Rise of the 5th column




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Vanessa Devore experimented with her mind powers. She made a mage open a portal to the netherlands, so she could tap into it's vast magic deposits. The mage did as he was instructed, and the vortex opened. Before he could stick his head in, a wave of dark magic shot out, and made the mage explode. When the smoke cleared, a person stepped out. He was wearing a black hood, with a black robe. Under his hood, sharp white teeth were revealed in a smile.

"At last, I am free." Vanessa sought to destroy this new threat to her, but when she tapped into his mind, she found worse than she could imagine herself. The mind was wild, and untamed. The mind of this new being slipped through her grasp as she tried to bind him, or turn him "off." Vanessa attacked him with her most powerful mind spell, just as the new being gathered energy for his blackstar spell.

They both cast at once. The spell Vanessa had wasn;t strong enough to kill this being, but it knocked him cold, and wiped his memory. The blackstar spell hit Vanessa in the chest, and she vaporized on the spot. The room cleared, and while This being was uncocnious, a suit of armor, green and black, slipped out and ran into the streets.

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Ever since being freed from the ice in the dark places beneath the city, we have been helped. We show our gratitude by fighting those who would seek to destroy this city. We are effective enough at this task.

Something is missing from our lives, however. Those who helped us seemed to think we should have a name and a life just like they did, but we recall nothing before the ice. We do not know who we are and yet we look like they do. For a long time, they called us Jane Doe, but we are the Retro-Chill. That, at least, is something we remember.

Lately, we have had uneasy mental pictures. "Dreams" the humans who help us call them. In these dreams, we see flashes of a man and a child, but we don't know what it means. Needless to say, we have slept much less and spent more time roaming aimlessly through the streets of the city.

This night is particularly fine by human standards although we are aware it is too blazingly hot for us. Were it not for our insulating suit, we would encase ourselves in ice as a defense and hibernate once more. We have been wandering the empty streets and alleys. We destroy those foes we meet, but otherwise we are empty of true purpose much like our lives have been.

I smell the rank odor of human sweat and body heat up ahead. A trembling voice pleads for mercy. An old woman cowers before a group of young men. They stink of more than their own thermal emissions; they smell of an ancient evil that permeates body and soul, warp and weft. They will pose no threat to us.

We channel our powers freezing two in place and blasting them relentlessly with our energy bolts. The third leaps away trying to run. A concentrated, well-aimed shot knocks him over and puts him down. A blade of ice forms in my hand and a single swipe finishes the last man.

His eyes are a limpid brown. We are drawn to those eyes. That gives us pause and makes us wonder. Did we have an existence before we were the Retro-Chill?

With a quick brush to the cheek of the young man, we silently wander back into the night. The old woman tries to thank us, but she need not do so. We are fulfilling our obligation to those who helped. We are trying to ponder our own mystery.



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In his mind he always wondered "Why he does... what he does?" flying just above roof tops he pondered again and again Why me, I dont want this burden. Not now..." right then he touched down and began to run atop the roofs. He tripped on a vent duct hidden in the cloak of the night. Tribal Steel plumetted fast "OOHHH Shhhhii!!!".

The fall wasent to bad, but enough to leave him winded for ten minutes. He rolled over "son of a.. That messed with my train of thought." He wasrnt always clumsy, just unlucky some would say. As he lay there "The tests of a facist group that bkankets this city with an iron fist. He wished he could have stopped what they do, and what they did to him...."

Tribal Steel was lucky his armor could handle hefty hits lik elong falls, or this hero of sorts would have been dead a long time ago.

Tribal snapped up and dusted himself off. "Not sure if I'm in the mood to fight any body, that stung." He slowly walked down the lonesome street, as steam rose from the manholes that littered the city streets. His eyes could only handle so much his visor controlled the rest. Through the dark shadows dashed across the street. Tribal didnt know what to make of it. No noise... no sign of anything. Just a feeling of an unkown force hidden before him.

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A few more twists and turns later and we emerge onto a city street. We see passers by stopping to stare at a small group of men. Their leader stands on a crate and exhorts the passers by join them.

We are briefly flooded by powerful emotion at the sight of these men. We do not know why, but somewhere we remember . . . we do not know what. The emotion itself is unexpected. We have not felt its like before in our wanderings, nor have we seen men like these.

We stand in the shadows watching the men. We study them trying to determine just what it is that makes them different from the others we encounter. That they are criminals is obvious from the fear on the faces of some pedestrians, but we have seen many of these before to no effect.

