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As the clouds of war darken the worlds' skies, men and women all over the world have united to drive back the Rikti. We now know that no corner of the world is safe, especially our homes in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Almost hourly, it seems, various parts of the cities are attacked by the Rikti. Hourly brave men and women answer the call to battle against the invaders. I went out to various battle sites and asked those that had been fighting what they thought of all that had been gong on.

Reactions to the invasion have been varied. While some are hopeful for the future.

Reactions to the invasion have been varied. While some are hopeful
for the future.

Princess Kiko (31 Controller Justice):

"I think that it is horrible that we are being invaded and that so many lives are in danger. However, I believe that the citizens of Paragon City should see a glimmer of hope for the future as both heroes and villains are showing that they have

the ability to work together for the greater good."

Mal Violetino (25 Peacebringer Liberty):

"The invasion itself, is of course, horrible. That this wonderful world of ours has found itself in such peril again. In a strange sort of way, it's also brought out something wonderful as a result. The way everyone bands together at a moment's notice and fights back-to-back is honestly, very remarkable and heartfelt. I think this has created a greater sense of community"

Soul of the Shadows (44 Warshade Protector):

"Well since I came to this world originally to help fight the Rikti it feels like I have a purpose again."

Allistarr (30 Defender Freedom):

"Interesting times indeed. I have seen many people I thought retired come back to active duty. Surprisingly, working for a greater good with the villains shows that there is hope for us all!"

Others worry for the future and their safety

Ol' Man Core (50 blaster Pinnacle):

"The rikti have been tough and this common alliance with these villains has been unnerving. At anytime the constant fights against the ship, I am waiting for a stalker to settle the score."

Ms. Demeanor (40 Scrapper Infinty):

"Frankly this has shaken me, It seems like no matter how many we fight back they keep coming. Honestly what do we plan to do if we lose?"

Richter Scale (50 Tanker Virtue):

"I'm concerned about the seemingly unprovoked attacks against us. It seems like we where so close to putting the first rikti invasion behind us, only to have it explode in a wave of violence. I just hope we can keep the general populace safe."

Others reactions have been mixed.

Cap'n Crossbones (43 MM Triumph):

"These new Rikti look different and I like it. To me it seems that when the Rikti hit a zone time slows down horridly. From what my comrades tell me it happens at the Mother ship as well. The constant air raids warnings are enough to make me want to go back to the zig."

shakara. (47 Brute Triumph):

"Fighting alongside the heroes is an interesting occurance. I am learning a few new tricks from them."

Miss Insidious (36 Stalker Champion):

"Bah I could care less. While the pathetic heroes and the misguided villains are off fighting their silly little war, my actions will go unnoticed."

Nanna Hail (20 Corrupter Victory):

"Hahaha!!! To think I was worried about those alien freaks. My ice powers were more then a match for those weaklings, that and my team mates."

While some reactions are just plain out there.

Dark Willing (8 Dominator Guardian):

"I think this invasion is a real shame. I mean these weird aliens get defeated,
and now they're back for more. It is the citizens of this fine town who are
taking the brunt of it. They can't stand up to these things and now they run
screaming in fear. I mean just the other day I was helping a lil old lady
across the street. A lil monkey laid some wierd mental thingy on her and she
thinks I am stealing her purse. Now we can't even help the elderly because of

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Boudicia's Leather Weather Report

Wow, I've been so busy fighting back the Rikti invasion I haven't
had even one minute to look at meterological reports. Who cares about weather,
get out there and repel those alien scum!

To our loyal readers,

I write this letter as a break from reading all the entries into
our Call to Arms Contest. We’ve been looking at a wide variety from you people.
Although I won’t give my specific opinions, I will say that we’ve seen
everything from Salsa dancers to tuna casserole mentioned in these articles. I
love the variety we’re getting, and the majority of these are high quality
things! Whether you entered, you need to read our August 10th issue, when we
announce the winners to our first contest.

This week’s issue is coming down from the release of Issue 10, an
issue that has been mostly well received (unlike the great controversies that
were Enhancement Diversification or the addition of a Market) It’s good to see,
and we’ve gone ahead and included ChaseArcanum’s guide to I10 in the “Hot
Threads” section. That should help you get a footing in all the new content if
you haven’t already. Am I silly for having opened that and instantly gone to
the new costumes?

Anyway, next week we’ve added new staff to this team, and their
contributions are going to start appearing soon. As per fan request, we’ve gone
ahead and brought a new staff member in to do tips on Super Group base
construction and design, born2luz. Born2luz is well known for the vast
knowledge of the intricacies of bases, and we’re very excited to finally be
able to represent that aspect of the community. Also joining the team is Derek
Sweet, creator of City of Zeroes, a comic strip that can be seen at If you’re not familiar with him, I suggest you check it out.
It’s good stuff.

We hope that you like these new additions, but more importantly,
we hope that we continue to capture your attention and imaginations. We’ll keep
adding more each week as we get feedback from you all. So, until next time,
whether villain or hero, keep the fight to the Rikti!

, Co-Editor in Chief

P.S. Check out the totally wicked watermarks. What do you think
mine should be? I need ideas...

Point / Counterpoint

This is the eighth in a series of point-counterpoint articles,
which will review commonly requested player suggestions, and review the pros
and cons of those suggestions.

