Ceth's Origins




Ceth sat on a throne made of trash cans and broken car parts. A thick green mist surronded this particular area of Carnival Town. Ceth himself was a man of about 6 feet tall. On his face he wore a gas mask and a monocle on his right eye. His green hair stood up, adding another inch or so to his height. He wore dark green and black leather clothing and spiked gloves. Unlike the other Freakshow, he had no visible cybernetic arms of armor. Rather, Ceth was a beta tester for new found technology. These new devices replaced some of his organs, and added a few. This granted him with the power to emitt lethal radiation and toxins.

He proped his feet up on a trash can that lay on his "throne." Several Freaks stood around it. Some guarding it, some bickering and fighting with eachother. Ceth raised his head a bit. In the distance he could make out a shadow running towards his throne. He was obviously excpecting him and leaped to the ground. The Freaks around him backed away instantly. A Freak carrying a crude piece of metal with a message carved in it ran up to Ceth and kneeled in front of him. Ceth snatched the metal away and dismissed the Freak. A single word was scratched into the metal. "Meet."

Ceth made his way toward a warehouse looking building, still in Carnival Town. By now he was out of his own territory, leaving the green mist behind. He approached a door and opened it slowly. The warehouse was dimly lit. Signs of the Freakshow were on every wall, and loud punk music played in the distance. Ceth continued down the hallways of the warehouse. Some Freaks lurked in the shadows but knew better then to approach him. After a few moments of walking, Ceth stopped in front of a large metal door. He gave it a kick, and the door opened. Standing before him now was a throne, similar to Ceth's, but much larger and taller. Atop the throne sat the leader of the Freakshow - Dreck.

Two other Freaks stood infront of Dreck's throne. Bile and Clamor. "You're late." Bile grumbled. Ceth proceeded forward. He didn't bother acknowledging Bile's remark. "Is it ready, Dreck?" Ceth asked as he looked up at the throne. Dreck leaped off of his throne and with a loud thud he hit the ground. "See for yerself." He cocked his head to a small room behind his throne. Ceth moved toward it. Bile, Clamor, and Dreck followed. Ceth turned the door knob, but Clamor smashed the door down. On the ground laid a couple of scientists. Ceth recognized them as Crey. The point of intrest here though, was what lay on the far wall. A dark blue metal suit of armor. Ceth smiled and removed it from the wall. "Ah yea. So this will do it right? Make the radiation stronger?" Dreck nodded. "Should. That and keep it under control. That's according to those guys anyway." Dreck cocked his head again toward the unconcious scientists. Bile and Clamor watched as Ceth slid the pieces of armor on. "Oh, and it should pump some new stuff we found into ya." Dreck said. Ceth, now fully suited up except for his helmet, turned to Dreck and questioned him. "New stuff?" Dreck nodded, "Ya, Clamor and her boys turned over a truck in Inddy the other day. Think it may have been headin' to Crey actually, but anyway - Had some nasty stuff in it. Speed drug, as far as we can tell. Figured since yer putting your life on the line with this anyway, ya wouldn't mind testing it out too." Dreck snicked. Ceth grinned and slid the helmet on. Dreck pointed to one of the fallen scientists. "Try it." Ceth took aim and launched a blast from his glove, killing both scientists instantly. "Yea, this is some nasty stuff man. Works nicely." Ceth responded in a muffled voice. Dreck turned around and started walking back toward his throne room. "Well, you have fun with that now. Report back and all, Clamor and Bile have been dieing to try the new hardware out."

Ceth had destroyed an entire neighborhood in Galaxy City by himself since aqquiring his battle suit two hours ago. All that was left of the neighborhood was ruins and a lingering green mist. This was a new record for himself and the Freakshow. He was more then pleased with his new armor. Not only did it amplify his powers and give him total control over them, but the Freakshow's new drug allowed him to move at top speeds and level entire buildings in mere minutes. He stopped for a minute to look around. He noticed somthing moving in the sky. A hero no doubt. "I'm suprised it took them so long." He thought outloud to himself. The hero was charging toward Ceth in mid-air. Ceth pulled his right arm back and his fist began glowing green. Before the Hero could make contact with him, Ceth launched a ball of energy at the hero, knocking him out of the sky. He then formed two the same glowing effects in both of his hands and proceeded to launch a series of energy bolts at top speeds at the fallen hero. "Do you know why I'm going to let you live, hero? This is not an act of mercy, or pity. No, I need you. As a messanger. Tell your allies that the green mist is coming for them next." And with that, Ceth sped off at a lightning speed toward Crey's Folly.