With a shrug, we embrace our new emotion and step out from the shadows. Before they even know someone is targetting them, we let fly with our first attacks. That these men are somewhat better adapted then the first men to handle our assault is immediately apparent as our first volleys barely phase them.

In the end, we am reduced to running back to keep a distance between ourselves and the men. They fall one-by-one though. They are still no match for us, and we feel another brief flare of emotion as the last one crumples with a deep grunt.

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"Hey Joe! Got a live one here!" One of the Nacht Rifles nudged this being with his toe. "better take him to the infirmary, perhaps we might be able to get some answers from this guy."

A large Unteroffizier stepped up next to the rifle. "you think he caused this building to explode?" "he might have, but we won't know unless he can talk right?" The Unteroffizier nodded. "Take, but keep him under close eye."

The Unteroffizier stepped outside while a group of Nebel medics came and grabbed the being. He scanned the area, and nodded in satisfaction. He had been dispatched to find out what caused a giant black explosion, so he took several hundred nacht and nebel with him. The rise of heros kept him on his toes. He turned to his two lower-classed unteroffiziers who could transform to werewolves. "If anything moves and doesn't display the alliance code, shoot it." "Yes sir!"


An hour later, the strange being awoke inside a damp room with bright lights. "Where am I?" It said. "Calm down, your in a 5th column medic bay. We should be safe from those accursed heros here, we've plenty of nacht rifles and a few nebel rockets patrolling the corridors."

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"Back off!" Alevis Thuntus yelled as he used his telekinetic powers, pushing away a few Tsoo Inkmen. He began to levitate into the air above one of the Inkmen, swiftly he flew in between two of them touching their heads with his fingers. Doing so his telepathy created confusion inside their heads, their brains ached badly and the fell over.

Quietly he whispered under his breath. "..Oh how I hate Tsoos" Concentrating on his telekinesis he began to gain altitude and speed, he began to fly faster toward the train when...

<*Swwoooff*> A rocket was launched at Alevis as he flew past what seemed to be monitored territory. He had been shot and began to loose his concentration on his flight. <*Swwoooff*> Another rocket was launched, but Alevis saw this one coming and put up a telekinetic barrior.

"I'm trying to head home, but these pest!...." He didn't finish his sentence because he was being shot. He lept into the mind of a Nacht Rifelmen he put him in a furry of confusion, and began to attack his fellow Nachts. He did the same to a nebel rocket, He then flew to the top of another building, hoping that would destract him long enough for him to build some more endurance.

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The building echoed the noises of the nacht wepaonry outside. "What is going on, get some recons up there and tell me what the hell is going on!" The medic said into a micro-phone. "Listen, you must regain your strength, we'll need your help."

"What are you talking about?" The being replied. The medic answered, "I didn't want to say anything in front of the others, I am no ordinary medic. I am the psychic adviser of a very power and influencial unteroffizier. I have reached you before, in your home, I have called you to me even if subconciously. There's too much to explain, but I know you're a mage. We of the 5th column want domination over atlas park, and you're the key to helping us."

"So...I'm just a tool? For your use? What happens if you achieve your goal, will you throw me on a shelf to gather dust?" The being flexed his muscles against the straps holding him down. "You will obey me, either willingly, or I'll bind you to me with my psychic powers, but you will help."

"Never.....I serve no one.....If anything, it will be you who will serve me....." The being then began to glow with a black aura. The straps shattered apart, and the being floated upright. 'What is this feeling? It feels familiar. There's something giving me strength, something moving.' The being thought.

"Security to the medic bay, the package has escaped! gr--ARGHHH!" The psychic medic was silenced from a particularly large dark blast that also punched a hole in the wall. The nacht guarding the medic bay turned to see the being float into the hallway surrounded with a demonic glow. Black smoke trailed from his eyes. The nacht turned to run, but black tentacles sprang from nowhere and grabbed their legs. "NOOO!" They both screamed before the tentacles ripped their souls right out of the body. The souls writhed and struggled against the tentacles as the bodies slumped to the ground.

