Make a Haiku




Here's the challenge: Write a haiku that describes your favorite character.

Here are the rules of a haiku: It must be three lines. 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables. It should strive to answer three questions: Who? What? Where? But like all poetry it can be flexible, so don't feel restricted by those three questions. Write whatever you feel works. Also, often times haikus contemplate complex themes with simple imagery. But hell, this isn't an English class so just do whatever you want.

Here's my Haiku about the villain Degree who is an ice/ice corruptor:

Icy waves of pain
licking away liberties
and spitting back death.

Now it's your turn! Choose a favorite character and start those haikus.



Here's mine about Deadly Orchid my warshade ostensibly from Talos Island:

Shadow of Mourning
Preserver of Innocents
Mermaid of lost dreams



[u]Randall Grey[u]

Darkness is frightened.
A monstrous man stalks the streets.
Fists as big as face.

My Stories

Look at that. A full-grown woman pulling off pigtails. Her crazy is off the charts.