This week’s subject – Market Merger


There are potential advantages to merging the Hero and Villain
markets into a single market. Allowing both sides to access a single market
increases the flow of items being bought and sold on the markets individually.
If one side or the other had an imbalance in one particular kind of item that
was not present in the other side, such imbalance could be counteracted by the
other side having access to those items. For instance, the ease with which Pool
C recipes could be obtained heroside(due to the Katie Hannon Task Force) could
be balanced by villains being able to buy those recipes. While costs may
generally approach heroside prices due to a large fraction of players playing
heroes instead of villains, the increased inf sums villains could obtain may
offset this price increase. Overall, given normal market forces, more supply
and demand leads to a more stable economy. It would also potentially balance
out PvP, as both sides would have reasonable access to recipes that presently
may not be true.


But there are also potential disadvantages to merging the Hero and
Villain markets into a single market. Unlike the current situation, where
content availability is generally the same regardless of which server you are
on, the content in Heroes is necessarily different from that in Villains. Thus,
there will always be some inequity of supply generation. In addition, the
different ATs in each game may lend themselves to favoring one side or another
at supply generation. There is also the immersion breaking aspect of heroes and
villains supporting one another via a merged market. There would potentially be
a longer lag time between accessing a CH NPC and when the CH User interface
finishes populating. Perhaps most importantly, such a merger may result in long
term instability, if normal market forces end up not working. It is generally
accepted that heroes have more inf, character to character, than their villain
counterparts, due to the longer existence of CoH, and the general lack of
things to use that inf on in earlier issues. If market forces fail to
stabilize, the long term imbalance could be a disincentive to play villainside.
And there is no way to undo a merger once it happens, any problems would have
to be rectified with a new solution.

You can add your thoughts to this suggestion in any of the Market
threads in this forum

Market Report

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the auction

A massive shortage of arcane salvage hit just after publication of
last week's report, as weekend supers flocked to the RWZ and away from battles
with arcane enemies. Prices spiked analogously to the earlier crunch the
previous Tuesday: high- and mid-level commons saw the highest spikes and
wildest swings, while pricing pressure mounted on arcanes at all levels and

The supply shortage and resulting increases in price brought out
the worst backlash against profiteering this reporter has yet seen. If the
Freedom Phalanx stocked pitchforks and torches, Wentworths would be reduced to
rubble, the Black Market trucks burned out husks.

Of course, none of the reactionaries have suggested any reasonable
alternative to the free market. City officials have so far remained mum on the
idea of rationing, and salvage tokens or recipe stamps would no doubt be just
as unpopular among crusaders as the current wealth hierarchy. For the moment
then the choices are all clear, and none appealing: pay higher prices for
scarce goods, hunt arcane enemies to harvest them personally, or do without.

Meanwhile, as expected, costume pieces steadily fell in price
throughout the week, while heroside pool C recipes steadily climbed. Though
both developments were expected (and nearly drowned in other noise), the
long-term implications may be just as significant as the shift in arcane

Breaking news : The Consignment markets on both sides
were shut down shortly after I compiled the 8/2 salvage data. As far as this
reporter can tell, a days' worth of transactions had been erased by a patch to
the software. Therefore the following information may be inaccurate; I present
it as-is with this disclaimer in the hopes that it is at least somewhat more
useful than no data at all.

Top sellers on each market as of the morning of 8/2:



















of the Furies




















Trapped Gem



Black Market


















of the Furies








Trapped Gem















See the full report

- Protea




Back to front page

State of the Archetype:


If one archetype causes confusion, discussion and reflection, it
is surely the Defender. From endless arguments about whether Empathy Defenders
should be ‘healers’ to the role of the Defender on team, Defenders are often
misunderstood and under appreciated.

Blasters and Scrappers make things fall down, Tankers can hold the
attention of large mobs of villains, Controllers can lock down groups of
enemies while Kheldians add a je ne sais quoi to your group. Defender benefits
may not be as visible, however. The ‘Deflected’ message when a Force Field does
its job, the consistently lower damage taken by someone under a Sonic shield or
even the Dark Servant’s baleful and harrowing presence all serve to add an
element of survivability to the team.

Defenders currently are in a very good place. They act as force
multipliers on teams and, with stackable buffs, allow characters to reach near
absurd levels of performance.

Is there room for improvement with Defenders?

Certainly there is. To begin with, the inherent is rather
understated. The problem with Vigilance is that when a defender is doing their
job properly, the Endurance discount will almost never come up. When a team is
on the ragged edge of disaster, that spare endurance may allow for some
lifesaving measures. Might Vigilance not be better as a bonus to buffs of some
sort? At this point, Defenders are unlikely to get much of a boost because of
their overall strength and performance.

Trick Arrow is also an understated and underplayed set. Its
animation times and subtle effects tend to throw people off, who then gravitate
to more common sets such as Empathy or Kinetics.

An important quality of life change has occurred with Issue 10:

The graphical representations of Sonic Resonance shields have
undergone a change for the better. Whereas before, the oblong graphics and
lingering sound effects caused migraines in some players, the new versions seem
free of these effects. Additionally, the Sonic Resonance shields are more
visible than their predecessors.

Issue 9: Breakthrough added the versatile and immersive Invention
System to the game.

Invention Origins (IOs) are a mixed bag for Defenders. While sets
such as Luck of the Gambler, Doctored Wounds, Miracle and Decimation make their
way into builds, other builds are snubbed by the lack of Invention recipes to
affect accuracy/heal or even Dark Defender ‘Fluffy’ pets, which do not benefit
from ToHit Debuff sets that would improve their performance.