Abruptly, the being placed his hand to his head. A vision of a piece of armor running around appeared in his mind's eye. The armor stopped, and turned towards him. "Rashak...." It breathed. The voice was raspy, and sent a great deal of chills down the being's spine. "Rashak......" It breathed again. Rashak fell to his knees as he began hearing a high pitched whistle in his head. The whistle got louder, and higher, and soon Rashak was rolling on the floor, oblivious of a wild torrent of black energy surging from his body, slaughtering all nacht that got too close. The alarms in the medical bay sounded red alert, warning all nacht and nebel to stay away. The dark energy shattered all lights in the bay, and all sound stopped, except for the low humm of dark energy that radiated from Rashak.



We sensed a while ago that we are no longer wandering aimlessly. There is a new scent on the air tonight. Something dark and unimaginably evil. We are drawn towards it to destroy it as that is our mission now.

As we draw nearer, we hear the sounds of combat. This is not the source of the evil, but it bars our way. We will destroy it as we have so many other obstacles in the past.

Another is there ahead of us. He is fighting more of the men who make us . . . hate, yes that is the word. We quickly build up and let loose a pin-point accurate snipe shot at one who is menacing the back of our apparent ally in this venture. It doesn't drop him, but it does draw his attention.

"Watch your back!" we shout as the man we hit runs towards us. "They're all around you."



Looking over from the ledge of a building Alevis telepathically says " Thank you " in a thankful but cold manner. He always sounded this way, and he scans the minds of those around him. Counting about 10 more surrounding him, on building ledges, and windows. These men were loading their sniper rifles and taking aim. Sensing this he alows them to shoot what they can, a barrage of bullets stray at him, he leaps and uses telekinesis to dodge and shield from the bullets.

Viewing one of the Nachts officers in one of the building ledges he taps into his mind " Ooh, nice aim you have their ", he alowed this to echo through out the mans head. As the Officer looks around to see what it is he looses sight of Alevis. " Seems as though you lost your prey... the voice of Alevis was piercingly cold and grimmace. The Officer stood up and held his head, Alevis showed up behind him and shoved the man off the building. "Bye bye"

The man who was helping him caught his attention, as he fought he sent a telepathic message. " Take the ones in the windows, I shall grab the snipers on the ledges " Alevis flew to a group of 3 on a building about 100 feet higher than the one he was on. He flew infront of them and waved while saying alowed and sarcasticly "Hey big boys". He sent a furry of confusion to the man on the left to start attacking his comrades, but he didn't notice someone behind him. He used the back of his gun to smack Alevis across the head. Sending him smaking the floor somewhat unconsious, but before he blacked out he sent a self concious telekinetic blast around him.



On the floor above the medic bay, just below the main floor, the nacht adviser updates his nebel superior on the situation.

"If we don't get this mage to help us, we will lose this point. Reinforcments are weeks away. The commander is massing his might for an all out assault on atlas park. He needs all the men he can at his other outposts. We NEED this mage, but the problem is, something has happned that has turned him against us. We lost all contact with the mdeical bay, that's 1/3 of our forces."

The Nebel officer stopped to think this over. "Gather as much of the troops not engaged in this battle and meet me in the porter room. There, we will have our porter allies teleport us to the next closest outpost, we will regroup, and take back tis facility once we get more members. See if you can enlist the aid of Shadow Mastiff. He'll be of great use to us, especially sense he led that attack on boomtown."

"Sir yes sir!" The adviser saluted, and turned. He ran down the hall gathering all nacht and nebel he can find. The Nebel Officer continued walking towards the elevators. "If those heros come in, they'll have to fight this mage. Hehehe, they will be expecting nacht all the way down, but no, this will soon be the mage's territory.


'Rashak....Pull yourself together.....I can feel your weakness, and it weakens me.....say the word and I shall clear this facility of everyone for you."

'No....I don;t know who you are, but get out of my head!'

'I'll never be gone.'


Abruptly, the whistle stopped, and Rashak slumped to the ground, unconcious once more. the dark magic began to dissapate, but the residue would permenately shade this placed a dark shadow, and forever be tainted with black magic. The walls, are now alive. The souls of the two trapped nacht struggled more, but the darkness of the tentacles began to seep into those souls, and drain them of strength. Slowly, they were devoured, and the tentacles disappeared.



As Tribal Steel came to the end of the street no evidence of the shadowy being remained. Just a door leading to an unknown palce. But a dark smog leaked from the cracks of the door. Tribal Spproached noticig others near the entrence. "Aww hell, nothin' to lose I suppose."

He grasped the knob to the door and it was warm to the touch. He stepped through the threshold and a 5th Coulmn banner hung high in the lobby. Tribal had thought he wasnt through with them yet. But a unknown force like he felt before lingered in the halls and lonesome rooms. Voices on a loud speaker barked orders as faint screams rang through the building.

