History of Freedom Corps??




I posted a thread about this in "Player Questions", bnut am having no luck, so maybe someone in HERE can answer something for me? Here goes:

In the Lore Guide that I downloaded (27 pages, compiled by Jason Robinson and copy written 2004) it states on page 12 that "Hero Corp was forced to withdraw from Paragon City" following massive espionage and the razing of their building before construction could be completed. It went on to talk about how Hero Corps was the beneficiary of the Special Council for Superhuman Activities resolution in the UN, but makes no mention of such a benefit being the finalization of the Paragon City franchise.

Then, on page 16, in the section on Atlas Park, it discusses Ms. Liberty, and says that FREEDOM Corps is "a new venture" of hers, one that "facilitates communication and coordination between Paragon City's new heroes".

So, my question is how did Freedom Corps get into the city, and what exactly ARE they? When were the facilities finally completed? I assume there might be higher-level content that I've not yet seen (so Devs, if this counts as Spoiler info I'd be happy to get a private message), but what I'm curious about is what would be PUBLIC KNOWLEGE about what's known about Freedom Corps coming into Paragon, and what ever happened to Hero Corps (the assumption is that they are still out there, working internationally with the UN to work on metahuman crime issues elsewhere in the world)..

My assumptions are that 1) Freedom Corps came to Paragon following the decimation of 80% of the hero population in the Rikti War (as per the Lore Guide, p. 15) and that 2) Heroes such as Stateman are not affiliated with Freedom Corps and 3) That Ms. Liberty has assumeed the role formerly taken by Luminary in the Hero Corps, and is the Freedom Corps "celebrity" responsible for running PR and that 4) new heroes are required to register with Freedom Corps in order to participate in the official Vigilante Law Enforcement activities in the city (the comic in issue #5 statres something to this effect), and once they register a hero gets a hospital transporter and a set of the teleporting handcuffs that whisk fallen baddies off to "jail".

What I'm unclear of is if it's ever been documented HOW one registers, WHAT fees od dues must be paid, IF heroes draw a salary or other compensation (bounties perhsps?) from Freedom Corps, IF Freedom Corps offers health care, retirement, withholds taxes, etc. And ARE Hero Corps and Freedom Corps related in any way? Is Crey affiliated with Freedom Corps the wayt they were with Hero Corps before the Rikti invasion?

I'm plotting a short story for submission, and I really need to know some basic, everyday factiods about Freedom Corps and the role they play in a hero's interaction with law enforcement, as you can see. I now that there are plaques about the city adding to the known back-story of Hero Corps and the UN Special Council, but some are in zones to hazardous for me to travel to, so if anyone can paraphrase that info here I'd appreciate it. I have no idea if any of those plaques refer to FREEDOM Corps, however (I suspect not from comments I've heard elsewhere).

Naturally, if a Dev or Moderator wants to chime in on this as well, I'd be MOST APPRECIATIVE!!!