Introducing Elony




(( My way of looking for a serious role-playing SG on the Virtue server, new character, but an experienced player capable of moving along on my own. So no baby sitting required. Send a tell or e-mail in game if you're interested in me. Elony, right now, is a level 4 scrapper, with martial arts and regeneration, of technology origins. By the way, this is kind of long, so yeah. I tried to keep it in as much of a nut shell as I could, but this is about as short of a nutshell as I could manage. Disappointing, I really wanted it to be better. Originally the character was from an fairly large, 150 paged story of mine. Just a little side project I wasn't very proud of, but liked her character. I've changed a few things about her, as in the actual story, she loses it and systematically brings the species who killed her brother to extinction. That doesn’t really fit into the whole hero style, now does it?))

Elony, born to a war loving race of peoples, capable of controlling immense amounts of life energy around them as weapons. Though as powerful as they were, their galactic conquest was halted by their lack of technology. Though they all lived for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, interplanetary travel took far too long, and most would die of old age before ever reaching their objective. Then Elony was born. Different then the rest of her race, she was incapable of controlling the life energy around her, she was weak at body, but powerful at mind. At the age of 95, still a very young child to her people, she developed engines capable of traveling across the galaxy in a matter of weeks. Along with countless advancements in medical technology. Everything she invented ushered her people into a new era of technology, always for the better.

Despite this, her lack of strength rendered her an outcast to her people. Though she gave them many great and powerful new technologies, she was shunned, ignored and hated. Even her parents abandoned her. In an act to better fit in with her people, she created her last invention that became both her curse and her gift. It was a suit of armor, greatly resilient to harm, and capable of enhancing her strength, speed and agility to unfathomable proportions. It was a bio-mechanical armor that was controlled by an even more sophisticated network of nano-bots inside of her body. Living armor, with a mind all of its own. Growing and evolving constantly. Elony's people, however, were a proud race with many ideals. To them, Elony's armor was blasphemy, punishable by death. She fled the planet, taking with her the only working spaceship capable of traveling the galaxy, along with all her inventions.

Not long after she left her planet, Elony, having no time to pack food or supplies for her trip, lay half dead on the floor of the small space craft. An odd species on a routine patrol of the sector picked up on her ships signature and abducted it with Elony inside. The species was also a war loving, power hungry race. They became very interested in the girl after a bio-matrix scan of her brain. They took her as a slave, to develop newer and better weapons for them. However, they were more interested in the suit she wore. By this time, the armor was permanently attached to her body, to remove it would kill both her and the armor, causing them to lose all the secrets it had. They kept her as a slave for 25 years, when she wouldn't work on building a clone of her armor suited for their DNA structure, they tortured her into working on new weapons. Eventually, the species kidnapped a much more valuable prize

A young man, of unknown origins, who despite his young age had managed to become a galaxy wide threat to many planets, like Elony's people, he was able to control the life energy around him, only on a much greater scale rendering him capable of great feats of strength and power. Elony's captors decided they wanted to extract his DNA and study means of splicing it with their own. Many of their top scientists died trying to get a sample from him, though incapable of escape, he was still capable of fight. So they sent Elony to get it from him, knowing her armor should be able to protect her form his attacks. They took the restrains from her armor and allowed her to use it again. Seeing the captive man, going through the same pain she had gone through for so long, she freed him. Together they managed to steal a space ship and escape the planet.

The years passed, and the two traveled from planet to planet, always being chased. They became great friends, even began considering them selves to be siblings. Loving and protecting each other as such. As it is with all good things, it came to an end. An ambush was set for them, though as powerful as the two were together, it was not enough. Elony, attempting to save her brother who had been pinned by a giant mech to the ground, managed to lift the giant machine off him, but the strain was too much for her armor to protect her from, tearing her arms off. Her armor would regrow, but her arms wouldn’t. In the end, her brother, Laidin, laid an inch from death, and deemed useless. Elony had been captured again. Over the next ten years in captivity, she was allowed to develop new robotic arms for her self, in return that she would build a replica of her armor for them. Laidin, however, was able to heal self, and tracked down his sister again. Sneaking into the facility, he freed her again.
But their escape was halted when their ship was destroyed, leaving only the one person escape pod. Laidin, using all his strength, forced the protesting Elony into the escape pod and programmed it on a one way trip to a little unknown planet in an uncharted sector. Laidin then turned to face the oncoming horde, and the unbeatable odds. The last Elony saw of her brother was the fury of blue explosive light as he fought only to give the tiny escape pod enough time to escape the planetary defense network.

A week later, the escape pod, completely out of fuel, and having not been built with manual controls, crashed hard on the surface of Earth. Although the armor protected her from the crash, it suffered a great injury. Nearly killing the living armor. Two years have passed since her crash, her armor still regenerating its self, leaving her weak, but growing stronger and stronger by the day. Though as weak as her armor is now, it's still enough power to put the species of the uncharted planet to shame. She spends her time fighting for people, saving people from harm. What little she gains from this, she uses to enhance her sub-net space scanner, in the ongoing search for the fate of her brother. She was amazed to find so many people on the planet who hold great power, so she decided to find a select few to team up with, in hopes they can help her.

((Having read that, Elony's basic character and appearance is thus. She's a damaged person, with emotions as scared as her badly brutalized body. Ashamed of the ugliness under her armor, the fused flesh and metal, the bolts, the canyon like scars and the years of suffering that have taken its toll on her form. Leaving her very timid and shy. But as damaged as she is, she's still a kind spirit, more then willing to accept and relate to new friends. Looking simply for companionship in the strange new world she's been sent too.))