Tribal Steel was scared. Something was in here that was more mysterious than the facists.



"...ow" Alevis said raspily as he ran his hand over his head, caressing the lump from the gun smack. As he opened his eyes he saw concrete floor and walls with a mat on the floor. "This can't be good", he turned around to see bars. "Ok this is really not good." He stood up and felt a sharp pain in his side and stomach, limping to the bars he looked to his left then his right. Two Nacht Riflemen chatting about the strict rules of their boss, and about some strange 'mage'.

"I have to contact someone to help me." he said to himself, then suddenly he felt the pressence of another hero inside the building. It didn't have the same mind waves as the hero who helped him out earlier but a hero is a hero.

" Excuss me, sorry for tresspassing into your mind, but I'm being held captive in the Nacht prison. I would appreciated it if you help me. " He left the mans mind, hoping for a responce, or a couple beaten up foes to ensure him that he was making his way toward freeing him.



I feel the attackers before they even made a sound.Wordlessly I wait for the monent when they whould find me as they surely will.Moments then minutes till what seems like hours go by as I wait calculating my my strategem.Suddenly I jump and explode with sends the villains that can still walk-or move for that matter-run for their lives.I foolow them knowing that any possible noise I make any at all could send me falling 20 stories into the dark misty waters below.Silently I charge up negitive energy to Knock out the Nazi closest to me.After he is wrapped up I tackle their leader a storng looking soldier with larger teeth than the normal human and a insane glit of yellow in his eyes.I attack him with a huge burst of dark matter and he transforms into a huge hulking beast.As I plan my strategem against this new complication he charges at me trying to hit me with as little control of his brain he has.I push him off the edge of the building we were standing on because I was to weak to fight him right now.He hung onto a stone window and tryed to pull himself up.I used all the power I had left into one incredible attack.I surveyed the damage I had done...20 5th Column and a huge Warwolf( one of the largest ever seen in this part of town)were down.I had done my job well.I should be paid well by "The Organization".I had better move on before the rest odf the 5th find out what had happened to their crew.I the "Dark Angel of the Night" the "Caped Crusader of Parogon City" had made my mark. And I wasn't done yet. That was my story of the day.Hoped you liked it!

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Rashak opened his eyes, and pushed himself up. The room was darl from the previous incident. The medical bay was completely desereted by the 5th column. faint scream announced what was left of them getting beat by something, or someone. The power source he felt before was still there, but enclosing fast. He had felt a similar bond when the vision of the armor appeared in his head. He noticed that as this power seemd to come closer, he also gained strength, to the point that all he had to do was think of a task, and a shadow mist would appear around the appropriate body part to complete that task. He also found he could lob orbs of dark energy wherever he wanted. This power felt familiar to him, and he had no problem controlling it, almost naturally.

Rashak decided to leave this place, to find out why he's here, and what that peice of armor is. Whoever is inside that armor is powerful, and whatever he wants, Rashak was not going to let this thing get him. Rashak turned, and sprinted down the hall, away from the direction he felt this power.



After waiting several minutes of no responce he tried scanning again, his mind scanned everyones with in a 50 yard radius. All he found was the mind of this 'Tribal Steel' and the countless Nacht officers. He tried again, when all of a sudden he was in pain, and head a terrible headache.

"What in the world...' he said to himself under his scarf, horrible images flashed through his mind like an old movie projector telling the story of a deadly being. It was dark and ever so terrifying, if not for Alevis' hardened personality he would be in a cold sweat. He tried to contact 'Tribal Steel' but couldn't get through.

He thought out of a strange manner and called forth the thoughts of the evil being from another dimension. " Hello,...who are you? Are you evil or good natured? "



Rashak stopped running and loom around for wherever the voice came from. He knew it was in his head, so he thought back, maybe this new person could hear and help him. "Umm, hello? I'm Rashak...I think...And I don't know what you mean, good or evil. I haven't a single memory of my past." As he thought this, he could feel this powerful presence getting nearer. "Not to rush you or anything, but I have a bad feeling something big will happened here, and if you're smart, you'll noy stick around." Rashak sprinted again, for the nearest exit.


The nacht officer stood and watched his men leave through the porter's portal. All of a sudden, one of the nacht guarding the door screamed before dropping to the floor, apparently with not a mark on him. "How the hell...." The officer cut off as a huge person came in completely covered in green and black armor. "Who are you, and what business, speak or I'll open fire."

