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The fires of hell burn through my very soul. They consume me yet give me life. They drive me to the very brink of madness and elation each and every day. This was my life before that day.
Once, in the distance past but as recent as yesterday, I can not tell which, something happened to change who I am. I remember waking up in a room in the sewers of Paragon City. I could not move. I was angered for having my eternal torment/reward removed and being brought forth into the material world. As I looked around, I could see many robed figures chanting in a low monotone. With every change in the pace and tone my movements and thoughts would change. It was with this that I realized they were the ones who brought me forth. Anger began to boil inside of me.
My anger blossomed into full blown rage. As I begun to lunge for the closest robed figure I felt shackles tighten against every part of my body. I could not move. My rage turned into madness. It began to consume me. I brought forth the fires of hell that were at my command, only they burned me and not those I wished to suffer. For an eternity this went on. My soul ached for freedom from this prison. My madness slowly burned itself into the deepest parts of my being. I regained control of my feelings.

It was then I noticed a naked figure trembling in the far side of the cavern. It was a young female. She had long blonde hair, and plump curves. The site of her made me hunger. It had been a long time since I had feasted on the flesh of a virgin.

Putting the images of my surrounding together, I knew these robed figures wanted something from me. I did not know what at this time, but knew it would be coming soon. Looking at the naked figure shivering in the background, I did not care whet they would ask as long I could feast.

A figure that was shorter then the rest but dressed more elegantly began to speak to me. He asked many questions and gave instructions. I answered and obeyed all the time drooling over the flesh that would be mine to consume.

When the man waved the girl forward, she was pushed from behind by more of these mysterious robed figures. Soon she was face to face with me. I could feel her fear and it began to make me quiver in anticipation. I looked upon her naked body and saw her sweating and trembling in fear.

The two figures behind her pushed her forward. I saw her take a step over a pentagram in the floor yelling at her not to mess the intricately drawn symbols. It took all of my control not to bite her head off as soon as she stepped into my reach, but I wanted to savor this. Nothing had been as pleasurable as the smell coming from her. Tears began to stream down her face. I leaned closer and licked them off with my forked tongue. I have never tasted anything so sweet.

As she began to yell in terror, I let my hunger go. I pounced forward on top of her. My mouth licking and biting at her head. My forked tail, with a mind of its own, began to stab and prod her. She fell backwards when my weight hit her. She scrambled from underneath me only to be grabbed by my claws. Soon the two of us were covered in her blood. I finally opened my mouth and devoured her head in one giant bite. Her skull snapped under the pressure of my teeth. Her brain tissue was salty and mushy.. Her eyes went blank and she died.

As I swallowed the remnants of her head, something changed. I continued to eat but I was no longer enjoying the havoc or blood shed. It was no longer consumption for enjoyment; I began to eat as if I was filling in missing pieces. My head began to ache. A pulsing sensation soon filled my ears. It was then I passed out.

After a few seconds I awoke but my perspective had changed. No longer did I see the world with hatred alone. There was a second conscious inside my head making me see the world as an innocent does. My eyes darted around the room in fear. My mind begun to propel every mental attack against this new being inside of me but nothing would drive it from my head. My anger which I had suppressed before now flew from within its walls. I unleashed this anger at everything around me and inside of me that was not part of me. I called forth bolts of fire that set everything it touched ablaze. I sent balls of fire spreading around the room igniting all in its path. Fire spewed from my mouth consuming wood, cloth and flesh as fuel.

Soon the room was filled with smoke and the stench of burning flesh. It was only then that I realized the pentagram that had bound me had been damaged in my feast. I was free. I was under my own control and power...except for that consciousness inside of me forcing me to see things differently.

I looked again at the room. I noticed that all of the robed figures were lying scattered about. Some of them still burned with the fires of hell. Others were not even recognizable as human since half of their bodies lay burned to ash.

I left that cavern and emerged into daylight. I did not recognize where I was, but my other conscious told me I was in Paragon City.

I saw human flesh all around me and my hunger burned. I also burned for seeking more of those who had called me forth. I knew there were more because the robed ones told me so before they fed me.

As I began to approach the first human, my alternate self took control of me and forbad me from feeding my hunger on that one. Instead she guided me around the corner where a man in a red bandana attacked an old woman. He was trying to steal her purse. My body slowly came under my control again. I unleashed my fries and burned the Hellion with my fires but could not touch the old woman. As she ran away from the seen, I consumed the Hellion to feed my hunger.

