New Forum Sections!




Good Morning All!

Today we added 2 new sections to our forums: Player Ideas and Suggestions Forum and a Player Questions Forum.

The Ideas Forum is the place to post ideas and suggestions for CoH and to discuss them.

The Player Questions Forum is the place to ask questions about the game. Are you a new player and need help getting started? Have a question about a new feature? Ask it here! Be a hero and help other players. Please do not flame people in this section for asking questions. You were a new hero once too!

Also, the Guides section is now just for guides and other player created help information. If you have a question you can now use the question forum instead!

Finally, we added clarification to the tech forum that it is also for discussing bugs on the live servers. However - if you do find a bug, you should report it in game using the /bug feature first. Then you can discuss it in the tech forum.

With all of the changes we will be moving many threads to their new homes, so if you see a post is "gone" check first that it has not been moved to a new home. If you still can't find it, PM CuppaJo about it.

Thanks Heroes!