Statesman Limited Edition HeroClix




He is the living embodiment of Paragon City’s greatness. Defender of justice. Champion of freedom. Statesman is the hero’s hero in the City of Heroes universe. And now, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios have teamed up with WizKids to bring a Limited Edition version of Statesman to the exciting gameplaying world of HeroClix. A unique ranked, front-line Indy fighter “he’s got the power to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies, and the defensive prowess to stick it out until the bitter end.” Statesman is a HeroClix to be reckoned with and a great addition to an exciting game. Initially, the Statesman HeroClix will only be available in the City of Heroes Collector’s DVD Edition due out this November.

Never played HeroClix? Check out the WizKid’s Rules and FAQs. For more detailed information, including full stats, head on over to Statesman’s Indy HeroClix Page.