On the PvP side of things, Defenders are never without options.
The more expert players seem to gravitate toward Radiation Emission/Psychic
Blast, Kinetics/Psychic Blast and Storm Summoning/Psychic Blast.

There is some debate whether an Empathy Defender with a Stealth IO
can stand up to par with an Illusion/Empathy Controller counterpart. Overall
though, Defenders make your player vs. player experience better and stronger
with their array of buffs and unresisted debuffs. Whether you want to be a holy
terror in Siren’s Call or a more focused build in the Arena, there is room for
you in this sphere of the game.

Some of you may be wondering whether a Defender can hold its own
solo or whether it needs a team to thrive. On the team aspect, certainly groups
such as Buffer Overrun and Repeat Offenders’ subgroups of Defender teams make a
great case for the teaming aspect. Even outside of those focused groups, a
Defender is almost never at loss for a teaming opportunity, especially for Task
Forces, Trials or other lengthy projects.

On the solo front, the lower damage output of our secondary can
make missions a tad more arduous than it would for our ‘smashy’ brethren.
However, some Defenders are well suited to solo play: Storm, Radiation,
Kinetics, Dark and Trick Arrow all mold the battle to their own desires and
thus can solo with quiet dignity.

Quiet dignity is a good phrase to cap this column. In the face of
players bombarding you with tells “r u he4lr?” (Didn’t a wise forum soul say:
‘Heal0rs are like depends, only for the incompetent’) to hyperactive players
asking for “SB PLZ!!!” the Defender stands with a smile, knowing she is the
backbone of many teams.

Defenders are in a great position now: from early blooming sets
such as Empathy to later maturing ones such as Dark or Storm Summoning, each
adds an element of support, offense and excitement to any team they join.


Sun is in Leo/Scrapper, Moon is in Aries/Brute

Julian Day 2454316.33


– Neptune conjunct Moon increases your sensitivity to others yet tends to
delude you, perhaps encouraging you to misplace your affections. The romantic
dreamier side in you is in full blossom now.

– Mars square Uranus makes you desire new and original experiences. Be careful
not to forsake old friends at this time just to meet someone "new and

– Sun opposite Neptune marks a time when you may become bewildered by the
actions of others and you may be deceived by someone.

– Moon trine Jupiter instills a generous and warm mood in you that should make
you popular in social circles, and melt even the coldest heart.

- Sun trine Mars marks increased energy for work or play and may exalt self

– Moon trine Pluto makes you much more passionate today and relationships tend
to intensify during this transit.

– Venus trine Mars strongly stimulates your imagination making for very
enjoyable physical involvements. You may attract (or be attracted to) a

Villain Horrorscopes

– Moon conjunct Sun invigorates you today, bringing feelings to the surface.
Your relationships with others, especially women, will be more harmonious.

– Neptune trine Moon instills a romantic yet nurturing mentality in you now.
Your intuition is greatly improved at this time.

– Sun trine Sun signals a time of inner peace and smooth sailing in
relationships. If you are romantically involved, it is a time to experience
growth as a couple.

– Mars transiting the First House invigorates your body however, you should be
careful of taking any undo risks or "thrill-seeking" stunts at this time.

– Uranus conjunct Mars is a transit of spectacular power, and the explosive
energy may flood into any facet of your life. You will find it difficult to
control or even mask your emotions.

~Handwritten page found lying atop the Horoscope submission~

Oh dear me, what is with all this emotional, lovey dovey flotsam?
Oh, it seems that goody goody little hero can’t see past Venus in Scorpio. Her
loss, hopefully. Let’s see if we can find something useful.


– If the heroes are distracted by matters of the heart, I think you should
smash that first.

– Keep your eyes on the prize dear… no, not –that- prize, the enemy’s defeat.

– Do not allow the enemy a single moment, not even to breathe. They find
inspiration in the oddest things.

– I know it’s fun to toy with them when they can’t fight back, they won’t be
held in your thrall forever though. Finish the job.

– That hiding thing you do, has anyone ever mentioned that it’s a little
creepy, especially when I’m buying enhancements.


– Yes, yes dear, love is in the air. Go flit and fly and find it… or something.

– Darling, the flowers in the vase by your foyer are getting old. Perhaps you
should go pick some more. You might find love there… or something.

– What do you think, should I wear my hair up or down? No, I’m not curious but
the answer that popped into that cute little mind of yours might be why you
don’t have a date.

– Is that aura just for looks or does it –do- something… like chase away a
potentially interesting new ‘friend’?

– I hear the pitter patter of tiny tanker feet in your future… or it could be a
vermin infestation.

– Perhaps a hat or at least a new one… one that doesn’t reek with the stench of
a thousand defeats, and sweat.

– Perhaps a hobby will temper that dark streak in you. Have you tried baking
cookies? I’m sure something like dark chocolate chip would be right up your

~Love and Kisses


From the X

"Dear LiquidX,

As the result of the Banished Pantheon's bungling, they raised me
from my grave with the intent of making me an animated corpse. I guess they
didn't realize I had a latent mutant ability before I died. This hidden power
of mine let me break free of their control, but now I am a wandering ghost.

I have used my repreive from death to help the city, but my main goal is to get
back at the Pantheon for disturbing me and the many other graves they have

I have gained enough control of my powers that I can now battle with the
Pantheon, but I wonder if I should keep concentraing my efforts on them? Or
should I further develop my abilities to help my city and maybe find a way to
actually rest again?

