Necroshade - origin.




This is the origin for what was my beta char and what was supposed to be my main char. Then I made a controller and couldn't be stuffed doing the same thing over with my scrapper that I did in beta. Anyway, comments are welcome. I was trying to write this in my ID, but ran out of room, so then I decided I might as well write it in full detail.
As his appearance might suggest, Necroshade is not as noble as many of Paragon’s other heroes. When his mutant powers of darkness emerged in his teenage years, he found himself unable to control them, and gradually slipped into their evil nature. Taking the name of “The Necropath”, he quickly rose to become a powerful villain, managing to escape the notice of the city’s signature heroes who were too busy with the Rikti, Circle of Thorns, and the appearance of superdyne. Though faced by other heroes, he always emerged victorious, and too often with the death of his opponents.

It wasn’t until many years later, having killed hundreds of innocents in his rise to power, that he was challenged by a team of young and inexperienced heroes. They were unprepared for what they faced, and were brutally slaughtered at the villain’s hands. However, with a last gasping effort, the team’s telepath saw a faint glint in The Necropath’s mind... a tiny area, hidden deeply within the inky darkness. With all her remaining will, she punctured her way through.

Inside, imprisoned for years, was The Necropath’s compassion, remorse, his very human conscience. Suddenly released, the emotions flooded his brain, raking his mind with guilt at the images of all those who had died at his hands. Coupled with the scene of dead and dieing young heroes before him, he snapped. With an unearthly howl, an explosion of dark power erupted from his body, sweeping with it all of his shadowy works and wraith-like minions. Exhausted and powerless, he fell to the ground.
Though the heroes were later found in the wreckage of the villain’s stronghold, no trace was found of The Necropath himself. As there were no living witnesses aside from the telepath who now lay in a coma, it was presumed at the time that he had perished in the blast. In reality, the broken mutant had managed to stagger from the debris, and disappear into the night.

Almost precisely a year later he emerged from the decrepit King’s Row flat where he had been dwelling, and travelled to King’s Row hospital, where the young telepath who had opened his mind still lay comatose. As he looked through the window at her, painfully remembering the events of the night she fell, he heard a scream in the alley below. Looking down, he saw two members of the Skulls attempting to wrest a purse from a panicking woman. Seeing the same look of horror on her face that he had seen on so many others, he dropped to the ground and for the first time since his defeat, reached into his power. Wrapping his arms in darkness, he slammed his fists into the bodies of the gangsters, who where overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught. At the same moment, unbeknownst to him, the telepath woke up and screamed.

As the saved woman gratefully thanked him, she asked the name of the brave hero who had saved her. He replied “I am Necroshade. And I am no hero.” Whilst he felt no joy at having saved the lady, no sudden elation for a life protected, he understood that this was where his path must now lie… fighting for those whom he had once terrified, and perhaps one day, to find redemption.

Whilst Necroshade’s powers are still weak from his defeat, they are once again quickly growing in strength. Though a shade of what he once was, he is far from naïve, and knows that if not cautious it is possible that the shadows will once again gain control over him, and more people will die at his hands. For this reason, he now limits himself to using his powers of darkness to aid him in melee combat, and to shield him from harm.

Some other notes:
His costume changes when he becomes Necroshade.
The mask loss is due to him not hiding from who he is. The other changes are mostly due to the transition to a melee fighter, as opposed to the non existant AT with every dark power. Though I did actually make a dark/dark def for Necropath. May even use the idea for CoV
I'm not happy with the patterns ive used for Necropath. Especailly the leg ones.

Indeed, other ideas for the Necropath have him leading a breakaway group of the skulls (The crimson skulls) as his minions, who are far more interested in evil and carnage than just selling superdyne. And this becomes why Necroshade has it in for the skulls in particular.

I have ideas to make this into a fan film trailer, of which all the above story will only be the start. Later on, Necroshade will begin to fall again, and seek help. And of course the only one who can help him is the telepath whos friends he mercilessly wiped out. Eventually, she'll tell him that his powers alone could not have caused him to fall in the first place, and that it was aided by technology. Some more characters later, including a scientist hes already met, and he discovers that an arm of the crey revanent hero project looking to include darkness powers into their clones had captured him. Whilst they were still unable to effectively clone the dark powers, they instead create the prison for his conscience and release him, sans kidnapping memories, in order to cause some more general chaos around for them to clean up themselves and gain more public favor. Over time, the shadows pushed all the good in him into this area, leaving only the evil. As he committed more and more acts of evil, his guilt grew, so that when it was finally opened by the psychic it raged out across his mind.
And so, Redemption takes a back seat to revenge as he starts going after Crey.

I also had the idea of making it so that crey are behind the superdyne in paragon.
(Tangent: Read supes history. Scientists were found to have made it in order to observe the reaction that it had in extreme cases where it allowed the user to see into other dimensions, and cared nothing about it as an actual drug. Back alley brawler smashed up the opweration, but another scientist used the info to invent portal technology, and found portal corp. Those original scis sound a lot like crey to me!)
Though I believe we will find it was crey behind it, I think using this idea would step on cryptics toes too much. Besides, I could be wrong.

Now I just have to wrap my head around the demo code.