PCC Weekly Training Room Event!




Want to know what’s coming to Paragon City? Want the most current, up-to-date news about what’s being featured on the Training Room test server? The PCC (Paragon City Council) wants to talk with you! Here’s your weekly chance!

The PCC (made up of official CoH representatives) will meet with the public every weekly on the Training Room server. They will be available specifically to answer questions, take suggestions, and address any issues you may have with the current test server content. The exact location of each event will be announced the before the meeting. This week’s kick-off event, Thursday, October 14, will be held in Atlas Park, near the Atlas monument. So head on over to the Training Room server (make sure to tell your friends to visit as well) and say hello to the folks behind City of Heroes!

For more details about the Training Room server, please visit this page. For information about copying a character from a live server to the Training Room, please read this information.