Thanks for your help,

Ban She"

Dear Ban She,

Why you so angry? You not hungry for Vengence... You hungry for HOT POCKETS!




Arts & Entertainment

Artist Spotlight

Douglas Shuler, AKA Darkjedi

A couple weeks ago I began my stalk.. I mean. Curiosity about a
few particular artists that contribute to City of Heroes/Villains. I noticed a
particular artist named Darkjedi and began my obsess.. I mean... decision to
interview him. His history with art was amazing. He's worked with major
companies like Lucas Films, Paramount Pictures, etc. It's no wonder -- His
artwork is spectacular and detailed. You can tell theres passion in each piece.
I started to plot... Err, set up an interview with Mr. Shuler, and here it is.
It was a pleasure to work with you Doug!
- Douglas Shuler's Official Site

Q. Hey Darkjedi! Or should I call you Douglas Shuler?

A. Doug is fine. No need to be formal.

Q. How and when did you start drawing/creating art? Was it a talent
that came naturally, or did you take time honing your talent?

A. I've always had an ability to create images and I can't
remember a time when I wasn't drawing, but I've never been happy with my art.
I'm always looking to the *next* piece to be the one that makes me happy
because my images so rarely turn out like I envision them. It's frustrating at
times, but I'm driven to achieve more with my art.

Q. What are your cures for lack of inspiration or artist's block?

A. Whenever I'm at a lack of ideas for a piece, I'll either
read some comics or surf the net (gotta love YouTube). That usually gets me
back on track. I like to have something distracting going on while I work so
I'm not really paying attention to the art itself, and usually have the
Discovery channel or a DVD playing in the background. I actually do my best
work when I don't remember doing it...which is wierd because a movie will end
and I'll look at what I'm doing and be pleased.

Q. What are your other hobbies?

A. Computer gaming, of course - I've been playing MMORPGs
since the late '90's, but sitll enjoy solid strategy games too, such as
Starcraft and Age Of Empires. I'm also a big fan of wargamming and have a
particular preference for Warhammer 40k. I've been painting miniatures for over
20 years, and find it very relaxing. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of
10,000 figures... but maybe a quarter of those are painted.

Q. What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

A. I'm still very fond of my 'Magic' years; that is to say,
my contributions to the card game, Magic; The Gathering. I painted somewhere in
the neighborhood of 160 cards over the course of 10 years and have had a good
relationship with Wizards Of The Coast... but it's becoming time to take my
art in a new direction.

Q. What are your least favorite parts about being an artist?

A. Deadlines. Oh, and deadlines. Art is an inherently
creative pursuit, while schedules and deadlines are counter to that same
creativity. It can be difficult to 'create on demand', and fulfilling creative
committments can be hard sometimes. But keeping the client happy is vital to
getting future works and it's important to remain on time.

Q. Who are some people you admire and why?

A. There are so many, but Alex Ross is certainly near the
top. He pioneered a style that has redefined a genre, and to this day no one
has met his level in the comics field. His blend of fantasy and reality make it
easier to believe the stories he illustrates. Others that I strongly admire are
Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, and Joe Chiodo.

Q. Which piece of art would you consider your best?

A. That's a particularly difficult question because I'm
constantly pushing to make each piece better than the last. I suppose one that
has demonstrated to myself that 3D art is a viable medium for me might be the
'Crimson Storm' piece I did for Brandon McKinney.

Crimson Storm

However, despite my recent and growing interest in 3D art, I've always had a
particular passion for plain old pencils. In that area, I think a piece called
'Cerridwyn' is my favorite.


Q. What are your future goals? Any big events or anything planned
in the near future?

A. I'd LOVE to do some of my 3D works for the larger
publishers, such as DC, Marvel, or Top Cow. I'm working towards that goal by
assembling some of my best works and 'gathering my forces' for my eventual
push. More than anything, I need to convince myself that my works are ready.

Q. What do you tell people who admire you?

A. I try to be very encouraging of all artists, regardless
of their level of development. One of my personal mantras is to find one flaw
with every piece I create so the next one is better. I also try to encourage
people to never stop drawing; so often I've heard stories of people that
stopped and wish they hadn't... but like any skill, drawing requires constant
replenishment to stay fresh.

Q. Do you have any advice for up and coming artists?

A. So often, the advice told to up and coming artists is to
'never give up' or 'stick with it'. That advice is repeated over and over
because IT'S TRUE; the more you draw, the better you get.

Beyond that, there's great value in anatomy books and drawing from life. Look
at how things REALLY are, and how they're REALLY shaped... don't copy someone
else's distortion. I don't recommend starting artists to learn to draw by
copying comics, or Manga, or cartoons, because those art forms are distortions
of reality. Learning to draw from real life enables an artist to distort their
works into any form they want, but learning to draw the distortion first
doesn't teach the artist to draw realistically.

I want to thank Douglas Shuler for doing this interview with me
again, and fulfilling my art-fan-girl needs. I need to go have a cigarette now.


*I'd like to apologize to Sixty for making an error and giving
credit of her Gwen Snow piece to Grae Knight. It was Sixty's wonderful work!

Art Jam

A reminder that the art jam is being continued through this coming
Wednesday (August 8th). I want to see some submissions. City of Heroes/Villains
has an awesome art community, show off your talent! The subject of the art jam
is "What do you feel makes you a hero?". I want to see drawings, sketches,
doodles, etc of things that you feel are heroic. It can be your character,
someone you made up, a real life hero, someone who is special to you, anything.
Submit them to me by PM by next Wednesday at 10am Eastern, please!