The next few days were an eternity as my two halves fought for control of my corporeal body. Finally an understanding was struck between them. I could feed my hunger on human flesh, but only on those that deserved to die. Also together my two halves would seek revenge on those that started this process and to find a solution to separate them.


After wandering the streets for many days, struggling to come to terms with my new identities, my two halves struck an agreement. The results of that agreement were my powers could only be used to fight evil and to seek revenge on the Circle of Thorns. In return I could unleash my power as I saw fit when fighting the evil with no hindrance by my “good” side.

On day a flyer caught my eye. It advertised for Paragon City Super Hero Task Force. It was calling for anyone who had any extraordinary skills to step up and join the fight to free Paragon City from the clutches of evil.

I looked long and hard at that poster. Something in the background had riveted my attention. For there, in the background, stood a cloaked figure fighting a hero. There was a familiar look about that figure. The longer I stood and stared at the sign the more I could feel my anger boiling inside. That figure was a Circle of Thorns.

I tore that flyer off the lamp post, hoped on the train to Atlas Park. . As I passed under the gigantic statue of Atlas, my other conscious gave an audible sigh. She felt safe and protected here. I marched up the stairs to city hall. Many of the heroes on the stairs waiting for assignments looked at me through wondering eyes. I had the look of something they should be fighting, yet I made no move to fight them. I heard many gripes under their breathe about hell spawn not being wanted here. Despite their mumblings I continued up the stairs

I opened the front door to City Hall. In the entrance stood an information booth. A young well dressed man in a blue police uniform was there. As I approached I could feel his fear begin to rise. His skin paled when he saw that he was my target. When I opened my mouth to ask him where the M.A.G.I. room was he pointed down the east hall. As I walked away I could see that he looked down at the puddle that had gathered between his legs. I knew that he would not leave his post for quite awhile.

As I walked in to the room labeled M.A.G.I., I noticed many strange artifacts on the walls. Some looked brand new, others from a different planet and others I recognized from the days when Magic ran rampart upon the earth. An Indian woman stood in the middle of the room, looking at a chart. As I approached she looked me in the eye without fear. “Ahhh, Flaming Balrog. It is good to meet you finally.”

“How do you know me?”

“Forgive me; I forgot you are new to this area. My name is Azuria. I am the liaison for heroes with magic based powers. I had heard rumors of a mysterious Devil creature roaming the streets targeting Hellions. There is also a rumor that that Devil creature consumes his prey, both figuratively with fire and literally. They have named you Flaming Balrog.” Her tone echoed contempt.

“Flaming Balrog! Hmph, If only I were as powerful as a true Balrog, I would not be here right now. I would be back in the planes of Hell, where I belong.”

“That may be true,” she said with a reproachful tone. “But you are here now, and I presume for a reason.”

“Yes, I am.” As I explained all that I knew as to what had happened to me from the moment I arrived on this plane to now, I could see she was taking it all in and processing the information. “I seek revenge on the Circle of Thorns for what they have done to both aspects of me. The ad for the Paragon City Super Hero Task Force has a Circle member in the background, and I figured you could help me exact that revenge.”

“We are not in the business of helping people get revenge on someone whom they think wronged them. If that is your only purpose then I will not aid you.” She said as she turned her back

“That is not my only purpose, I also wish to find a solution and a way to split my two halves back into their original selves.” I was beginning to feel my anger boil inside, pushing its way out in the form of a blast of hell’s fire. As I began to unleash my power, it stopped faster then it had started.

“Your powers will not work in this building, and if you attempt again to use them on me or anyone who works for me, you will wish that the Circle had destroyed you. I know you are powerful and have great potential, but for now you are a peon. I will accept you to our task force, on one condition.”

With rage burning inside me, I was barely able to answer, “What condition?”

“You will not eat your arrests. They are to be brought to the police so that we may question them and put them through the justice system. You are no longer the Police, Judge and jury!” she exclaimed.

“But how will I control my anger and hunger for flesh?”

“You may use your powers over fire as you see fit. That is how you will control yourself. You will release yourself through your powers. Your anger and hunger will intensify your control over fire. You will learn to control anger and hunger and use it to fight those you wish to see brought down. If you cannot handle this then be gone from my sight. But understand, if you leave this room and use your powers to destroy, I will hunt you down personally. That is something I think you do not want to see.”

