Interview with Chief of Police




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In light of the recent recruitment drive within the Paragon City Police Department, our own Paragon Times reporter Davey Lafansoe sat down with the Chief of Police Willard Brigham for this exclusive interview.

DL: First of all, Chief Brigham, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

CB: It's my pleasure.

DL: Everyone knows that the PCPD has run across some hard times lately. Perhaps you could tell us about the current situation regarding the department.

CB: We don't have an easy job. The crime rate is higher than its ever been. Seems like you cant even walk a block in this city without being witness to some criminal activity.

DL: And "witness" is what many Paragon citizens are calling officers now. While crime increases, the amount of arrests made by the department has been steadily dropping.

CB: It's a true fact and not something that I'm proud of. The truth is that we just can't take these new breed of criminals. They're tougher than ever before. I can't tell you how many officers have been put in the hospital while trying to stop even a simple mugging.

DL: It says here [on file] that 93 officers have been hospitalized with severe injuries this year alone. And sadly, twelve have died.

CB: It's a war zone out there. We still handle the civil disputes, petty crimes, and I'm proud to say that we have a pretty good hold on the current Outbreak situation. But most of the stuff happing in this city is big, too big for us to handle anymore, so it's like our job is little more than to spot a crime, and report it to the closest hero.

DL: While we're on the topic, tell us about your opinion on the recent surge of hero activity, and how they are effecting the PCPD.

CB: Well it's a mixed bag. With things as they are in Paragon, we certainly need all the help we can get. And we're absolutely greatful that these guys are on OUR side! [laughter] But most of these men and women I'm seeing out here, running around in tights, they're just amateurs. Half never make it past the first week. What they've got in power, they lack in experience, dedication, and heart.

DL: And yet the department has established a system to help new heros get started.

CB: Well yeah. These people are out here to do good and we offer them the information and support they need to get started. We prepare them for what they're going to face out there, and try to set up a beneficial relationship early on.

DL: But with this recent recruitment drive, you hope to do more.

CB: That's right. The PCPD is looking to hire heros and train them, properly, to be employed protectors of this city. There is no denying that they can benefit the department, AND the department can benefit them.

DL: And much luck to you on this. We're nearly finished, but before we close, I would like to mention the rumor going around that you yourself have recently developed some heroic powers, and lately have been seen at the station far less frequently. Can you offer some insight into this rumor?

CB: No. No comment at this time.

DL: On behalf of the Paragon Times, I would like to thank you again Chief Brigham for taking the time out of your busy day to talk with us.



I Like it. I hope the chief is later seen using powers while on duty (thus revealing that he does have powers). I hope to see more.