The History behind Ithiliel Tarmo




I died ages before this century, i got murdered by a tall young man in the streets of London 1870. I only know my name and that i waked up in a dark room. I tried to find a way out, but this room had no doors , only a small window. I couldnt open it, neither hear something from outside. I only could see a massive amount of fog outside nothing more. I lost my sence for time very fast but i had the feeling that i must be in this room for ages. I got nothing to eat or to drink but i werent hungry or thursty. I couldnt sleep but i werent tired. I looked out of the windo and thought "There must be something outside". I tryed to call for help, but i couldnt speak , i had no voice. "Ithiliel, you are in a universe, far far away of your old life! There is nothing outside, just this room here for you!" told me a low and warm voice in the background. I turned around and looked on a tall man , with grey clothes and a back cape with a hoot. I couldnt see his face, it seems he want to hide it of me. Oh yes there was a wooden staff in his right hand. " I catched your soul as you got murdered, there is no way out of here, only i can let you go Ithiliel" he told me. I thought "Great, im dead and even there i can get in troubles". "You have two options stay here forever or began a new life and collect more souls for me!" asked me the mysterious man in grey. "You cant answer me just think on one of the two options and it will happen! You will get a new life , magican powers, its your choice , its your destiny. Choose carefully Ithiliel Tarmo, i only give this chance one time to you!" the man in grey explained me. He walked slowly around the room, looked at me and starts to talk again " Im sure you want to know, why i give you a second chance and you want to know what you have to do for me to repay me. Well its easy, long time ago i was a powerfull Archmage and yes before you ask i wasnt the friendlyest on earth. I was the owner of a big area with woods , villages and lakes. Everyone called me THE DARK LORD and everyone praised me. But one day 8 Life Magicans crossed my way. They searched me for a long time and they found me. King Castor sent them out to destroy me . But i didnt get destroyed, they only could ban me into this world of nothing, this poor week bastards! Now you are hear and you can help me to get my old strenght back. I need more souls to break the ban of my jail. I´m weak, i only have the power to send you down to the world and you collect the souls for me. I give you the power to start a new life there, its a good deal you know it. Now think about it , i´ll come back later which way you wanna go!". He holds up his wooden staff in the air , pushed him down and a big flash light brought light in the room and he was gone. I thought about his offer for hours , im sure. It was the best option for me to accept it. Better as you be hundred of years in a room with a window and fog outside. I sat down on the ground and looked outside the window. I frightened as i heard his voice again " Now , tell me what is your decision." I thought on the new life and collecting souls option. "So may it be, close your eyes Ilithiel, remember, im watching you all the time. Im your master and you will call me The Dark Lord."were his last words to me. He spoke something in latin and i waked up in Paragon City , with magican powers and a voice in my head that hustles me to collect souls for The Dark Lord.