NCsoft Updating Support Software!




On July 31 we will be updating our support system software throughout our products, including City of Heroes & City of Villains. We will not be handling support requests during this time and we will queue in-game petitions for processing after the upgrade is complete. Our support site will be offline as well as the Knowledge Base. Users will not be able to submit questions via the PlayNC Support Center during this downtime

The expected downtime is around 6 hours and will start at 12:00am, Central (6:00am, BST). We will attempt to keep you informed if the downtime lasts substantially longer.

Any petitions that are filed over this period will be addressed as soon as the update is processed. We are making this announcement to let you know the handle time of these petitions may be longer than usual.

We thank you for your patience and continued support of our product.


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