Jenna Seidel's Rogue Islands Repast

Greeting Villains, Vigilantes, Heroes and other general pains in
the neck. Jenna Seidel here with anther installment of the Infamous, Rogue Isle
Repast. I hope that our “Guests:Uninvited” aren't putting too much of a dent in
your good or bad natures. Rikti speak, get it? Ah, I kill me.

Never mind... OK I was hanging out in Port Oaks, the other day,
trying to keep my trademark duster attached to my head, when I got a hankering
for some food. I thought to myself, “Self, if we make it out of this Invasion
wave alive, I'm treating us to lunch at The White Elephant Restaurant and Bar.”
Well, I guess that Jenna Seidel still knows how to look out for number one,
'cause, half an hour after the fighting started, I was sipping Bombay Sunrises
in this sweet little eatery. You walk in and your senses are assaulted by the
sweet and pungent smells of spices. Not just cinnamon and mint, but anise,
cardamon, nutmeg, and curries. The White Elephant Bar and Grill, according to
the menu, is a “Colonial Fusion”. My waiter explained that means the food is a
mix of all the flavors of the British colonies. So basically they have taken
the flavors of the native dishes of India, the British West Indies, Hong Kong,
central Africa and the Americas and blended it into unique dishes. All it means
to me is good food.

From their signature iced tea, featuring cinnamon and mint, to
their mango sundaes, everything at the Elephant is creative. The appetizer menu
offers unusual combinations like a thin crust pizza with tandoori cooked
chicken and vegetables and a peanut-yellow curry sauce and pot stickers served
with mango-cilantro dipping sauce. Traditional appetizers and snacks include
samosa, a potato and meat filled dumpling, and a jerked chicken. Entrees
include Curried chicken salad lettuce wraps, Jerk spiced vegetarian burgers,
and authentic Hong Kong pan fried noodles. One thing that is missing from the
Elephants menu is cow. The owner's wife is a strict Hindi and refuses to serve
the sacred animal, even if the customers might want it. They seem to do OK,
even without the beef.

The White Elephant is in the higher end of costs, but not so
prohibitive that you couldn't eat there once a week. They accept cash and

Well, it looks like those mind bending alien pests are back. I'm
going to join the fray.

Curried Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

  • 1 pound chicken, grilled or tandoori (if you know how) or 2 8 oz
    cans of chicken well drained

  • 1 6 oz can of pineapple chunks drained

  • 1/2 cup of shredded coconut, sweetened

  • 1 5 oz can of sliced water chestnuts, almonds, peanuts, or
    chashews to taste

  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise or salad dressing

  • 1 tablespoon of curry powder (curry comes in different colors and
    flavors, pick a mild curry, yellow or green)

  • 1 head of lettuce, iceberg or butter is best but any broad-leaf
    lettuce will do.


    Mix the mayo and the curry powder in a small dish. If using your
    own cooked chicken cut into 1 inch cubes, if you are using canned chicken drain
    well. Mix the chicken, pineapple, coconut, nuts and curry dressing until
    chicken is coated. Remove, wash and pat dry the lettuce leaves. Serve with 2-3
    lettuce leaves and a small dish of the salad, to eat place a spoon full of the
    chicken salad on a lettuce leaf and roll up.


Come Dodge with The Artful Dodgers! RP on Virtue!

Are you an at-risk super-powered teen living on the streets? Do
you need shelter, protection, help?

Then contact QuietAmerican

Become a hero! The first life you save may be your own!

Alt-A-Holics Anonymous is looking for chapter leaders in these
following shards:

Guardian, Protector, Triumph and Victory

Please send a /tell to @Ihavealtitis with your application

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The Arena

Resistance PvPEC Results

Mixed Pentad Results.

Team Triumph winners were:

Avid - Controller

Energy Fr0st - Blaster

Demonic Destiny - Corruptor

Squints Trow Fire - Dominator

Mr. Minmax - Defender

Deadly Duo results.

28 teams (56 PvPers) participated, but in the end it came down to
two undefeated teams, Fly Like Hekishi and lol Pinnacle. Fly Like Hekishi was
-Ownage and Not Putzing, and lol Pinnacle was Lyter Fluid and Silver Charm. In
their final match Fly Like Hekishi pulled out the win, 7-0.

Gladiator results - The Gladiator event was won
by Killa Ant with Betamax coming in second.

/em Smack



the Mask

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Justice Server

Where do you live?

I live in Gloversville, New York.

Do you have any pets?

More pets than I could want. I currently have two dogs and two

Most interesting place you have visited.

The most interesting place I've ever visited would have to be Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.

Your top three songs of all time

I don't have three top songs of all time. I'm the kind of guy that
doesn't listen to music.

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

I don't know if there's five I couldn't live without, but one of
my favorite TV shows is Dirty Jobs. I just like seeing people get dirty.

Best book you last read?

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It was just one of those
books that kept me reading to the end.

What is your favorite pop culture qoute?

I don't know that many pop culture quotes, so I can't say.

What other hobbies do you have?

Most of my other hobbies include reading, writing, and drawing.
Some of my friends on City of Heroes asked me to draw there characters, so I
naturally got caught up in drawing. Writing is something I've always done as a
way to get my ideas out. It helps when I'm creating a character on the game.

