Meeting of Discordians (part 1-Virtue chars)




A man in simple cargo pants, boots, and a t-shirt, sits in the forest of columns watching as people pass by unaware that just a few yards away a meeting is about to take place at right angles to their reality.
Inside City Hall... but not inside it... he sits. And then a voice speaks behind him, muffled slightly by the green cloth wrap over the lower part of his face.
"Can we make this quick? I don't like spending more time in unstable constructs than I can help."
"It isn't unstable, Bear. I built it off of very solid pre-existing probabilities."
"Nevermind, let's just meet the new guy and get it over with."

The Episkopos nods and stands. "There's his targeting signature. Summon him whenever you want, I've already given him a preliminary briefing."

The masked man runs a grip-gloved hand through his stark red hair and then holds his hands to his sides. They glow with the focused power of his teleportation device as it processes the data on his target. And then as it locks on he raises his fist to bring the target to him.

The Episkopos adjusts his glasses and greets the newcomer. "Rhythm, I'd like to introduce you to the daring Forebear (Loaded). Bear, meet the Wizard of Rhythm."

"Hail Eris and 'zup me roadies?"

Not missing a beat the masked man replies, "All Hail Discordia and I'm not your 'roadie', Brother Rhythm."

The Episkopos chuckles. "Now now Chaplains, no need to bicker. Rhythm, you remember what we're trying to accomplish today?"

"Yep. You two are gonna put out Eristic Vibrations into the universe I'm based in while I go out and meet the... interesting lot it attracts, and hopefully find a few kindred spirits to hook up with our band of adventurers."

"You got it, now get out there and mingle with the populace while we begin in here."

Rhythm flashes then virst a thubs-up, then the Numeral V sign (often mistaken for a peace sign) before turning to the disembodied door and exiting through it.

And that is why a young man with wild dark green hair, similarly tinted sunglasses, tight buckled gray leather pants and boots, and a mystical symbol upon his black and white baggy shirt, comes through the door into the main entrance of City Hall looking a bit disoriented. (Through a Mobius effect, going OUT the door in the para-space brings you INSIDE the building.)

----------(Begin Open RP)----------

"This should be interesting. Lets see what kind of odd fish the guys bring in."

He sticks his thumbs into his jewelled belt and goes out into the bright sunlight of Atlas Plaza.



A woman in aged armor, a fleur de leis... or is that a fleur de lies? embossed on the chest, walks by, whistling in the dark.

Eventually, a cadaver explodes, sending a flying noggin into a reflecting pool. Upon seeing this result of her actions, the woman comments, "I sunk Rhode Island!" And wanders off again.

And then she pauses. Turns halfway around to all but face those out of reality. And informs them, "Be seeing you." A flash of the old okay sign... and she's gone.

La Pucelle/Virtue

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