'You bow to a superior, you are bound. The bound do not order me around, but instead, they feed me. Your soul will be a very tasty treat!' The thing rasped. "Open Fire!!" The officer yelled. Gunshots rang in the room as 30 nacht emptied their clips into the person. The bullets bounced harmlessly off, and the officer noticed it glowing a very demonic aura, it seemed to make him invulnerable.

With unimaginable speed, the thing rushed forward and dug its hand into the stomach of the closest nacht. A black mist creeped into the nacht, and he screamed. As the nacht rifle slumped to the ground, the thing was seen holding up the nacht's soul, before a vacuum suction pulled the soul into the mouthpiece of the armor. Then, the armor disappeared in a flash, and reappared behind anothing, cutting him in half with a dark mist covered punch. Then, gathering in the shadows from around, distorted the light, and became invisable. The fight soon became a carnage, then a bloodbath, as each nacht was slaughtered merclessly. The officer was the last to be killed, and he had his head bitten right off, and his body hung on the sharp metal hook above the doorway.

The being left, only a ripple of air gave away it's position. This being had no mind. It once did, when it was alive as a dragon slayer, but the dange sorcerer tricked him into wearing the armor, and his body was slowly eaten. The armor is just a shell, holding in a rampant soul that fuels a vortex within. If that vortex were to escape, everything in the world would be destroyed. The thing only knows how to kill, and eat. It needs souls to keep its strength up.



Pondering Alevis about what Rashak had said. "Something big?" he said to himself. Thinking to himself 'How can I get out of here and still have enough of my strength to leave before I'm caught in a mess of trouble'. Suddenly a few Nacht fists bursted through a door leading into the prison, Alevis' watchful eye quickly picked a shimmering. It was the light bouncing off of the prison keys.

He forced a telepathic mind wave that would leave the three in pain while he grabbed the keys. After they were stunned he used his tk to grab hold of the keys and unlock the door. As he opened the door he heard the shriek of pain telepathicly in his skull. The screaming began to ring in his head, and he thought 'Maybe this is what Rashak was talking about'.

He sprinted out of the room, placing a telekinetic field around him that repeled everyone near him as he made for the door. He picked up his speed and began using telekinesis to rip the guns out enemy hands. His then ripped the door off its hinges for a full speed escape, he didn't notice anything unusual but something was there, something evil, something wanting blood, and even with his telepathy he couldn't subconsiously tell...



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Tribal Steel heard a voice amidst his head as it faded in and out of focus. He wasent sure what to make of it, but that more figures went in to the now mangled entrence. He walked hearing fights and screaming. Buttles echoed out of the building.

"In the fray again." Tribal Steel stepped into main lobby doors were torn from there barces and hinges. He noticed a man throwing nacht soldiers without touching them. He hoped that helping this man would not back fire. Tribal Steels fists lit up then he aimed for a soldier. The shot pierced his armor throwing the man to the wall. Blood poured from the hole like a broken faucet.

When he looked at the man the voice he heard flashed back into his head. "Thats gotta be the guy." A telekinetic fella... After the soldiers lay lifeless. "You were in my head I suspect, well its good to know im not alon fighting whatever is in this hell hole of a nazi base." Tribal Steel tried to fixate to the dim and hazey lights that were faded by a smog in the halls and rooms of the fort.

"Lets clean this place up." Tribal Steel said and walked cautiosly deeper into the base.



Rashak turned a corner, and nearly ran head on into Tribal Steel. The place was now getting quiet, as the sounds of battler were slowly dying down. Rashak stopped, and studied this new person. After a moment, he was quite sure this was a hero, not a villain.

"You might not want to go in any deeper, I believe something very evil is coming our way, and I for one do not want to meet it." At that, Rashak ran past Tribal. Too late before he noticed, something green and black flashed in his eyes before he was knocked on his back. When he pushed himself up, he saw nothing. The exit was right in front of him, but could he make it? He tried to go forward again, and this time he saw a ripple in the air before getting knocked back clear across the room.



Alevis turned around to see Rashak and Tribal Steel, they were speaking before Rashak was pushed to the floor. He was standing near the door a clear exit, or so he thought. He watched as Rashak was heading out the door, just as fast as he went to leave he was knocked back across the room.

Alevis's watchful eye noticed something strange about this, it wasn't a barrier he would be able to notice a barrier. He spoke telepathically, so that what ever he was studing wouldn't hear him.

