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((A RP group which has been in the planning stages for several months is at last making it's appearance in game))

A Brief History of The Elohim

Billions of years ago life arose on a small planet in an inauspicious arm of an insignificant spiral galaxy. Over millions of years this life evolved until it gradually became sentient. Millions more years refined the intelligence of this life until it could conceive of itself as an entity. Then a group. Then a race. And, ultimately, as a race of ascendant star farers who named themselves “The Yah.”

Shortly after the ascendance of The Yah, as it is reckoned in stellar terms, there arose in the same galaxy two other intelligent races. The Yah monitored them closely as they proceeded through their own evolutions until, ultimately, both ascended as well. These two races were the Anak and the El.

The Anak, whose evolution took place on a violent, nearly inhospitable planet, adapted in such a way that “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right” were staples of their moral code. The home planet of the El, on the other hand, was one of majestic beauty and bounty. The moral code of the El was one of peace, prosperity and co-operation.

The Yah, perhaps sensing that left unchecked the two races would find and annihilate each other, brought the two together for their First Contact in the hopes that they could be made to form a triad of ascendant powers. The El were easily convinced, seeing a chance for a new era of expanding knowledge and peaceful relations with their galactic friends. The Anak were less enthused, but completely overawed by the power of The Yah. The three races left the conference in a tenuous alliance.

The alliance held for hundreds of thousands of years. With the El’s enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge and beauty, the paternalistic guidance of The Yah and the military might of the Anak they maintained dominance over the galaxy. It would not last, however.

Eons ago (circa 185,000 B.C.E.) the Anak arrived in the Sol System searching for gold to repair the faltering atmosphere of their home planet. Using genetic manipulation to alter some of the third planet’s fauna, they searched for an efficient, docile race native to the planet to serve as slaves for their mining operations. Finding that in every case the altered fauna were inefficient at best, the Anak decided to splice their own genetic code with that of one particular species that seemed to contain the potential to be both efficient and easily controlled.

This species was H omo Erectus. ((Spacing is necessary to avoid board censorship, believe it or not)) The result of this hybridization was an entirely new species: H omo Sapiens. For thousands of years the Anak maintained secret mining operations on the planet, depleting most of its gold resources. When diminishing returns forced them to search elsewhere, the Anak took a large number of slaves from the new species then left the third planet, and the remaining H omo Sapiens with it, to its own devices.

The Anak returned to their home planet to find their two allies did not agree with their methods of tampering with another planet’s evolution. Debate raged among the three, the fierce and prideful Anak refuting the others’ right to dictate to them and growing further and further enraged by their presumption. Finally, amid much anger and acrimony, the two forbade the Anak from ever participating in such things again, upon pain of outright war. The Anak, beside themselves with rage but with no recourse but to submit, did so and secretly brooded over their perceived defeat while planning their revenge. They were not aware, however, that The Yah had seen into their hearts and known them to be full of rage and spite. The Yah asked the El to monitor the Anak in order that the two races might be able to stop any revenge before it ever occurred. This atmosphere of wary watchfulness and barely restrained hatred made for a precarious balance, and one that would ultimately explode.

A few thousand years ago (circa 3400 B.C.E.) The Anak returned to the third planet of the Sol System to continue their work. Little evolutionary progress had been made in their absence, which led them to conclude scornfully that the species they had created was good only for slavery. They set up their base of operations in what would one day be known as Sumeria and promptly returned massive numbers of H omo Sapiens into slavery to work in their mines once again, in direct violation of their agreement with the El and Yah.

Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed closely by the El. Once the El saw what they were up to they tried to contact The Yah. But The Yah did not respond. With no guidance the El were forced to deal with the situation alone. They chose not to wage open war against the Anak over the planet, as that would have destroyed the very thing they wanted to protect. Seeing no way to defeat the Anak by force, the El decided to wage war for the hearts and minds of humanity instead. The El took the nascent agricultural revolution and used it as the seed from which to grow civilization on the planet. In places scattered over the world they taught the native humans advanced astronomy, mathematics, physics, written language, the concepts of aesthetic art and many other building blocks of civilization. In a very short time, evolutionarily overnight, civilization had sprung up all over the planet.

The Anak at first were confused. They believed the humans incapable of such things and were correct, to an extent. They quickly realized that there was something deeper going on and got to the root of the El’s meddling. By that time, however, human civilization was already rooted and humanity could not simply be made to forget. Furious, the Anak pondered war. Some of them, however, knowing that they could make military war at any time, suggested that to completely avenge themselves upon the El they should first corrupt the El's teachings before then destroying them. They began to warp civilization to their own ends, teaching humanity about war, oppression, caste and poverty. They encouraged civilizations to become provincial and antagonistic. They promoted greed and hatred. Religious intolerance and racism. They became dark “gods” to the El’s light.

It was during this time that both races would be christened with the names humanity were to know them by for the rest of human history. The Sumerians incorporated the Anak race-name into their language and called the dark gods “Annunaki”, “Those that come from Heaven to Earth.” The proto-Akkadians, who would one day become the Hebrews, named the El “The Elohim”, a simple plurality form of “El”, but it ultimately came to mean many things to them. They looked upon the El as gods and the term “Elohim” came to mean “godlike” or “mighty”.

The Anak knew that outright war was inevitable. In preparation for the coming war they created a hybrid race of superhumans called Nephilim. These creatures had awesome powers, much like the Anak, yet they shared the mortality of humanity. The Anak themselves took to calling the combined force of Anak and Nephilim “The Annunaki” and it has ever after been their name when referring to themselves and their allies. At first the Nephilim were nothing more than shock troops for the Anak, but then something happened that their masters did not plan for. Many Nephilim developed a conscience.

Much to the delight of the El, some Nephilim sought to defect and fight for the cause of justice and freedom. When some of the Nephilim defected the El showed one of their rare instances of rancor when they mocked The Annunaki by taking the name “The Elohim” in parody of The Annunaki’s pretentiousness. Finally, after millions of years of animosity, open war broke out between the two great factions.

So great and horrific was the war, in fact, that the written histories of human civilizations all over the planet at that time record it. While in many cases humanity’s limited understanding attributed it to battles between gods, in reality it was simply a vicious brawl between two interstellar enemies. Even so, both sides adopted humanity’s nomenclature and still call the series of battles “The War in Heaven.”

When the dust cleared it was apparent that the fight was a stalemate. The Annunaki, furious at The Elohim’s refusal to back down, took a huge number of human slaves and left the planet vowing to return and punish The Elohim for their meddling. They did not, however, take the Nephilim with them. The Elohim spent many years tracking down the remaining evil Nephilim and dispatching them, but could not be sure that they were all gone. As a result they decided to leave a handful of observers to watch over humanity in secrecy, always searching for Nephilim. Those Nephilim disposed to helping The Elohim were recruited to do so. Those who were not were watched very closely. And in some cases… disposed of. The Watchers have had many names over the years and they yet keep their vigil.

And so it goes to this day. The Elohim have been many places, seen and done many things, but the tale told above is the essence of their quest. Their fight with the villainous Annunaki began on a small planet in a backwater star system, but it has spilled out into many worlds and dimensions. Recently word has spread that on another small planet, in a splinter dimensional future of the original planet, agents of The Annunaki have returned and attacked. Rumours of tremendous amounts of Nephilim on said planet have also reached The Elohim’s ear and it is only a matter of time before they send a force to investigate. What will happen from there is anyone’s guess.

((Written by Balthasar. Please keep in mind that while your character may have heard rumors of a group called the Elohim in game they would certainly not know any of this information. If you'd like to interact with us or join please visit our messageboard to learn more about our group))



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