The little guide to CoH, v0.9




Greatly inspired by a successful but unreadable thread because of too much posting ( Little things I wish I'd known ), and motivated by the know famous "guide to guides" idea (putting all information in one post), I thought it would be great to put in one post those little hints that make life so easier

So big kudos to all posters and OP of those threads

This guide is aimed mainly for new players or for those of you around that play occasionally.

Even if for most players this tips feel obvious, try to remember how long you lived without knowing those.

However, I have chosen here to avoid tips that were more a personal choice and tried to avoid spoilers (like special surpised from mobs)

I definitely let aside advices like "this power rocks" or "avoid this gimp power". Read the guides for that! (Though I would like to make some exceptions for stamina for instance... anyway)

I took also the time to be sure that I already knew about these tips, or tested them. So everything here is valid. I'll update it occasionnally with new tips

The little guide to everything you would have like to know when you started playing in CoH.

Most important tips

READ THE MANUAL! You can download it on CoH site if necessary. But it contains lots of useful information. Take the time, it is worth it

READ THE TUTORIAL WINDOWS: at least the first time.

Character creation

Take your time to choose your name. I've always been able to take a name like I wished, without using '_', '.', '-' or crazy numbers. Just be imaginative. Of course, avoid trademark names, or simple names. They are already taken

Once you played the tutorial, choose Galaxy city. You can stick in there a long time as it is well provided with mobs from 1 to 7, train station is close to freedom corp. Atlas park is too chaotic to run around and require climbing skills for some zone (industrial zone)


There is no real XP in tutorial. Only set of predefined XP to make you level 2.

Though now, there is a badge for those who want to kill lots of contaminated

Some archetypes facts

Defenders are not all healers. A non healer defender can be more efficient than an empath defender, by making sure you will never get hurt. So stop bashing defenders if they do not heal

Even with healers, you may die. Try to understand why you died before passing your nerves on the healer

Healers, learn to use your team display panel! I mean, keep always an eye on it

Blasters are not scrappers. I repeat, blasters are not scrappers, even with melee powers.

Not all tanker have provoque/taunt. Tankers not always control crowd!


Metro stations have 2 cars: one for exit, one to go somewhere else. If your car stays with opened door, you're in front of the wrong one to go somewhere else.

Interface tips

Tab key helps you cycle through visible target. Use it extensively

Keep hitting tab while travelling to look around you. You'll avoid some nasty left over ambushes. Yes, sometimes you'll see level 30 mobs in level 8 zones like king's row! They are left over from heroes who choose not to get rid of them (this may be involuntary, especially with travel powers like flight, super jump)

If no target is selected, hitting a damage power will target the nearest visible enemy, without attacking. Hit a second time to launch your attack normally

Ctrl+Tab will also target the nearest enemy

You can assist a friend automatically by selecting him/her. You’ll attack his/her chosen target without having to target it yourself. Definitely a must if you want to support your scrapper team-mate for instance

Now you can drop directly enhancement and inspiration on a team-mate! It will transfer the item directly if there is enough room.

Use F6/F7/F8 (default bind): RUN!/READY!/HELP!

Scrapper best friend is the 'f' key. Target your nearest then hit ‘f’ to follow

Control key + Click on power = auto power... However you can only have one auto power.


This is hinted only once in whole game, during tutorial: you can click on "mission completed" to directly exit a mission.

Use the zoom map in missions, in can help you a lot (right side slider on map)

Cave missions are a pain with "defeat all mission". Look everywhere, even up, sometime you won't see that there is a platform just above with your 2 missing mobs

After some time spent with contact, you do not need to go to them for next missions. Just call them with contact interface.

Enhancements tips

On low levels, if you want to take the time, sell your enhancements to other Freedom Corps representative than the one in Galaxy or Atlas. Those guys are stealers. A representative that you can access without too much risk at low level is the one in skyway, near Synapse (between hospital and train station)

Once you have Double enhancements, sell them to the corresponding store to get maximum influence, I mean in a store corresponding to one of the 2 origins listed in the double enhancement.

You cannot slot an enhancement higher than your level +3 and level -3 (they go red to remind you)

You can use more than one enhancement of each type for any power. Go for those 6 slotted damages, go I say

You can delete any enhancement by bringing it on the trashcan, even slotted ones. You can also replace any slotted enhancement with any other directly, if you want to replace with a different type.