" Yes I was speaking to you ealier,...it is not safe here as Rashak has already mentioned. A great evil is amongst us, take the uttmost caution......What ever it is it is of purest evil ."

Alevis flew backwards keeping his eye on the door, he placed a telekinetic field around himeself, Rashak and Tribal Steel. The easiest way out was through the door, if not for this 'thing'. He then spoke to Rashak.

" What is this 'thing' blocking our safe passage out? I can barly sense anything coming from it, if not your collision with it I would surely not noticed it. "



In a worried atate of mind Tribal Steel in a small flash of raged unleashed as many attacks at the invisible wall. "Well then lets blast our way out dammit!!" Blast after blast the barrier didnt even shutter. Tribal's mouth dropped in terror, thinking to himself "Well, what can I do now, I've let loose on this thing, were screwed."

After collecting hemself he focused is mind and cleared his toughts. "Hey, uhh... Alevis is it right? You have any bright ideas, Im out." Tribal asked. With a confident smirk he picked Rashak and pulled him upright to lean against the wall. "And what the hell was that green and black thing!?" He shouted, "I prefer warwolves over this magic stuff."

Tribal Steel thought it would have been a simple bash and dash, but that wasent the case. Something didnt want these three heroes to leave, and it made sure they wouldnt.



"You must go, it wants me. That ain't no barrier blocking our way, and no mind tricks are strong enough to fully stop him. He'll be able to break down any barrier given time. Go!"

Rashak turned and ran back inside the building, The ripple in the air moved and followed, quickly flashing green and black once more. As Rashak ran, he decided to draw some of his power, and found his strength came from this being. "What the hell?"

The being enclosed once more, and hit the telekinetic barrier. The force made the barrier ripple, and Rashak was kncoked to the ground. Whatever this thing is, also became stronger the closer he got to Rashak. Rashak turned a corner after pushing back to his feet, and passed another person clothed in black. He didn;t even notice this person. All of s sudden, there came a hissing sound and the armor's invisibility disappated as he caught fire. The armor couldn't move, and Rashak kept running.


Derrik dropped his hand afrter entrapping this thing in a ring of fire. He flipped the fire gem in his palm, then ran after Rashak. He caught up, and passed him, then stopped in front, causing Rashak to skid to a halt. "Who are you!" Rashak demanded. He noticed a metal hanging out of the tactical belt of this new person. It had a picture of a mastiff on it. "Who I am is of no importance, if you wish to live, take my hand." He held out his hand to Rashak, waiting for him to accept.



Alevis turned to Tribal Steel a puzzled look in his face, "We could try an emergency exit, or go take the stairs to the top." As he finished his sentence Rashak begged them to leave with out him. Alevis didn't want something innocent to be masacred knowing he could have done something, whether he was good or evil. As Rashak told him the thing would brake through his barrier he no longer wasted his energy and let it down.

Then suddenly Rashak began to beat at the invisible solid, "Are you insane!" Alevis hollered to Rashak as he was knocked back once again, going through his mind was several different scenereos and possibilities of escape, or death, but if they escape how long would this thing take to find them once again. As he thought a bright flame haulted the green and black armor as it was chasing Rashak, another person entered the scene, holding a magical amulet for his powers. Rashak continued running until this new person stopped him in his tracks.

All Alevis could think or say.."Another magical lunitic"



Rashak slowly grabbed Derrik's hand, and before he could stop him was yanked forward. Derrik let go, and as he did so, slid a token into Rashak's hand. Rashak fell forward, and crushed the token with a squeeze. The token spewed forth portal entrails, that teleported Rashak away. Derrik then turned to the green and black armor. He pulled out his assault rifle, and took careful aim. Immediately, the armor's glow surrounded hi, but Derrik knew where to aim.

"Remember, the one who defeated you is none other than Shadow Mastiff. Don't feel bad though, no villain can defeat, especially the 5th column." Derrik's ego is quite high, but not without good reason.

Derrik was an officer of the 5th column, he alone was responsible for the condition of boom town. Many citizens of Paragon city tremble at the mention of Shadow Mastiff, thining he came back to take over their city. The 5th column tremble because Derrik was betrayed by them, and now seeks the ut most revenge upon them.

The armor hissed in anger before a loud resounding shot echoed through the halls. The bullet traveled into the slit in the hellmet, and the armor keeled over, letting loose an earsplitting screech.