James Godsend -A fresh start-




"I won't let you have it!" the terrified woman shouted in alarm.

"Give it up! The capes will be showing soon!" A large Caucasian man cried as he feebly tried to yank the purse away from a small woman. 4 of his fellow gang members watched snickering as their blood brother failed miserably at stealing.

Suddenly, from above, a man leapt from the rooftops and onto the hellions! Spines spouting all over his body, the hero plunged a large tusk growing from his forearm into the gullet of one of the Blood Brothers. The gang member grinned, and pulled out a pistol... and then the poison kicked in. He reeled about and dropped, out cold.

The hero immediately turned, and unleashed an unthinkingly fast swirl of swipes with his barbs, which felled another blood brother almost instantaneously. The other three didn't stop to think. Two of them pulled out switch-blades which they always carried for just such an occasion. The other made a last ditch attempt, and finally succeeded in snatching the purse; he ran.

The hero wouldn't stand for that though. Suffering a pair of knife wounds to the arms, he ignored the pain and leapt onto the thief. While it didn't look like he had done anything, in reality a trio of spines on each leg had buried themselves into the would-be assailant, and felled him. The other two hellions stabbed and slashed away, but were all too soon ripped asunder by the hero.

The hero looked about, satisfied, when from behind him a resounding BANG was heard. The hero dropped to his knees, as the Fallen pumped his shotgun. The lieutenant unleashed another blast of buckshot into the man, and the hero dropped. Seconds later the body of the hero was whisked away to the hospital.

"You are all pathetic" James Godsend growled. His last-name was a twisted irony; as now he was part of the satanic cult of hellions. He had grown up in a better part of town. He was of a rich family, and had aced all of his classes. Perhaps it was the divorce of his parents which drove him towards villainy, or perhaps it was his inability to handle rage, but in any event, he was quickly ascending the Hellion Heirarchy, and had yet to be jailed by any man, woman, robot, or any other hero imaginable.

"It's all just as well that you remain unconscious anyhow,” He continued “I had a tip-off about an enormous stash of Dyne, and the more I get, the better the world will be.” He laughed, and hitched his shotgun over his shoulder, as he stalked off towards what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. Little did he know of the events that would unfurl that evening.

OOC: This marks the beginning of the first character I ever made; Dr. Biotic. This chapter is more of a ‘Prelude’ than anything else, although it will continue as left off in my next installment. I hope you folks enjoy it, although I will be posting it whether you like it or not. (I love my character).
The next installment looks to be much longer as well, bit I'm tired right now (1:33 AM).

Anyhow, if you see Dr. Biotic (A level 15/16 Tech Blaster on Triumph) give him a holler if you’d like.