Who is your real life hero?

My real life hero is Bear Grylls. Most people know him as the host
of "Man vs. Wild." Yet he's also a written a book, [u]The Kid Who Climbed Everest[u],
and some others I can't remember. He's also a motivational speaker. The way he
tackles his challenges both in his television show, and in his day to day life
is inspiring to me.


Accepted, but not required.

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your home

My home server is Justice. There was a stretch of time when I
didn't have City of Heroes, but was looking for videos on it on youtube. The
first video I saw of it on youtube showed the words "Justice" at the end. When
I got the game finally and I saw Justice as a server, I went right to it.

How did you get drawn to this game?

Out of luck really. I used to watch G4 and there I saw quite a bit
about City of Heroes. So I naturally wanted to try it out.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The best thing I think about this game is the people. You never
get tired of teaming with friends, or hanging out in Atlas and talking to
everybody. It's a very friendly game.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

Biosphere, and he's a Invulnerability, Super strength Tanker. I
made Biosphere to be me if I had super powers.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and why.

The Tanker archtype is my favorite hands down. There's something
to me about always heading into a group of enemies first that makes the set
cool to me. I guess I just like playing characters that can take a beating.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

I normally try to figure them out myself. I don't use guides or
anything, so when something new is there for me to solve, I try and do it on my

What zone is your favorite?

Atlas Park hands down. The statues of the heroes and the great
scenery really pull me in. Plus I love relaxing under the Atlas statue and
talking with friends.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

The Unity Plauge from the contact Jenny Firkins. It was so
rewarding for me to read the clues and advance in the story. One of the last
missions in the Story Arch really made me happy. The mission where you have to
run around Paragon giving the Unity cure to the trainers. It was a very cool
thing to me that made the Story Arch my favorite.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9 and I10
really added anything to the game and


Well of course I9 and I10 added a whole lot to the game. New
things to buy, craft, find, and missions to do. It's a whole new experiance of
the game that's really different than when I started playing. The new systems
of both the auction house and the Rikti invasions just make the game a whole
lot more appealing.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Never give up. The game gets good when it gets challenging. Never
give up trying to make it to the next level, or trying to make friends though.

Any closing comments?

Just that I'll see everybody in game, and to continue to have fun
on the game.


Champion Server

Where do you live?

Austin, Texas

Do you have any pets?

Does my wife count? Just joking. I have a black and white cat
named Sasha

Most interesting place you have visited.

My honeymoon last year was in Paris, France. It's impossible for
me to put into words how beautiful that city is. Of course like everywhere you
have your "dirty" parts of town, but the history and the sites in Paris are
overwhelming. We spent a week there and could have easily spent a month seeing
all that Paris had to offer. Seeing the Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe,
Sacre Couer, and Eiffel Tower up close and personal was simply amazing. I am
hoping to go back for more within the next few years.

Your top three songs of all time.

1) The Dance - Garth Brooks

2) Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye

3) Sweet Child of Mine - Guns N Roses

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

1) Hell's Kitchen

2) Iron Chef America

3) Heroes

4) So You Think You Can Dance (lolz I know)

5) CSI Miami

Best book you last read?

Deception Point - Dan Brown

What is your favorite pop culture qoute?

"To Alcohol: the cause of - and solution to - all of life's
problems!" - Homer J. Simpson

What other hobbies do you have?

Weightlifting, Biking, Camping, Men's Softball A League,
Traveling, Collecting DVDs

Who is your real life hero?

My Father, for never giving up no matter how hard life gets at


Well, I prefer to take them off as much as possible, but I do put
them on like everyone else.....too tight and bulging at the seams.

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as
your home server?

Champion - During my 14-day trial a buddy gave me I chose it
because it sounded like the best name at the time, had no real rhyme or reason
for it. I didn't even know about the forums yet.

How did you get drawn to this game?

My wife actually introduced me into this game through a friend of
hers that was playing at the time. He gave me a 14-day trial code and my wife
and I played for a week before I signed up. I had no clue after that week my
wife would never play again and would end up hating the game more than anything
else imaginable.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I like the customization of the characters and the way no matter
how you build it, it will be 100% unique and your own. Even in Hardcore PVP,
which is what I am in to, your toon is unique still in many ways, especially
now that I9 and IOs are here. The way people can enhance and build their toon
is staggering.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

Neo Dark Guardian was my first "Neo" toon and was the beginning of
a long line of them. He is an EM/EA Brute.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play
and why.

As mainly a villain player, I prefer to play corrupters overall,
but I like my dominator the best of all my toons. I think corrupters are really
the jacks of all trades. A fire/kin can be an extreme damage dealer in addition
to a great buffer/debuffer and decent healer. A sonic/thermal is an
unbelievable debuffer and buffer but can also do damage when needed. An
ice/dark can almost out-hold a dominator while doing great damage and debuffing
as well. So, while I prefer to play my dominator due to PVP reasons, I think my
corrupter toons get the most work.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

Having the privilege to lead one of the most awesome villain
groups in the game helps out tremendously with that. There isn't a challenge we
don't tackle together. Whether it be 3-4 full teams of Dark Revolution mates
going after the challenge or or 3-4 full teams of coalition mates taking it on,
we do it in force and almost always come up successful.

What zone is your favorite?

Personally, I like Port Oaks the best of all the zones visually.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

The TV arc in Grandville is a lot of fun, also the Viridian Arc in
Grandville as well.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that
I9 and I10 really added anything to the game and why?

