Write for The Paragon Times in the Comic Book!




Want to see your work in the comic book? Checkout our “job listing” for the comic book’s community section!

The Paragon Times Freelance Journalists Wanted!

“Do you have a knack for digging up topical news and creating insightful features? Are you a talented “photographer” with a nose for action and an eye for detail? Do you have a passion for reporting on the events, small and large, that affect this great city?

Paragon City is a vibrant, modern metropolis at a crossroads—rife with conflict, heroism and mind-boggling action. If there are eight million stories in the “Naked City,” Paragon City has at least twenty million. To capture the heartbeat, the life’s blood, the sheer heroic soul of this magnificent city, the Paragon Times needs the very best journalists.

We need you! Paragon City needs you!

Every month we will be putting an issue of the Paragon Times newspaper in the comic book, and we want you—the community—to contribute “journalistic” work to its pages. Now you can be both a super-powered hero and a city reporter!

What are we looking for?

Imagine you are a staffer for a large and prestigious newspaper in a city filled with history, constant action, interesting people and places; the potential for “news” is limited only by your imagination. Have you come across an exceptional hero or team? Write an interview. The Circle of Thorns seen outside their normal haunts—track down the facts and write up a news item. Love the architecture in Atlas Park? Do a feature about the various monuments and the history behind them. Have a love of history? Dive into the back-story and come up with a historical piece about the city or an event. Ever wonder what the citizens of Paragon really think about heroes, villains, or city hall? Let them speak out in op-ed pieces.

Be creative! Be serious! Be humorous! Have fun!

The articles should be concise and written in a journalistic style. Pick up your local paper to get a good idea of how to write a news item or article. The main topics we’d like to see are:

• News reflecting current in-game events or content. Here are some examples: “Need for Air Traffic Control Above the City”; “Rikti Crash Site Mystery”; “Task Force Mission Disaster!”; “Who are the Malta Group?”

• Hero/team spotlights (interviews)

• Crime reports/Villain group articles (“5th Column Moving into CoT Territory?”)

• Features on interesting areas (zones)—think “travel section” material with screenshots

• “NPC” interviews or op-eds

• “Flashback” pieces about past city events (based on available back-stories)

• “Photo-essays” featuring events, areas, or history

Do you have a great idea for a piece? We’re open to suggestions!

The Paragon Times Submission Guidelines:

News items should be short, no more than 200-250 words in length, with appropriate screenshots (no more than 3) if available. Interviews, features and general articles should be no longer than 500 words. NPC interviews or op-eds should be between 100 and 150 words. Photo-essays should include no more than 4 screenshots in jpg or tiff formats with appropriate captions. The deadline for any specific issue is the 15th of each month.

Selected work may appear under your real name or an appropriate “journalistic” pseudonym. Written submissions will be accepted only in .doc/.txt formats. All submissions, questions and queries should be emailed to cohsubmissions@plaync.com. Please put “Community News Article” in the subject line.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing your contributions!