Our base tour, seeking base design tips/opinions~




So, we finally got enough prestige to add in our control room's Mainframe, so I decided we were offically cool enough to make a base tour video.


Pretty please, I beg you all, to check it out and leave comments.. What do you like about it? What do you absolutly dread? Where did you get that pie..?

I'm always looking for tips from SG / coalition members about what they think.. So.. Now I'd like your opinions!



Well, I like it. Our base looks like our parents' basement, so I think you've done a good job with yours. Of course, our SG is smaller and less active than yours (going by the size of your base).

I've been wondering if it's possible to simulate a multi-level base by using the stairs, but I've barely done anything with the base editor. It just doesn't interest me enough to try, sadly.

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I've tried, but I generally get annoyed with the look of raised platforms.. For instance, our HQ room had the back pane raised with a podium on it, but it made the room feel smaller, so I opted for having a bigass table to replace it.



>;3 so noone else would like to give a comment?