I think they have added a ton of stuff to do in game, however, I
have my reservations about whether they were good for the game or not. While
IOs give people the ability to customize and enhance their characters well
beyond what was previously capable, the market itself is not what I would
consider stable still. More and more players and most noticeable, my members,
are complaining about not being "rich" enough to do anything worthwhile on
their alts. The KH quickie and other quick TF/SFs are being run consistently
while normal teams are on the decline, at least from my perspective. It seems
all people are doing now is farming/grinding solo for their IO stuff rather
than team and have fun before I9. I10 offered more in the way of getting teams
going again, in a fresh new way too, being able to team heroes and villains
together for major battles. The zone itself is pretty nice and so far, the
contacts/arcs have been fun. I am not sure, but my feeling is once people have
all the merits they need for the costume pieces and they get the new accolades,
the zone will die down tremendously. I hope it continues to be a place where
hero/villain friends can team together and have some fun.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Try and find a really good group of people to play with. The only
reason I have stuck around this long is because my villain group is extremely
active, like-minded, and very friendly. If you can find some players who play
on your schedule and meet the some general guidelines you determine to be
worthwhile, then you will have much more fun in this game and be able to get
advice/knowledge from those that have been around the block. Enter into the
community of the game, don't just play it. You will find it to be a more
fulfilling way to spend time in the game.


Virtue Server

Where do you live?

I currently live in Bridgeport Connecticut, about one hour north
of New York City. I grew up in California and have slowly moved my way east
(AZ, IN, NH, & CT).

Do you have any pets?

I have two cats, brothers from the same litter. They are 12 years old, and
while I love them…boy can they be a pain. All the jokes about cat independence
are dead on, and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Most interesting place you have visited.

Probably the most interesting place I have been would be Ellis Island. The
magnitude of history there is unfathomable if you have never visited. The fact
that thousands of immigrants passed through the island on their way to the
United States (many being separated from their loved ones) is amazing. If you
are ever in NYC, it is one place you really should go!

Your top three songs of all time

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats, Synchronicity- Police, Imperial
March- John Williams

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

Currently: Doctor Who, Amazing Race, Survivor (really these are
the only two reality shows I watch…well there IS Who wants to be a
superhero..but that doesn’t count…does it?), Battlestar Galactica (new)

Best book you last read?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- J.K. Rowling It was well worth the wait,
and pain to blast through to insure a Spoiler Free Read. My head hurt for two
days after I finished the book.

What is your favorite pop culture qoute?

Well it’s note really a pop culture quote….but the one I like at the moment is:

“First things first….but not necessarily in that order.” -Doctor Who

But if I have to go with pop culture it would be:


What other hobbies do you have?

Pretty much I read, write stories when I have time, and play with
my two girls.

Who is your real life hero?

Real life hero? That is a tough one, but if I was to pick, it would have to be
my wife. Anyone who can give birth to two girls and keep an even temperament
when both are screaming their heads off, is a true hero!


Button then zip

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your home

Well I started on Victory, but all of my friends moved to Virtue, so now its
Virtue…LCMS’s and all.

How did you get drawn to this game?

With the exception of two breaks during the births of both my daughters, I have
been with CoH since Beta. I was drawn in from the get-go. I was a member of the
pre beta forums, and even created our super group with friends met on that
board. A friend and I wrote many a story about CoH before we even had a CoH to

I have seen some great things (free expansions, new costume pieces, and CoV),
and I have seen some bad things (ED, removal of the 5th Column, and significant
nerfs in the beginning [even if they WERE warented.].

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The ability to run with an idea and create a hero. Even with a set number of
powers (oh I wish they had kept the original idea of picking any powersets
rather than set ones!) I love with coming up with a concept character on the
drive home, and then loading up the Character Creator and getting to business
designing the hero or heroine.

And yes…I am an Altaholic

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

My namesake character is Guardian Knight, a lvl 32 Broadsword / Invulnerable
scrapper on Victory. Unfortunately he is stuck on Victory while I am primarily
playing on Virtue. I am looking forward to server transfers so I can bring him
over and get him up to 50. I have written the most stories about him and have a
quite funny set of origin stories about his travels around the world looking
for information about his sword and armor.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and why.

I used to be a scrapper kind of guy. Head into the fray and kick some butt. But
over the last year I have branched out and tried a Defender Healer...which are
actually a lot of fun. Making that last second life save on a Tanker or
Scrapper is a blast.

But currently my favorite and getting all of my time is my Grav / Storm
Controller. I love her and all her holds. The ability to lock down a entire
group of villains is just great. Thrown in some Freezing Rain, a Wormhole toss,
and you have yourself a nicely packed, stunned, and held group for the rest of
your team.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

My first stop would be my SG.
The Order
is a great team, I cant say enough about the teamwork,
camaraderie, willingness to help and give suggestions, and overall maturity
& fun we have.

When I can’t get an answer there, I hit the CoH forums. You can always get some
great help, ideas, and assistance there.

What zone is your favorite?

Crotoa. I like the look, feel, stories, one of the faster TFs, and heck it even
has a cute monster in the water! What more could you ask.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

Unfortunately, I gave up on story arcs awhile ago. Since my time to play is
limited, I tend to focus on just playing in groups and going on other heroes

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9 and I10
really added anything to the game and


Yes, with Veteran Rewards we got some great costume pieces, which have been
great. And while I never would have considered myself a crafter by any stretch,
I am finding that with inventions, crafted enhancements, and salvage, I am able
to slot some great enhancements AND stay ahead in influence, which is a first
in all the years I have been playing.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Relax and enjoy the game. When you are ready, search the forums and find a
Super Group that is right for you. Don’t just join one when offered. Many out
there flounder and die, or just are not conductive to playing.

