Ideas for a tank concept?




I am going to be making a Fire/Superstrength tank in the neat future, the sad part is that I don't quite have a good back story for him. I have a few jumbling around but none are quite groving with me just yet. Was wondering if anyone could throw a few ideas my way.

For a magic orgin I was thinking something down the lines of a punk biker that got sent on a tour of all the different versions of hell, (Hades and such), eventually making his way back to paragon to beat up his old pals.

Or for a science orgion, a kid that was peerhaps a rejected version of a paragon protector?

Rough ideas, and neither partiuclary orignal but best I got at the moment.

I know this is an odd request on top of it, but I just my got my Villian, Stars Wild (Thug/Dark) to 50, and I was kinda hoping to have this guy be the antithesis to her. So bonus points to anyone that comes up with a name with "Stars" in it!




For now, I'd suggest "no" to the Paragon protector idea... There's backstory there you don't want to get into until you know what you're fighting.

The Hell one smacks of a current property, but maybe if it wound up being more "Herald of Hades" or something like that, where the God of Death and King of the Underworld explains to your character how he's so far squandered his unique gifts and damaged and destroyed many lives around him.

His path as a hero can then be more a course toward redemption as he does his part to cleanse Paragon City fo the evil that has preyed upon it since the Rikti War.

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