With that statement, my two personalities began their fight anew. I stood motionless as both sides fought for control. In the end, the reasoning of my ‘human’ side won out. “I agree! I will abide by your rules. All I ask is that you help my find a way to return to myself.”

“I am glad we understand each other. I will help you. Now for your first assignment, I need you to round up a small group of Hellions. I want to see if we can make them talk about one of there hideouts. They seem to be involved in a new street drug called Superdine. This drug is having a strange effect on those who use it. With your help I am hoping that we can stop its manufacture and end its sale on the streets.”


As I left City Hall, my mind wandered over the conversation I had just had with Azuria. With so many superheroes in this town, how did she connect these rumors to me? Why would she not help me right off the bat to return to my original selves if she did not trust me?

I walked down the stairs of City Hall. I saw a group of superheroes around a smallish female figure. She was dressed in a red, white and blue dress. I overheard one of those around her call her Lady Liberty. I watched as this group talked to her, asking her advice and receiving instruction from her. I slowly approached her and asked “What do I need to do?”

“Well, Flaming Balrog, first you must finish the mission the Azuria has just given you. Then when you think that you need to have instruction in controlling that power that lies within you come see me and I will help. Also for now let me open your mind to show you another use you can use to control fire. This will allow you more options in your fight. Now go. You will know when to return to me.”

As I walked away, a man dressed in a green army flack vest, carrying a large m-50 machine gun approached. He looked scared yet determined to prove himself. He also looked reckless. “Hey!” he shouted at me. “Want to team up? I think if we work together we can help each other. Whatcha think?”

When I turned and looked at him, my eyes burning into his soul, his knees started to visibly shake. “I am better off working alone at this point” The words coming out as a growl from deep within me.

“Fine by me” he shouted as he turned and ran in the opposite direction.

I walked out into the street. The lone car swerved toward me but at the last minute returned to its lane, barely avoiding colliding with me. I wandered the streets my mind in turmoil about my dilemma. From a dark alley way I heard a voice. It was barely audible but I could tell it was about drugs. I poked my head in to that alley. Ahead of me stood 3 men all dressed alike. They wore blue jeans, white t-shirts and red bandanas.

“Come on and try it, you will like they way this stuff makes you feel. Once it reaches your mind you are invincible!”

“Ok if you say so. Are you sure the boss is not going to get mad that we are sampling the product?”

“Of course not. He wants us to use it so we can fight off those dolts in capes that seem to be growing in number everyday. He knows that pretty soon there is going to be a full blown war between the sups and us.”

“Man I hope one of those capes walks by here now, so that I can show him that he is nothing.”

On hearing that, my tail began to sway. I jumped out in the open exclaiming “Well your wish has just come true! Feel the Wrath of Hell boys!” I unleashed a burst of fire from my fingertips setting the closest hoodlum ablaze.

The three thugs began to run toward me. I encased one of them in a ring of fire that prevented him from getting any closer. I then unleashed a series of small burning darts that flew outwards towards the thug that was already on fire. He collapsed in a heap. The only free thug swung a bat at me, clipping my leg but doing very little real damage. I turned on him and threw a haymaker punch that connected squarely with his jaw. He stumbled back a step. This gave me just enough of an opening to shoot a bolt of flame at him.

By this time the gangster in the ring of fire was free. He pulled a pistol form inside his cloths and fired at me. I was able to barely dodge this attack with little more then a scratch to my cheek. I again set upon him with another ring of fire. This time the ring began to burn his cloths off. The other man again swung his bat at me. This time he tripped me up and knocked me to the ground. But before he could get an overhead swing to knock me out, I was able to get back on my feet and send a spray of fiery darts into him. He fell to the ground dead. The last thug collapsed on the ground in fear saying “I give up. You have beaten us. Do what you must but do not kill me. Please!”

Not knowing what else to do with him, I punched him as hard as I could in the face. He passed out unconscious. I found some string lying about and bound his hands and feet. I then picked him up and carried him back to City Hall. He was taken off my hands by a young officer. “Good job, Lets hope he can answer some questions”, was all he said as he carted him off.

Since I was already in the building, I walked back to the room where I had met Azuria. She was nowhere to be found. I left a message for her telling her I would be back. Some of my rage and confusion that was built up in my conversation with her was now abated. I realized that my fight with the thugs had allowed me to release my anger and hunger. I no longer craved the taste of human flesh. My only longing was to return home.