Issue #2 Coming To Live Servers! Get A Head Start!




The "A Shadow of the Past" (Free Expansion Issue #2) Content is now available for download prior to being released on the live servers. So give yourself a head start!

The download will begin after you exit your play session rather than prior to entering the game, and is purely optional - you can cancel at anytime.

It's important to note that you won't be able to see or experience the "A Shadow of the Past" content until it has been officially released on the live servers, but receiving it ahead of time will allow you to play right away (once the content is available), instead of waiting for a large patch to download.

Remember - you can cancel the download at anytime. Your progress will be saved and you can resume downloading the content the next time you're done playing City of Heroes.

Please visit our Features Update Page to get the full details on what's included in "A Shadow of the Past"."