He continued speeding toward Carnival Town and to Dreck's lair. As he approached the warehouse door, he couldn't help but grin and laugh to himself at his own brilliance. He broke down the warehouse door and sped down toward Dreck's room. His door was open, and Ceth let himself in. "I'm sorry Dreck. But you've nothing left to offer me." Dreck hadn't even noticed Ceth enter his chambers. Dreck looked around his room from his throne saw no one. "Oh, behind you you oaf." Dreck turned and jumped off of his throne, shaking the ground as he landed. "The hell Ceth?!" Ceth smiled inside his helmet, "I don't need you anymore. Or this silly group of yours. This city will be mine, you see. All mine." Dreck took serious offense in this and charged toward Ceth without a second thought. He swung his massive hammer arm at him, but Ceth dodged with ease. "You're slow." Ceth then ran around Dreck in a circle creating a whirlwind causing him to fly upwards. Dreck landed on the ground with a hard thud. Before Dreck could get to his feet, Ceth raised his arms in the air and began forming a massive sphere of green energy. "Thank's for the suit, Dreck." With that, he launched his Neutron Bomb at Dreck.

Dreck's Warehouse Hideout was nothing but ruins now. Ceth knew Dreck had survived though. But he didn't care about that. He had more pressing matter to attend to, like the city. "What to do first, what to do..." Ceth thought outloud to himself. He began speeding toward Brickstown, leaving a trail of his signature green mist in his wake.

Sister Psyche looked at the six heroes before her. Dragonling, The Kattana Kitten, Huntress Bound, Snowglobe, Four Seasons, and Elven. Dragonling, The Kattana Kitten, and Huntress Bound were all skilled fighters with the ability to regenerate their health at an acceled rate. The android Snowglobe has the ability to control weather effects. The Mutant Four Seasons is actually Frostfire's younger brother and has similar powers - the ability to use Ice and Fire as a powerful weapon. Finally, Elven had the ability to craft force fields for her allies and blast energy at her foes. Sister Psyche smiled and spoke, "Welcome Task Force Platinum. I thank you all for assisting me today. We have an urgent matter on our hands. You are here to gather information that will hopefully lead to the arrest of the the villan "Ceth." What we know is he aquired his powers from the Freakshow. We do not, however, know if he is allied with them. We also know that he gets his power from the battle suit he wears. Positron will be trying to find a way to disable this suit while you six are out investigating.

Huntress had just thrown a spine into a Freak's leather jacket, pinning him against a wall. The Kattana Kitten approached him with her sword and put it against his neck. "What do you know about Ceth?!" She demainded. The Freak cringed at his name. "Happy 'ya tell ya babe, git me the 'ell down though would ja?" Four Seasons nodded for Hunt to remove the spine. The Freak fell to the ground, but Hunt wouldn't let him get back up. "Ceth is a back stabbin' *******. He was the first 'ta use the new radiation gizmos..." Dragonling interupted, "What 'gizmos'?" The Freak continued, "Ya, well, we found this stuff awhile back, right? Might even be some Ritki crap but whatevah, ya well Dreck had the idea 'ta use it like the cyber arms we all gots, and put it inside ya, ya know? So like, Ceth voluntered 'ta try this junk out an' all. Gave 'im crazy mad powers and stuff. He couldn't control em so well from what I hear from Bile though. He hated Ceth fer some reason, spoke bad like about em all the time. Before he blew up Dreck's place and left the Freaks even." Seasons spoke now, "Blew up Dreck's place? I thought you said he couldn't control his powers?" The Freak rolled his eyes, "Well if ya all would shutup and let me fricken finish...Ya, he couldn't control his powers, so Dreck got some dudes to make him a special suit that made his powers stronger and gave em control over em. That's also when we found the speed junk. And before ya ask, that's what makes em so fast. Dunno where that er the suit came from though. Can I go now?!" Seasons chuckled, "Let em go, Hunt. He was a good boy." The Freak scowled and ran off. "So now what?" Snowglobe spoke this time. We got some information, should we head back to Sister Psyche?" Elven, who had been shying in the background with Snowglobe, spoke too. "I think we should go now, we have more then enough information." "Your not going anywhere" A low voice spoke from behind them.

To be continued.