You can combine already slotted enhancement within the same power so don’t trash the red ones immediately (for instance, you have 2 damages enhancements that just went red in your blast power because you levelled, combine them together to free a slot and obtain a yellow one)

Single origin enhancements are always better than a dual, which is better than a training. It means that even a -3 Single origin will always be better than a +3 dual. It is mathematic

Try to not buy enhancements before level 12. You'll put aside good influence that way, from 15000 to 30000, depending on how you sold. I'll also advice to only start buying enhancement with Double origins, because the effects are not so noticeable on training enhancements (depends on your point of view of course).

Buy only enhancement 3 levels above you, which means: update your enhancements at level 12, 17, 22, etc... they 'll be at their efficiency peak at those level, being +3 level above, and being -2 when you update. Unless of course you have the cash to keep them all green, always.

You can combine double enhancements, as long as they have one origin in common.

When you upgrade your enhancement by combination, start with those below your level, until they are at least your level (white). Because increase is done 10% per 10% for lower enhancements, then 5% by 5% for those above.

For instance: if you're level 15... It is better to upgrade a enhancement from 13 to 13+, than an enhancement from 16 to 16+. Mathematics are available in lots of excel spreadsheets to show you this. I can even give you mine.

Mobs and king's row

When you start your first toons, you have problems finding Losts and Circle of thorns in king's row. In fact, they are easy to find once you know:

- Low level Losts are near the city borders: mainly south west corner, east wall (same latitude as train station), West wall (north corner)
- Lost also are on roof! South west corner, find the farthest tall buildings
- Thorns are on roofs, everyone knows that in KR, but they are also close to train. Go to east from train station, and find the highest buildings. Thorns are there on roof, always! They generally spawn when no one is around at night, so wait a little if they are not there.

You don't need hover to go on roof or stairs. With practice, you'll jump from one window to the other and reach roof in no time


Never ever hit 'Rest' if you're still aggroed, even if you went far away. You're defenceless while resting and will get killed easily (wished I had known that against Dr Vhaz, who followed me far far far in the whole level to kill me)

Avoid following fleeing runner! You’ll avoid following them in a nasty group, and generally they also come back faster.

Perez Park: avoid teams of 8, stay 4 or 5 max. You will only attack enemies around your level and won't be tempted to attack higher dangerous ones. Big teams get over confident, and die more often. Moreover, XP is not so good over 6 persons in team. Best experience over time I had (fun and xp) was with 3-4 people

Perez Park again: avoid missions in Perez park before level 8-10 (depends on AT)... you might have to go in the forest, with nasty creatures there. And without a map patch, you're doomed.


Try to plan your character: search for "Hero planner coh warcry" on google and install this software! You cannot live without it

Disable sprint during fights, you'll save some previous endurance. Some binds exists around here to do that automatically, but I do not used them, because generally they need bind resets frequently

Try to learn about others power ASAP, to be an efficient team-mate: learn how they work, how the enemy mobs react. Playing some alts even for some levels (like until 12) to test different AT is a good way to feel the differences. People will love you for that (instance: do not kill the mob anchor of a radiation defender, this stops his debuffing power as well / Avoid knock back powers if possible while teaming with scrappers / avoid Area of effects powers on controlled mobs, this can disrupt all controller efforts/ etc...)

Task forces

If you're not planning on hurrying through task forces (some TF ask for at least 3 hours, but may last 6 to 8 if you take the time to sell, regroup, regen your endurance ), keep in mind that you can stop, quit the game. When you come back you'll still be in task force as long as you don't qui task force. By playing with friends in the same time zone, you can arrange for playing your TF in 2 or 3 times.

Power pools

You need 2 powers from pool to access the level 20 3rd power. These two powers may be any of the 3 others. You can unlock, for instance, Stamina with Swift and Hurdle, without taking Health

Be aware of those bad behaviours that can spoil your pleasure

There are “powerlevellers / griefers / stealers/ Task force farmers/ invite spammers / whatever” around here.

Accept it, and use /ignore when necessary

Super groups

Be wise with color, symbol and name choices. You won't be able to change any of them later, unless if you want to restart the whole SG.



Bumping because it's a nice and friendly FYI guide.

5 stars!



