers.

Mission after mission i tried to unravel the mystery. That is until i got my first clue not from the Rikti but from the Lost.

That's right the Lost are genetically modifed humans fused with Rikiti D.N.A. Hense the strange mutations in thier leaders , and their large arsenal of alien weapons.

Again nothing much on the Rikiti story for months. Still seeking information on the Rikiti I went to the city archives.

I learned about the exploits of Omega team and Hero 1, and how the Rikti had a weakness to magic. While anwsering a few question's it opened many, many more.

Halph a year passed and the Rikiti invaded again. I quickly joined the Vanguard in search of anwsers. What i learned will shock you all.

The Rikti are as you know aliens from another dimension. What i did not know is that the Rikti were once very similar to us! Until alien invaders came to their universe, and "Riktified them".

There are also two factions to the Rikiti on earth. The traditionalist who want to establish peace with hummanity, and the reserechanist who want to upgradfe their army and complete their goal. One may ask what was their goal?

Their goal was not to conquer nor destroy us. They wanted to better our species the way theirs was. The lost are example of their goals. They are in a phase of human evoloution called a "Transhuman" While the Rikti are a phase of humanity called "Posthuman".

This week however i have learned of more travesties by the Rikiti. The creature under the city in the abonded section known as the Hydra is no urban legend. It along with it's commrades are bacteria, fungi, and plant based orginisms brought here from another dimesion by the Rikti to force us to submit to them. However the Hydra men have no idea what has happened and if you see a strange man wearing odd clothes in a world with a blue sky(theirs is green), you would panic too.

I am afraid it has come to the final and most disturbing portion of this testomony. Hero 1 has been Riktified. He is now a post human just like them.

While i detest the Rkiti I think in a way they accomplished their mission. Not in the way they wanted im shure but hummanity has benifited as well as lost from these invasions hav.....

I have to go the Feds are onto me.