Around the beginning of the summer, I finished with school, and took up a week day job in addition to my week-end business. At first, things were good. I was able to work, exercise, enjoy my free time, and post on the forums, at least once a day. However, as the summer has gone by, I've been working harder and harder. It's been difficult to keep up with life, and I've been losing more and more sleep. At the beginning of this week, I finally hit the bottom. Business almost doubled, but we recieved no additional staff. I decided to take a brake from posting, so as to get my wind back, but as I took the break, I've realized something. I'm sleeping better than I have in weeks. I've got just a wee bit more time, and I'm slowly working some semblance of stamina back up. In short, I've been able to handle work. So, along with that came the realization that posting on these forums at the rate I have been, in addition to two jobs, and a bajillion other things I've crammed into my life, is mroe than I could do, and so I needed to cut things out.

This is one of those things.

I'm sorry. I love writing. I love the english language, and I so thouroughly love being in the company of others with similar interests.

But I can't continue as I have been, and so, for a time, I will be withdrawing from the forums.

I thank you all for the comraderie, the entertainment, the good times, etc. I plan to return, so keep a light on, huh?

((P.S. Diov, mate, I'm sorry. Best laid plans of mice and men, eh? It would've been brilliant if we pulled it off.))



Fare thee well, Funstuff.

I had a feeling we had something epic going on.

Too bad it couldn't come to fruition.

*pours whiskey on Rescue Operations*

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Look at that. A full-grown woman pulling off pigtails. Her crazy is off the charts.



Dang. Well, I guess it's been some time coming now. Not to mention I was really looking forward to yalls big idea. Thought it had potential. Ah well, gotta go where the wind takes ya. Ciao.

"If I had Force powers, vacuum or not my cape/clothes/hair would always be blowing in the Dramatic Wind." - Tenzhi




*Tips hat*

We Regret to Inform You...

*Walks off*



Well, can't say I didn't see this coming. Don't sweat it. Enjoy life. The light'll always be o- *Light flickers out* ... Dammit... *Grumbles and walks off to the convienance store around the corner for a new one*