Can you explain the difference between combat level and security level? All I can ever find is security level in the ID nothing about combat level anywhere I have looked (probably looking in the wrong spot).




About the combat/security level...

They're the same thing.

Also, five stars for the post.



Can you explain the difference between combat level and security level? All I can ever find is security level in the ID nothing about combat level anywhere I have looked (probably looking in the wrong spot).


[/ QUOTE ]

They're not the same thing at all.

When you gain enough XP to go up a level, you immediately gain your new (one higher) combat level. This is the level used for conning colours, and determining to-hit/power effectiveness/defense against enemies. As soon as you "ding", you are more effective against enemies. Sidekicking and the Exemplar system also modify combat level artificially for a while.

You don't gain the new security level until you train at a trainer. Security level determines access to hazard zones and so forth, and access to powers and slots.



Nice thread; some additions.

A power on Auto will only fire if you have a target selected. For example, if you want to stand around somewhere and auto-fire your healing, you must have a target selected. Neutrals do fine - do not select opponents or allies, because they tend to disappear.

In Kings Row, there are almost always Thorns to be found on a courtyard in the far NW corner of the map - especially at night. These are much higher level than the others and far from everywhere, but at ground level and quick-respawning. This is a nice tip for Super-Speeders.

Last but not lest, rebind your "R" key. It currently does autorun - which can be incredibly dangerous. Here is something you can use:

/bind R "local $battlecry"

Now you will shout your battlecry when you mistakenly hit R - instead of doing the death charge.



To find Circle of Thorns on the roofs in King's Row, wait until night fall (when the lights come on in the buildings) and then type /camdist 400. That will put your camera far away. Careful rotating will allow you to see the rooftops. Look for the green glare of the CoT ceremony and you will know which buildings to head up the fire escape.

This works best if you do it while standing in an open area so you can rotate the most and see the most rooftops. If you're in a tight alleyway, don't bother with /camdist 400 because you won't get a chance to scroll well enough to be worth it.

When you've located your target, hit the Page Down button to return to normal view.



Another place to find CoT in KR: Between The Gish and High Park is a bridge. Under the bridge, CoT will often spawn at night and I think sometimes during the day. Also, if you go NE out from under the bridge, you'll be in an alley between the sloping part of the bridge's underapss and a fairly tall building. This alley also has CoT.



Just an additional addendum...

Combat level also affects the effectiveness of your enhancents. as soon as you level, they change colors for the worse, some times turning red.

Combat levels will affect your SK/Exemplar.

Combat level goes up by itself, Security level does not. Security level goes up when you train.

Security level affects your access to hazard zones.

A REALLY important addendum to the rules and tips above.

DO read the instruction manuel.

DO NOT take it for carved in granite information.

COH honestly hasnt been around that long and the information in it (except for basic information) is a little dated.

Due to patches, revisions and dev tinkering many of the powers work differently from what's listed in the manual.

OF the top of my head some examples are...
Blaster - Ice - Freeze Ray
Controller - Mind Control - Telekinesis
Scrapper - Martial Arts - Storm Kick

I'm sure there are others i just dont know them all. It would be nice to maybe start a thread somewhere to list all the powers and how they differ from what's listed in the original manual...



I am an absolute newbie in this game. I only took the time to download 1.8 G yesterday, and managed to create a hero and enter.
I could not find the way to exit the game. If you have time to answer, I will check it when I get home before I start to play.
So far it seems like it will be fun. Let you know later. Thanks



I am an absolute newbie in this game. I only took the time to download 1.8 G yesterday, and managed to create a hero and enter.
I could not find the way to exit the game. If you have time to answer, I will check it when I get home before I start to play.
So far it seems like it will be fun. Let you know later. Thanks

[/ QUOTE ]

Solrak, type /quit, or use the Menu bar, then select quit.

It is critical that you pay attention at this time.

Gaming in Limited Times
Guide to Plant/Ice Doms



um. i feel like the security/combat level difference is wrong. after i level up, there is maybe a small increase in my power, but not as much as after i go to the trainer and raise my security level.

i'm not a newb, more of a noob. just got my 6 month badge after a long break, but am still pretty bad, although i am pretty sure i'm right about this one.



Thank you very much. I guess I was asleep from watching the bar about 30 hours. LOL.

Will run through the initial training chapter.

Thanks again