Also, try to cut the Role Players some slack. Some of the best playing
experiences have been in an all RP group.

Any closing comments?

I have been around for every incarnation of DOOOOOMMMMM that has been voice in
CoH since the beginning. And every time it has worked out just fine and the
game moves on and becomes even better. With the invasion under way, I think we
will have more good things to come.


Triumph Server

Where do you live?

On a ranch on the banks of the Rogue River, out in the middle of
nowhere in Southern Oregon. Amazingly, I actually have a decently fast wireless
internet connection out here!

Do you have any pets?

A cat named Spookie. She's actually named after my beloved
Dark/Dark Defender (and not the other way around).

Most interesting place you have visited.

Touch call, but I'd say the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.
I love that era of architecture in general, and add that to the product of a
deliciously deranged mind, and the results are amazing. I visit most every time
I get down there.

Your top three songs of all time

Even tougher call...I'm a musician and a bit of an audiophile.
With the caveat that this is subject to change at any time, and in no
particular order:

VNV Nation "Beloved"

Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up"

Nicolo Paganini "24th Caprice for Violin"

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

None. I don't watch television. Seriously.

Best book you last read?

Recently, "Warped Passages" by Lisa Randall, a fantastic
exploration of the latest advances in theoretical physics by one of the leaders
in the field. Oh, and "Harry Potter and the Death ly Hallows" because I like
having multiple aspects to my utter geekishness.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

"The more you drive, the less intelligent you are."

What other hobbies do you have?

As mentioned, I'm a musician, which since I no longer do it for a
living makes it a hobby, I suppose. I play violin, guitar, and keyboards fairly
competently, and a bunch of other instruments to varying stages of
unintentional comedy. I'm also an avid motorcyclist and flyfisher.

Who is your real life hero?

Valentino Rossi!


I refuse to answer on grounds of possible self-incrimination (and
possible expulsion from every SG I'm in...).

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your home

Triumph! I have managed to fill it up on two accounts - yes, I
have a terrible case of altitis. I picked it partly because some RL friends
were gravitating there back when CoH went live, and partly because I was riding
a Triumph bike at the time.

How did you get drawn to this game?

As mentioned, some RL friends were looking at it, people I'd
played on a superhero MUSH with a few years back. I was playing FPS games
almost exclusively at the time, since the majority of MMOs were fantasy-based,
a genre I'd become thoroughly bored with. City of Heroes was something
different and original. Still is.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I've always been impressed with how well CoH combined two things I
desire in an MMO: the ability to become deeply immersed in characters,
storyline, and relationships between characters...and a fast-paced,
smoothly-functioning gameplay. I'm a committed RP'er, but I like to get my game
on, too! CoH accommodates whatever gaming mood I happen to be in, from quiet RP
to intense Arena PvP.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

My forum and global chat name is "Dollhouse," and that's the name
of the first character I got to level 50. She's a Fire/Fire Tanker, and I still
play her. I've respec'd her a time or two to reflect changes in the game, and
these days she's really more of a "skranker" than a traditional Tank. She's
pretty duragble for her AT, but she specializes in bringing the pain! I often
team her with a hardcore Invul/SS Tanker (T K O), and as a duo, they're huge

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and why.

I've become a bit of a Defender specialist over the last three and
a half years, and my favorites are Dark/Dark Defenders. They can get
complicated to play, since they are perhaps the ultimate "Swiss Army Hero,"
with a wide range of capabilities: debuffing, control, damage, healing, etc.
But that complexity is the real attraction for me!

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

It will surprise no one who teams with me to know that it all
depends on the character I'm playing. I guess I'm kind of a "method gamer,"
because the character's personality will determine how that sort of thing is
handled. With, say, Calliope Kate (a caution-to-the-wind Scrapper) I just jump
in and let the chips fall where they may. Debt is fleeting, and guys dig scars!
With Festival (Kinetecist Ring Mistress of the Carnival of Light SG), I'll take
a far more cautious and analytica approach.

What zone is your favorite?

Maybe it's because it's all shiny and new, but I'm loving the
Rikti War Zone. The Vanguard base is great, and the missions from the new
contacts are really well scripted and fun, There's a sense of desperation that
comes through and infuses the gameplay.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

A couple come to mind: the Westin Phipps arc in CoV. More than any
other, it makes you feel _evil_! I also really enjoy the entire backstory in
Croatoa, in particular the rather ambivalent status of the Cabal.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9 and I10
really added anything to the game and why?

Oh, absolutely, on both counts! I was skeptical about crafting,
and expected to be pretty "meh" about the Invention system. I was wrong. It's
been a huge amount of fun, both in playing the consignment market and in
tweaking my characters with the IOs. I10 has been simply amazing so far, adding
a palpable note of urgency to the game. It's hard to get more serious than an
alien invasion! I'd been hoping for more opportunities to form "crossover"
alliances between hero and villain. The devs knocked one out of the park with
that one, IMO.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Take time to smell the flowers (but don't smell the Rikti

Any closing comments?

Almost three and a half years and I still play this game more than
all the other games I have installed, combined. What more can I say?



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