The Lion's Hunt Begins




Leo sniffed at the crumpled piece of paper. It smelled of cheap booze and cheaper leather. He sat down on the unconscious form of the Hellion he'd just taken the note from. The gang member grunted in pain as the superhero's bulk pressed down on his back.

"Oh, quite whining, sissy." Lionsmane snorted as he worked to flatten out the crumpled paper. The Hellion's two partners lay knocked out nearby on the floor of the dirty alleyway. The tools of their attempted break-in on the covenience store were scattered all over. Leo frowned and rubbed his shoulder where the lead Hellion had uses a crowbar to strike him during the fight.

Brushing back the long, thick, wild hair that in part gave him his codename, Leo raised an eyebrow at the message.

"Another new hero has arrived on the scene. This Lionsmane could become a serious problem, and might disrupt the unloading of the latest artifact. We need to meet and discuss potential solutions." The message, for all it's lousy handwriting, ended with a time and address. The time was within the hour.

"Well, Azuria said my patrols of Atlas Park had put you boys on edge." Lionsmane smirked, though the Hellions made no reply, being prone and groaning in pain.

"I'm flattered you guys are so worried about me. I've only been hunting you for a few nights now. But I guess any gang of scuzzballs gets worried when a hero puts a dozen of their members in jail that fast, eh?"

Lionsmane rose to his feet, folding the note and tucking it into the waistband of his brown and gold tights. The muscular yet graceful man stretched luxuriously, like a great cat.

"Now, I think I'm gonna go to this meeting of yours. Your pals may appreciate my input on myself. And I'd like to know what this artifact is all about. You guys stay here and wait for the cops. You've been tagged for arrest and the paddywagon is coming. In fact, I can hear the siren now."

Had the Hellions been conscious, they would not have heard anything, but Lionsmane's hearing was far better than normal. All his senses were enhanced, and he could hear the police cars coming from a mile away. Chuckling, the large man leapt an impressive height over the wooden fence at the end of the alleyway and disappeared into the night.

The King of Beasts had a party to crash...

((to be continued))